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Chapter 1 – Would You Like Some?

A. Complete the following table.
What I already know about making What I want to know about making
suggestions and offering something in English suggestions and offering something in English
How do you make suggestions and offer Answer may vary
something in English?

I say
Would you like some appetizer?

B. Read the following dialog and then answer the questions.

Dialog 1
1. To ask the reference book for the last week assignment.
2. Miss Ellen asks Lisa’s class to write a paper on recycling topic.
3. Miss Ellen lends her book to accomplish the assignment.
4. Lisa agrees to borrow Miss Ellen’s book.
5. The conversation is a formal conversation.
Dialog 2
6. Because Andrea has a stomachache.
7. Yes, she has. But, she still feels unwell.
8. Raisa suggests going to the doctor.
9. She refuses to go because she has a test.
10. Answer may vary

D. Read the dialogs again. Identify the sentences from the dialogs that have the
following pattern.
Simple Present Simple Past Present Perfect
It seems that you have I would like to ask you about Have you taken any
something on your mind. the assignment you gave me medicine?
last week.
You look so pale. I couldn’t get a reference I’ve finished reading it.
book, . .
I have a stomachache. .. . all books in the library on . . but the pain hasn’t gone
the subject were borrowed by away.
the students.

E. Work in pairs. Put the expressions in the appropriate columns.

Making a Suggestion Offering Something
Why don’t you see the teacher? Would you like some?
I think you should.... Do you want me to open the window?
I think you’d better. Can I get you anything?
Would you like me to open the can for you? Is there anything I can do for you?
It is really recommended that you work hard I’d be happy to relay your message
on this.

F. Can you add more expressions of suggestions and offers?

1. I wonder if I can help you to finish the task.
2. Why don’t you take a rest in a week?
3. It seems that you need to buy a new phone.
4. Would you need any help?
5. It would be great if you join the course.

G. How do you make suggestions in following situations?

Situations In English In bahasa Indonesia
Academic problem (e.g. I You are supposed to take a Anda seharusnya mengikuti
got a bad grade on math.) course after school class. sebuah pelatihan setelah
pelajaran sekolah berakhir.
Personal problem It would be a good idea if Ide yang baik untuk meminta
you ask the permission to izin agar anda dapat
have bed rest today. beristirahat hari ini.
Social problem I think you should express Anda harus meminta maaf
your regret to my classmate. kepada teman sekelas saya.
community problem It is really recommended that Hal ini sangat disarankan
you discuss with the last agar anda berdiskusi dengan
group. kelompok yang terakhir.

H. How do you make suggestions in following situations?

Situations In English In bahasa Indonesia
At a restaurant You should slash the garlicAnda harus mengiris bawang
carefully. putih dengan hati-hati.
At a party I think it would be better to
Akan lebih baik jika saya
bring a special gift to Ratna.
membawakan kado istimewa
untuk Ratna.
At the library Why don’t you take the Mengapa anda tidak
history book? mengambil buku sejarah?
In the classroom Would you like me to bring Bolehkah saya membawakan
this book for you? buku ini untuk anda?
I. Fill in the blanks in the following dialog with the appropriate forms and expressions.
1. did
2. why don’t you take a look on the exercise one?
3. are
4. I think you should read my math note.
5. It would be great if we have some water.
6. saw
7. are
8. You should add some pictures within the slides.

J. Arrange the words and phrases in the correct order.

1. Do you want me to put this blanket in the laundry basket?
2. Would you like some peanut butter with the bread?
3. Why don’t you take an English course?
4. Why don’t I bring Yoga’s lunch to him?
5. Can I recommend something on the menu?

K. Change the verbs in the brackets into the present perfect forms.
1. have kept
2. has bought
3. have you thought about
4. haven’t shown
5. have met
6. haven’t caught
7. have known
8. have made

L. Do the following Triangle Game.

Answer may vary

O. Complete the following table.
What I have learned about making What I still want to know about making
suggestions and offers in English suggestions and offers in English
How do you make suggestions and offers in Answer may vary
- Would you like some coffee?
- Why don’t you use my pen?
- You should borrow this book.
Did you face any difficulties when learning about making suggestions and offers in Englsih?
If you did, what were they?
Answer may vary


1. C 6. C
7. C
2. A
8. D
3. A
9. A
4. B
10. E
5. B

Chapter 2 - In My Opinion

A. Complete the following table.
What I already know about giving and What I want to know about giving and
responding to opinions in English responding to opinions in English
How do you give and respond to opinions in Answer may vary

- In my opinion, this case will be

finished by the institution.
- I think our lecturer has prepared a test
for us.
- It sounds good.

B. Read the following dialogs, then answer the questions.

1. Because Diana doesn’t want to cook for dinner.
2. Indah asks to go to Chinese restaurant. No, she doesn’t.
3. They go to the Italian restaurant.
4. The Italian restaurant looks pleasant to eat some pasta.
5. Indah agrees to go to the Italian restaurant.
6. It is about how to be a creative blog writer.
7. Linda writes about her experience.
8. Writing a blog is fun because the writer can express any feelings and emotions freely on a
9. A blog might be the appropriate channel to express emotions.
10. Totally agree with the opinion/statement.

C. Work in pairs. Practice the dialogs in exercise B. You may change the opinions in the
dialogues with your own.
Answer may vary

D. Identify the incorrect forms and correct them!
1. The winner of the first World Cup was Uruguay.
2. Diana always has dinner at the restaurant.
3. The school has already given lots of scholarship to the students.
4. The company does not make any changes last year.
5. How much does this bag cost?
6. Lisa has seen a ghost.
7. The family spent a week in Bali last week.
8. The teacher never comes late.
9. My mom is a good chef. She has cooks lots of delicious food.
10. The director founded the company a few years ago.

E. Answer the following questions based on your experiences using the appropriate tenses.
Then ask the questions to one of your friends.
Answer may vary

F. Choose one of the following topics and tell the class about it. Make sure you use the
appropriate tenses.
Answer may vary

G. Read the following SMS text from Ghea, then reply to her text. Give your opinion on
this problem using the appropriate expression.
Fani, please help me. I got into trouble. This Please calm down. I think you must apologize
morning, I borrowed Dini’s English book. I for something has done wrong. Just tell her
accidentally spilled some water onto it, so it that you did it intentionally. I believe she will
got wet. What should I do? Desperately need forgive you on that trouble.
your help.

H. Work in pairs. Continue the following conversations. You can either agree or disagree
by stating your reasons. Then act it out.
A : The national exam should not be the sole determining factor of student graduation.
B : I do agree with you since the student has diverse skills and capabilities, thus student has
chances to graduate with excellent grade.
A : It can probably be one of the considerations toward student graduation factor.

C : The government needs to pay more attention to the education of street children.
D : I think it depends on their decision. If they have a will to join to the school, the
government will concern on them.
C : It could be one of the problems.

I. Play the following Yes/No game.

Answer may vary

J. Find a short piece of writing that expresses an opinion. It should be form an English
magazine or newspaper about a problem in society. Identify and underline the sentences
that express the writer’s opinion.
Answer may vary

M. Choose one of the following topics and write a dialog expressing your opinion on the
Answer may vary

N. Complete the following table.

What I have learned about giving and What I still want to know about giving and
responding to opinions in English responding to opinions in English
How do you give and respond to the opinion Answer may vary
in English?
- In my opinion…..
- I think….
- In this case……
Did you face any difficulties when learning about giving and responding to opinions in
English? If you did, what were they?
Answer may vary

1. B 4. A
2. E 5. B
3. D 6. D
7. D 9. A
8. E 10. D
12. Chapter 3 – Let’s Hope for the Best
14. Observing
A. Complete the following table.
15. What I already know about expressing 16. What I want to know about expressing
and responding to hope in English and responding to hope in English
17. How do you express and respond to 21. Answer may vary
hope in English?
19. I say
20. I hope the test won’t be too difficult. I
still need more explanation for several
B. Read the following dialogs. Then answer the questions.
23. Dialog 1
1. Because all data on computer including the due assignment has lost.
2. She was supposed to redo her tasks again.
3. Silvia is Riri’s classmate.
4. She hopes Riri will accomplish the assignment soon.
5. Riri expresses her thanks and hopes to end her assignment.
25. Dialog 2
6. Because Haris will join the National Math Olympiad in Semarang.
7. He feels delighted but also jittery.
8. Because all students from Indonesia attend to join the competition.
9. Didi said, “Don’t worry. I know you can make it. Wish you all the best.”
10. It means Didi believes that Haris can conduct the competition well.
27. Questioning
D. Work in pairs and do the following.
28. Expressions expressing hopes and wishes might be different in English and bahasa
Indonesia. Can you find the similarities? Are the structures of the English expressions
commonly used in bahasa Indonesia?
29. English 30. Bahasa Indonesia
31. I wish you all the best in your new 32. Saya berharap anda mendapatkan
job. semua yang terbaik dalam pekerjaan baru
33. I hope you can do it. 34. Saya harap kamu dapat melakukan
hal itu.
35. Wish you all the best. 36. Berharap anda mendapatkan semua
yang terbaik.
37. Good luck in the future. 38. Semoga berhasil di waktu mendatang.
40. Can you find other expressions commonly used in English and bahasa Indonesia?
41. Answer may vary
E. Look at the quote above. In pairs, discuss the meaning. Then consult your teacher.
43. Kami selalu berpegang teguh dengan harapan, kepercayaan, dan keyakinan bahwa ada
kehidupan yang lebih baik, dunia yang lebih baik, diluar cakrawala. (Franklin D. Roosevelt)
F. Find more quotes expressing hope from magazines, newspapers, or the internet. Then
write them down in the spaces below.
45. Answer may vary
G. People sometimes need encouragement from other people. Look at the following
situations and write an expression of hope for each situation.
1. Your friend has just lost her father in a car accident. What would you say?
47. I have this feeling there’s one more star up in the sky tonight. Even though it’s far away, its
brightness and warmth still reach us here to make the night a little less dark. You have to be
strong such the sky hold the stars even little bit hard.
2. The exam was very difficult that it made your friend frustrated. What would you say?
48. I know your feeling and it is extremely bad news for me, but we keep to support you. You
have to study harder and you will deserve your best mark. Never give up!
3. The school’s event was not successful. Your friend was disappointed. What would you
49. No need to worry. You have another chance to conduct the event well. I know you can make
it, but this is not the time. Wish you all the best.
4. Your friend on the basketball team will join the National Championship. What would you
50. I am very excited to hear that you are being the participation at the National Championship.
I wish you do your best and bring the satisfied accomplishment.
5. Your best friend was chosen to represent Indonesia in the Young National Leaders event
in Singapore. What would you say?
51. Congratulation! It was the right decision to have you in the Young National Leaders event
from Indonesia. I believe you will success to be the one. Good luck!
H. Choose one question from all the questions from all questions above. Write a letter to
your friend about your support for your friend’s situation. You may use some quotes
that you have found before.
53. Answer may vary
55. Associating
I. Choose the best response for each of the statements below.
1. Can we still get the tickets?
56. b. I don’t know. I hope so. This is an interesting concert. I wouldn’t miss it.
2. My little sister just started to walk.
57. d. Good for her.
3. I can’t go to the party. I’m busy.
58. e. That’s too bad. I hope you can make it someday.
4. I will go to Bandung for having a field trip.
59. c. Wish you all the best. Have a nice trip.
5. I am going to have the final exam.
60. a. Good luck on your exam.
J. Provide an alternative response for each of the statements in Exercise l. Then identify in
which situation the expressions may be found.
62. Answer may vary
K. Work in groups. Find three conversations about expressing and responding to hope
from your textbook and other sources in bahasa Indonesia.
64. Answer may vary
L. Compare the similarities and differences in the expressions of hope in the two
66. Answer may vary
68. Evaluation
1. C 6. E
2. C 7. C
3. A 8. E
4. B 9. C
5. B 10. C
70. Chapter 4 – Please Join Us in Celebrating
72. Observing
A. Complete the following table.
73. What I already know about writing 74. What I want to know about writing
formal invitations in English formal invitations in English
75. What are the parts of a formal 78. Answer may vary
- Date
- Recipient
- Salutation
- Introduction
- Event
- Time, date, and place
- Appreciation for the recipient
- Ending salutation
- Sender
76. etc.
B. List the events to which people invite others.
1. Birthday party
2. Dinner
3. Annual gala
4. Meeting/Conference
5. Seminar
6. Presentation
7. Wedding
8. Public event
9. Business gathering
10. Graduation
C. Read the following invitations and compare all four.
81. Questions 82. Invit 83. Invit 84. Invit 85. Invit
ation 1 ation 2 ation 3 ation 4
1. Who has probably 86. Dia 87. Bert 88. Yoga 89. Em
invited the people to n Setyabudi a & Lia merson
come to the event? & Johan Foundation
2. Who are invited? 90. The 91. Bert 92. Yoga 93. Em
bride and a’s friends & Lia’s merson
groom colleagues Foundation
relatives affiliates
3. To what event are they 94. wed 95. birth 96. dinn 97. ann
invited? ding party day party er ual gala
4. Important information 98. fine 99. Foo 100. - 101. -
about the event food and d wil be
music provided
after the
please wear
5. Invitation card or 102. Invit 103. Invit 104. Invit 105. Invit
invitation letter ation card ation card ation card ation card
6. Level of formality 106. form 107. infor 108. form 109. form
al mal al al
111. Questioning
D. Read the following invitation and answer the questions.
1. Tanto Haryanto
2. Rahma Nurhayati
3. International Conference
4. The speaker of the topic “The impact of global warming on industry”
5. Because the event will analyze national, regional, and international solutions for the
current global warming problems.
6. RSVP means request to respond the letter. It is used for the confirmation of the recipients
if they please to join.
E. In pairs, rewrite the letter in exercise D based on the categories below.
113. Date 114. February 7, 2015
115. Recipient 116. Rahma Karunia
117. Subject 118. Conference Invitation
119. Salutation 120. Dear Ms. Nurhayati,
121. Introductio 122. We would like to invite you to…
123. Event 124. International Conference: Global Warming and the Impact to
125. Time, date, 126. March 28 – 30, 2015 in Nusa Dua, Bali.
and place of the
127. Important 1. The conference will be opened by a speech from the Minister
information about of Environment and closing speech by the Minister of
the event Industry.
2. Topics of the conference will be the impact of global
warming, how to protect the earth, and the impact of global
warming on industry.
128. Appreciatio 129. It would be great honor for us to have you as one of our
n for the recipient speaker for the topic “The impact of global warming on industry”
130. Confirmati 131. Please RSVP by Feb 20, 2015 to the Conference Secretary,
on Ms. Asma Yamin at info@icgwii.com.
132. Ending 133. Yours Sincerely,
134. Sender 135. Tanto Haryanto
137. Exploring
F. Salutations in invitations may differ depending on whether the intended recipient is
known or not. Put the following salutations in in the correct category.
138. Recipient known 139. Recipient unknown
140. Dear Ms. Kusuma, 144. To whom it may concern,
141. Dear Miss Fatmawati, 145. Dear Sir or Madam,
142. Dear Mrs. Suprapto, 146. Dear Sir,
143. Dear Mr Lubis, 147. Dear Sirs,
G. Writes the dates in words. The first one is done for you as an example.
1. January 11, 2014
2. February 11, 1975
3. May 3rd , 2001
4. August 06, 1980
5. March 1st, 2005
6. October 07, 2006
7. May, 04, 1986
8. December 05, 2007
9. November the twelve, 1980
10. August 05, 1995
H. Arrange the following paragraphs to form an invitation letter.
150. 2, 4, 6, 1, 8, 3, 5, 7.
I. Fill in the blanks with the words or phrases in the box.
151. March 20, 2015
152. Dear Mr. Tanaka,
154. It is with great (1) honor to have you in the International Traditional Art Conference to be
(2) held from June 4-8 at Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta.
155. We hereby (3) kindly invite you, a central art figure in Japan, as (4) distinguished guest to
(5) attend various events in the (6) conference. Your ideas on the contemporary art will be
valuable in the discussion session. This (7) letter could be used while issuing your visa and
official airline ticket.
156. We are looking forward to your (8) attendance and participation.
158. Sincerely,
160. Handoyo Subekti
161. Conference Director
162. Associating
J. Find one invitation in bahasa Indonesia and another in English. Then answer the
following questions.
163. Answer may vary
165. Communicating
M. Make a formal invitation using the following information.
166. Raka Sapta Pratama
167. Head of Teratai Bangsa Senior High School
168. Jl. Jawa II No. 18
169. Bogor
171. Grand opening of English Language Course
172. Dear Sir,
174. We are happy to inform you that Course centre group has started a new project
named English Language Course within the Teratai Bangsa institution. It will provide
training for children up to adult course program. We also have a conversation class and daily
meeting for teen and adult.
176. The opening ceremony of our English Language Course will be conducted on:
177. Date : Saturday, August 15, 2015
178. Time : 4 p.m. up to 7 p.m.
179. Place : English Language Course hall 21 Juniper St.
181. It will attended by business colleague, community representative, and social
welfare. The food and refreshments will be served as well.
183. We extremely thankful if you have a chance to get along in our celebration.
Kindly inform us for your favorable confirmation and further information. Please RSVP by
August 12, 2015 to Angel at 0823-456-789.
186. Sincerely yours,
188. Risma Hardianti
189. Director
190. Course centre group
N. Make an invitation on your own. Choose one of the following topics.
192. Answer may vary
194. Evaluation
1. C 6. D
2. A 7. A
3. D 8. B
4. E 9. C
5. C 10. D
196. Chapter 5 – Dear Friend
198. Observing
A. Complete the following table.
199. What I already know about writing 200. What I want to know about writing
personal letter in English personal letter in English
201. What are the parts of a personal letter? 204. Answer may vary
- Heading including recipient’s address,
and date.
- Salutation
- Introduction
- Body message
- Closure
- Complementary close
- Signature
202. etc.
B. Read the following letter, then answer the questions.
1. Soraya
2. Christine
3. To tell her holiday experience in Sydney
4. Christine is Soraya’s friend
5. The language use is informal.
C. Discuss the following questions.
1. Letter, cellphone, speak text, electronic mail, etc.
2. A letter can be directly used to personal needed and it can show that the recipients care
enough to take the time to read and reply the letter. Meanwhile, a letter takes time to
write and arrive for the recipients, thus it is not efficient for urgent situation.
3. Personal letter, business letter, application letter, invitation letter, complaint letter, etc.
4. Personal letter is used for the specific situation or context as a means of personal
communication in informal nature.
5. (1) to express someone’s feeling in certain situation, (2) to tell someone’s experiences or
events in any places and times, (3) personal letters give stronger feeling of personal
6. Address, date, salutation/greeting, body message, closure, Complementary close, and
signature and name of sender.
208. Exploring
E. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words.

210.Dear Margaret,

211. I hope this letter finds you in good spirit and health. I am 1) … very sorry for
not being able to see you last week as 2) … promised. You must be upset because you told
me that you had canceled another meeting just to see me. Please accept my sincerest 3) …

212. Before you leave for Sorong, I will make sure to see you at your 4) …


214.5) … Sincerely yours,


F. Read the letter in Activity E once more and answer the following questions.
1. The letter was sent this week. The author told that he couldn’t come to see his mate.
2. The sender is Rodrigo for Margaret. Margaret is Rodrigo’s mate.
3. Sorong
4. The sender expresses his regret since he disclaimed his promise to meet his mate.
5. No, we don’t.
6. Because the letter is sent from individual to another individual which address a matter in
informal way.
7. To apologize about his mistake and ask to meet again.
G. Arrange the paragraphs to make a good personal letter.
218. 6, 5, 2, 8, 1, 3, 7, 4
220. Communicating
K. Reply to the following personal letter.
222. Answer may vary
223. Dear Narendra,
225. Receiving your letter is delight news for me. I also was very happy to hear that
you join English speech contest. I do hope you will be the one who achieve the trophy and
scholarship to study abroad. It will be fine if you reschedule your plan to come and visit my
hometown in Semarang. I am waiting for the next good news from you. I am glad you to
share anything about you there. Good luck!
227. Your truly,
229. Tamtama
L. Create your own personal letter. Write a letter to your parents or your friend.
231. Answer may vary
M. Complete the following table.
233. What I have learned about writing 234. What I still want to know about
personal letters in English writing personal letters in English
235. What are the features of a personal 237. Answer may vary
- Heading including recipient’s
address, and date.
- Salutation
- Introduction
- Body message
- Closure
- Complementary close
- Signature
238. Did you face any difficulties when learning about writing personal letters in English?
If you did, what were they?
239. Answer may vary
242. Evaluation
1. D 6. C
2. E 7. B
3. C 8. A
4. D 9. C
5. D 10. D
245. Chapter 6 – How to Use the Washing Machine
247. Observing
A. Complete the following table.
248. What I already know about instruction 249. What I want to know about instruction
manual in English manual in English
250. What are the characteristics of 252. Answer may vary
instruction manual in English?
- Goal
- Ingredients and utensil
- Steps/Methods
- Time and sequence words
- Adverbs
251. etc.
B. Read the dialogs, then answer the questions carefully.
254. Dialog 1
1. No, it shouldn’t since the instruction in the cloth is scripted that machine wash should be
with cold water.
2. It means that the machine wash should be set in the slow turn.
3. No, it shouldn’t. In the clothing care symbol is there a symbol which means that the cloth
should be washed separately.
4. The color of cloth will wear off.
5. No, it shouldn’t. In the instruction shows that it can be dried by flat dry.
6. The cloth should be dried by laying position or horizontal position, no need to hang it.
7. The cloth should be ironed in warm temperature.
8. The cloth shouldn’t be twisted or wrung because it keeps to adjust the cloth to its original
255. Dialog 2
1. At the steak restaurant.
2. How to use a knife and fork.
3. No, it shouldn’t. The knife should be put in the plate in order to make the knife keeps
4. No, it isn’t. The fork will be used for pinning the meat while slicing the meat. After
cutting the slice of meat, move the fork with slice of meat to the right hand then eat the
meat with the right hand.
5. Goal : How to use fork and knife
256. Tools : Fork, Knife, Steak, and Plate.
257. Steps :
- Hold the knife in the right hand while the fork is in the left. Do not hold them like a
- Use the fork to pin the meat.
- Cut enough for a single bite with the knife.
- After cutting the first bite, place the knife on the plate. Don’t let it touch the table or
tablecloth after using it.
- Transfer the fork to your right hand
- Spear the piece of steak, which has just cut and move it to the mouth.
D. In pairs, make a dialog where one of you has to explain how to use a coin operated
washing machine at the Laundromat. See the following manual to guide you. Be
sure to use adverbs like first, second, then, and after. The other should be ask for
further clarification (e.g. Could you be more specific?, Can you repeat that?, etc.).
259. Answer may vary
260. A : It seems that you have many clothes to be washed in the basket.
261. B : Yes. I am too busy to wash it by myself. Therefore, I should get into the
Laundromat this afternoon, but I don’t know how to use a coin operated washing machine
262. A : Oh. Really? It is very easy. First, you load your laundry into the washing
machine, then you may place your own detergent in the machine after that you close the
loading lid of the machine. After the loading lid closed, you can make payment and finally
you can set the machine’s control.
263. B : Oh I see. How can I make the payment? Could you explain it?
264. A : It is very simple. You can just insert your coin to the coin mechanism slot before
you set the machine to cycle.
265. B : I will try your instruction. Do you have any laundry?
266. A : No, thanks.
267. Questioning
F. Number the jumbled pictures below based on the instruction given.
a. Place blank paper in the paper feeder (Picture 5)
b. Place the document that you are going to copy into the document feede, with the page to
copy facing up. (Picture 4)
c. Select the copying options. (Picture 3)
d. Adjust the settings. (Picture 1)
e. Push the copy button to start copying (Picture 2)
G. In pairs, make instructions based on the following pictures.
269. Answer may vary
270. Instruction 1
271. How to use the chopstick
- Take the first chopstick with your middle finger and thumb. Stiffen the hand a strong grip
and lay the chopstick in the narrow between the base of the thumb the side of index
- Grip the second chopstick with the index finger. This stick is the moved stick to pinch the
food, so place it above the first chopstick. After that practice opening and closing the
- Finally, you can pick up your food.
273. Instruction 2
274. How to make transfers online
- Open the mobile banking application in your cellphone, then you login into your account.
- Before login into your account, insert your passcode.
- After getting into the main menu, select the transferring option.
- You may insert the account number and amount of money which will be transferred.
After that wait for a moment to validate the data.
- You enter the mobile banking passcode to deliver to the recipient. Don’t forget to recheck
the data before you transfer it.
276. Exploring
H. Fill in the blanks. Then find out the goal of the instruction.
277. Goal : How to use electric mosquito repellent
1. Remove cap from the bottle.
2. Screw bottle into the electric vaporizer.
3. Make sure that the bottle fit perfectly into the device.
4. Put it on a flat surface, inside a room in need of protection from mosquitoes.
5. Connect the heater with 220 volt electricity
6. Switch on the button, the lamp on showing that the protection against mosquitoes is
7. Unplug when not used.
I. Fill in the blanks. Use the articles a, an, or the.
1. A: I have an idea. Let’s read the manual first before we switch on the machine.
280. B: Okay.
2. A: How do I take a picture?
281. B: Just push the camera button in the center.
3. A: Can you show me where the timer setting is?
282. B: Here, let me show you.
4. A: Have you seen my cell phone?
283. B: It’s on … table
5. A: I wish we had a washing machine.
284. B: You’re right. It would make it a lot easier to do our laundry.
J. Complete the sentences with a, the, or this.
288.  To take a picture using a smartphone camera, open the camera application
from the list of menu.
 Open the option menu and adjust the setting depending on the condition
(white balance, picture size, zoom, flash).
 Adjust the focus by tapping on the green square on the screen.
 Take the picture by pressing the shutter button.

290. Associating
L. Work in pairs. Study the following manuals. Find the similarities and the
291. Answer may vary
292. 293. Manual 1 294. Manual 2
295. Where does probably 296. premises 297. premises
the manual take place?
298. What is the manual 299. How to avoid fire 300. How to use a tool for
telling you about? fire
301. How does the manual 302. There are two main 305. There are four steps
work? ways with further which called P-A-S-S. It
explanation: means Pull, Aim, Squeeze,
303. 1. If you detect a fire and Sweep.
304. 2. In the event of fire
306. Using sequencing 307. No 308. No
309. Using adverb 310. Yes 311. No
N. Read the following manual. Rewrite them in the tables.
313. Manual 1
314. Goal 315. Requirements/Tools 316. Steps
317. Cara mewarnai bahan - Bahan 318. 1. Bahan yang akan
- Zat pewarna yang telah dicelup harus dalam keadaan
dicampur dengan air basah, lalu masukan bahan
hangat sebanyak 2 kedalam pewarna.
botol 319. 2. Aduk bahan dan
- Wadah pewarna selama 60-90 menit
- Air dalam keadaan mendidih agar
- Kompor/Tungku menghindari belang.
320. 3. Angkat bahan dan
tiriskan selama 15 menit.
321. 4. Bilas hingga
bersih, kemudian jemur
hingga kering.
324. Manual 2
325. Goal 326. Requirements/Tools 327. Steps
328. How to dye fabrics - Fabrics 329. 1. Fill a large bucket
- One gallon of or stainless steel sink with
streaming hot water one gallon of streaming hot
- Large bucket/stainless water.
steel sink 330. 2. Stir in ¼ cup (4
- ¼ cup of salt tablespoons) of salt
- Packet of dye 331. 3. Pour in the packet
- Firebox
of dye and stir until
332. 4. Submerge fabric in
dye mixture.
333. 5. Stir continually for
15 minutes, then occasionally
for 45 minutes.
334. 6. Rinse fabric in cold
water. Wash in warm water
and dry away from direct
heat and sunlight.
O. Reread the manuals from exercise N, then answer the following questions.
1. a. Manual 1 : two bottles
338. b. Manual 2 : one gallon
2. a. Manual 1 : (3) Boiling water, (1) Dying fabric, (2) Rinsing dyed fabric, and (4)
Drying fabric.
339. b. Manual 2 : (5) Filling bowl or sink with hot water, (4) Putting in salt and dye,
(1) Dying fabric, (2) Rinsing fabric, and (3) Drying fabric.
3. a. Manual 1 : 60 up to 90 minutes
340. b. Manual 2 : 45 minutes
4. a. Manual 1 : stir the fabric occasionally for 60-90 minutes to avoid mottled fabric
341. b. Manual 2 : stir continually for 15 minutes, then occasionally for 45 minutes.
5. Manual 1. It gives detailed information to mixture the dye and the water before the main
343. Communicating
P. The following exercise will show you how well you can follow the instructions. Read
and do the instruction below. Use the answer sheet in the following page.
345. A. How to copy the document using a 346. E. MANUAL TEXT
photocopier, How to take a picture using a
smartphone camera, How to Use a Fire
Extinguisher, and How to dye fabric.
347. B. Manuals consist of three parts: (1) 348. F
Goal, (2) Requirements/Tools Needed and (3)
349. C. Answer may vary 350. G. Manuals consist of three parts: (1)
Goal, (2) Requirements/Tools Needed and (3)
351. D 352. H
S. Complete the following table.
355. What I have learned about manuals in 356. What I still want to know about
English manuals in English
357. How do you make manuals in 360. Answer may vary
358. How to print out a document
- Prepare the document chosen to be
- Click print icon in the menu bar
- Before printing, make sure the papers
are placed in the printer
359. etc.
361. Did you face any difficulties when learning about manuals in English? If you did,
what were they?
362. Answer may vary
365. Evaluation
1. A 6. E
2. D 7. A
3. C 8. A
4. B 9. C
5. D 10. D
368. Chapter 7 – The Food Is Served Hot
370. Observing
A. Complete the following table.
371. What I already know about making 372. What I want to know about making
suggestion and offering something in English suggestion and offering something in English
373. How do you make suggestions and 375. Answer may vary
offering something in English? I say
- The toys are arranged in the middle of
- The newest restaurant at the corner
street is known for its pasta.
374. etc.
B. Observe the following pairs of sentences. How is each sentence different from its pair?
1. Soccer is watched by many people. (Passive)
377. People watch soccer on TV. (Active)
2. Cheese is made from milk. (Passive)
378. The farmer made cheese from milk. (Active)
3. The map was brought by Daniel. (Passive)
379. Daniel brought the map. (Active)
4. The bridge was built by the Dutch in the 1900s. (Passive)
380. The Dutch built the bridge in the 1900s. (Active)
5. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. (Active)
381. The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. (Passive)
C. Are these sentences active or passive?
1. My dad drinks coffee every morning. (active)
2. The new machine was purchased at the beginning of this year. (passive)
3. Thousands of trees are cut down every year, therefore many rainforests are disappearing.
(passive, active)
4. He repaired my motorcycle. (active)
5. It was reported that the accident killed seven workers. (passive, active)
6. The organization was founded in the Netherlands. (passive)
7. Tania caught the butterflies for her biology project. (active)
8. Mr. Alex can answer difficult questions. (active)
9. A new type of plane is being constructed by Boeing. (passive)
10. The principal was delivering his speech when the electricity went out. (active)
382. Questioning
D. Answer the following questions.
383. Answer may vary
1. Passive Voice is used when the object of the sentence switches over to the subject. It also
can be in certain cases as well as the actor is unknown or irrelevant, talking about the
general truth, and emphasizing the person or thing acted on.
2. Passive voice is arranged from a form of to be (is, am, are, was, were, has been, have
been, had been, will be, etc.) followed by “by” preposition and the past participle.
3. Fill in the table to identify how we construct the passive voice. Give some examples.
384. Form 385. Passive Structure 386. Example
387. Can 388. S+ Can be + past 389. The tasks can be done
participle + by + O by Hilda and Maria.
390. Must 391. S+ Must be + past 392. The water must be
participle + by + O reclaimed before someone
drinks it.
393. Will 394. S+ Will be + past 395. Dina’s room will be
participle + by + O swept after lunch by her new
house cleaner.
396. Should 397. S+ Should be + past 398. The meeting should be
participle + by + O finished before lunchtime.
399. Simple 400. S+ is, am, are + past 401. An apple is bitten by
Present Tense participle + by + O Alia and Tamara.
402. Simple Past 403. S+ was, were + past 404. Many tickets were
Tense participle + by + O booked and sold two days ago.
405. Continuous 406. S+ is, am, are + 407. My mom’s microwave
Tense being + past participle + is being borrowed by the new
by + O
408. Perfect Tense 409. S+ have/has been + 410. These flowers have been
past participle + by + Ocut for the party.
E. Does the passive voice exist in bahasa Indonesia? Explain.
412. Answer may vary
413. Exploring
F. Change the following sentences into the passive voice.
1. Julia who the great artist was missed by many people.
2. A lot of school’s projects shall be handed by students in next week.
3. A birthday present was given to me by my mother.
4. The journalists were gathered by the authorities in the press room.
5. The broken machine is being repaired by the mechanic.
6. The last series of his novel has been written by the writer.
7. A new bridge will be built by the government.
8. The new world record was broken by them.
9. America was discovered by Christopher Columbus after sailing for three months.
10. The mini chip was produced by China.
G. Change the sentences into the passive voice.
1. Mandarin was not spoken by them in the shops.
2. The letter was given to me by my father.
3. A letter was sent to me by Tania.
4. A new house was bought by Diana last year.
5. English was taught to us by Mr. Kusuma.
6. While my mother and father went to Surabaya, my brother was looked after by my aunt.
7. I was made a big cup of coffee by her / A big cup of coffee was made to me by her.
8. Her pen has been being looked for by Tania for an hour.
9. The Student’s Union was founded by Tom in 1983.
10. The room was broken into by someone yesterday.
H. Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions.
1. by
2. from
3. by
4. from
5. for
6. by
7. for
8. for
9. for
10. from
I. Fill in the blanks with the words in the brackets. Write them in the passive.
1. is reported
2. is visited
3. are exhibited
4. are painted
5. are grouped
6. are displayed
7. are placed
8. be guided
9. are prohibited
10. be turned off
418. Evaluation
1. A 6. E
2. B 7. B
3. D 8. C
4. C 9. D
5. C 10. A
422. Chapter 8 – How to Stay Healthy
424. Observing
A. Complete the following table.
425. What I already know about asking for 426. What I want to know about asking for
and giving tips in English and giving tips in English
427. How do you ask for and give tips in 432. Answer may vary
429. I say
430. A: Your face looks so rosy this
morning. Any tips?
431. B: I do scrubbing my face and give day
B. Read the following dialogs, then answer the questions carefully.
434. Dialog 1
1. The tips to join school football team.
2. Ronny’s friend.
3. - practice to play football as you can
435. - find out what you can contribute to the team as far as players go
436. - show them what you can do
437. - give it a shot
438. - watch football team’s game and practice
439. - find what the team is lacking and how you can fill the gap
4. “give it a shot” means an effort to do particular thing.
5. Answer may vary
440. Yes. (1) first of all, join the football club and do exercise with your non-dominant foot all
the time, (2) work your on ball handling, (3) work on different aspect of fitness, (4) learn by
watching soccer games on TV by professional (5) ask your friend who has good ability in
soccer to be your individual trainer.
442. Dialog 2
6. Tips to quit smoking.
7. - make a list of reasons to quit smoking
443. - set a date to quit and stand by it
444. - be around non-smokers and stay away from other smokers.
445. - keep hand and mouth busy
8. by reading some articles
9. Smokers and around the smoker itself. If the smokers give up smoking, it will benefit to
those people who live and work with. So, they can breathe with no cigarette smoke.
10. Stop smoking.
446. Goal 447. Requirements/Tools 448. Steps
449. Tips to quit smoking 450. Articles 451. - make a list of
reasons to quit smoking
452. - set a date to quit
and stand by it
453. - be around non-
smokers and stay away
from other smokers.
454. - keep hand and
mouth busy
457. Questioning
D. Match each phrase with its definition.
1. set a date g. to arrange or to decide on something
2. throw away a. to get rid of something that you no longer want
3. stay away h. to not go near a particular person or place
4. stick to i. to continue doing something despite difficulties
5. stick with b. to stay close to somebody so that they can help you
6. talk to c. speak to somebody
7. ask for it d. to deserve something bad
8. give up j. to stop trying to do something
9. give in e. to admit that you have been defeated
10. start over f. to begin again
E. Complete the following text. Use the most appropriate imperative verbs.

459. You might feel your whole life revolves around exams, and indeed no one much
enjoys sitting exams. However, deep in your heart you probably already know that you'll (1)
stand a far better chance of success when you pass the exam well. Lucky for you, now there are
numerous tips on how to (2) pass the exams. (3) Check out one of those tips below.

 (4) Remove the limiting belief that you can’t pass.

 (5) Practice exam questions and papers under time pressure.

 Do not (6) let yourself become an exam-passing locomotive.

 (7) Choose a time of the day when you feel most comfortable studying. It could be
morning, late at night or in the afternoon, depending on your preference.

 (8) Pray. Do your best and let God do the rest.


461. Exploring
G. Fill in the blanks. Then find out the goal of the text.

admit take affect put try

imagine plan maximize


466. Goal: _____________________________________

467. Step One: (1) Admit your offense to yourself.

468. Don’t make excuses or blame others.

469. Step Two: (2) Take time to consider the consequences of your action or inaction.

470. How do you think your action or inaction influence the other person? How did it (3)
affect the person's life?

471. Step Three: (4) Put yourself in the place of the person you wronged and (5) try to
understand how he or she felt.

472. Try looking at the situation from the other person's perspective and (6) imagine how he
or she felt.

473. Step Four: (7) Plan and prepare for your apology.

474. Apologies should be handled earnestly, so you should prepare for your apology to (8)
maximize the possibilities of it being accepted.

H. The following text contains several mistakes. Correct them and rewrite the text in the
space provided. Hints: Pay attention to the verbs.


477. Friendships that last take a long time to build. Here are some tips to help you
connect with others and make new friends. First, meet people with common interests—join a
course or a club. Second, join social media sites to track down old friends and make new ones.
Meet up with them over some coffee or a meal. Last, attend community events where you can
meet people with similar interests, such as culture events, art exhibitions, etc.


479. Associating

J. Translate the following text into English. Write it in the space provided. Use imperative
verbs wisely.


481. Finding friends is more difficult than finding enemies. Do you agree with this
statement? Do you have any difficulties to find friends? Some of tips are about finding
1. Keep smile. If we smile, people will judge us as a genial person so that it will enhance
our chance to get new friends.

2. Be self-confident. Your self-confident can give cozy to people around you and to
yourselves, thus we don’t need to feel diffident to join with new surroundings and people.

3. Begin to talk about new little things, such as the environs or hot issue which have been a
trending topic to other people. Don’t await another person accosting you first.

4. Be helpful. Help other people who have trouble. Who knows, he/she can be also our


483. Communicating

Q. Complete the following table.

485. What I have learned about asking for 486. What I still want to know about
and giving the tips in English asking for and giving the tips in English
487. How do you ask for and give tips in 491. Answer may vary
488. A: I heard from Ms. Ara that you gave
excellent mark on Math test. Do you have
any tips?
489. B: I just did some exercises from the
book, which I borrowed from library.
492. Did you face any difficulties when learning about asking for and giving the tips in
English? If you did, what were they?
493. Answer may vary


495. Evaluation


1. C 6. C
2. D 7. C
3. B 8. B
4. C 9. B
5. C 10. A

498. Chapter 9 – If I Study Hard


500. Observing

A. Complete the following table.

501. What I already know about future 502. What I want to know about future
conditional sentences in English conditional sentences in English
503. How do you make future conditional 507. Answer may vary
sentences in English?
505. I say
506. If the government have strict rule to the
vehicle owners, our environment will be with
no pollution.
B. Read the following dialogs, then answer the questions carefully.

509. Dialog 1

1. To discuss about the event which will be organized as a students’ assignment.

2. She assumed to hold anti-drug seminar.

3. Ms. Dian agrees with the idea.

4. In the seminar, there will be art performance to gain interest to the students.

5. She concurs that in the seminar, it should be emphasized to the creativity of art which
will disallow students to do any drugs.


511. Dialog 2

1. They talk about holiday plans.

2. They are friend.

3. He suggests if they go to Anyer, they can play at the beach.

4. If they book the hotel soon, they will get some discount.

5. Yes, they do.


513. Questioning

C. Complete the sentences with the correct verbs (future conditionals).

1. Hurry up! We will miss if we don’t run.

2. I know it is a secret, but if you don’t tell me, I will tell anybody.

3. Their house is difficult to paint. You will get lost if you don’t take a map.

4. She is unmotivated. If she don’t work harder, she will not pass the exam.

5. It’s midnight. If you don’t go to bed now, you will be tired in the morning.


D. Fill in the blanks with the words in the box.

1. The President died peacefully at his home.
2. She will not get the prize unless she tries hard.
3. The Prime Minister has been visiting the show regularly since 2004.
4. Everything will be okay if you clean that antique vase carefully.
5. The dancer dances gracefully. She looks like a princess.
6. Nobody knows why the man left the family. His wife was extremely frustrated.
7. Talk slowly. They can’t follow you.
8. Their performance was incredibly good.
9. They landed safely on a small airfield.
10. We are running out of time. Do it quickly.

516. Exploring

E. Continue the sentences with your own words.

517. Answer may vary

1. If the weather is terrible, we will postpone the outbound.

2. If you buy a new car today, you will get an extra tire from the showroom.
3. If she isn’t getting well, I won’t go to the party.
4. If you don’t go to the Laundromat, I will be angry.
5. If I don’t go to bed early, I will wake up late.
6. You won’t understand this problem unless you are at the scene.
7. Unless you stay here, you will see how many people attend here.
8. There will be no agreement unless they settle the payment on time.
9. She won’t be successful unless she works hard.
10. Life will never be colorful unless you make it colorful.
F. Write a postcard to your friend about your holiday. Write an adverb in each sentence
and underline it.

519. Answer may vary

520. Dear Nindy,

521. Thank you for having us last Saturday. We had a good time in the city. We spent
our time cheerfully in the city park to watch the concert. Actually, I was very happy to see
Adele nearly since she was my favorite singer. She sang amazingly that night. When I heard
her voice, my heart trembled quickly. I just fancied if I got along to sing together with her, I
would fly on the sky tenderly. I had wonderful dream to be a professional singer like Adele
and I would visit many countries to sing gladly. I wished verily to God about having this
dream. I promised to come to your country soon. I awaited to hearing the replying letter from

522. Cheers,

523. Nadia

524. Communicating

L. Continue the following story using adverbs and if-clauses.

525. Answer may vary

526. It is Sunday morning. There are only few people in the park. A woman is feeding
the birds patiently. She looks perfectly beautiful with her blue blouse and hue skirt.
Sometime, she gets the park bench to see her surroundings. Suddenly, there is a man who
comes closer to her. But she looks weird and puzzled. The man tries calmly to ask the
direction to go to the nearest downtown. Evidently, the woman is deaf. If the woman can
hear, she will understand what the man is speaking, but she can’t. The man will try to speak
with the cues unless he don’t get information about the downtown. Finally, the woman can
answer the man’s questions although in longer time.

M. Complete the following table.

529. What I have learned about future 530. What I still want to know about
conditional sentences in English future conditional sentences in English
531. How do you say future conditional 534. Answer may vary
sentences in English?
532. If they carry umbrellas, they won’t be
too wet.
535. Did you face any difficulties when learning about future conditional sentences in
English? If you did, what were they?
536. Answer may vary

538. Evaluation

1. B 6. B
2. B 7. A
3. E 8. D
4. B 9. E
5. E 10. A

540. Chapter 10 – Elephants Are Endangered Animals

541. Observing

A. Complete the following table.

542. What I already know about factual 543. What I want to know about factual
report in English report in English
544. How do you describe things objectively 547. Answer may vary
and scientifically in English?

545. T-rex is the largest and most fearsome

predator among others. Different from the
dinosaur, T-rex lives in a humid, semi-
tropical environment, and it almost found
in the open forests with nearby rivers and
swamps. Meanwhile, dinosaur subsistes in
the Cretaceous period approximately 68 to
65 million years ago. It exists on the dry
Triassic supercontinent.

B. Read the following dialogs, then answer the questions carefully.

1. The conversation talk about how to write report on ‘penguins’.

2. Ms. Najwa is Fajri’s teacher. The conversation takes a place at the school because Fajri

549. Calls Ms. Najwa to have a time.

3. Report text is about things which is discussed in general, meanwhile descriptive text is
written on one particular thing specifically.

4. ‘their’ refers to the penguins.

5. Habitat means ‘original place or natural home of animals and other organism’


D. Read the following text carefully. Identify the parts of the text. Then answer the
following questions.

551. General Classification/Opening statement:

552. It is no secret that we cannot live without sleep However, scientists have no clear
clue as to why.


554. Description :

555. Adult experience two types of sleep. For about twenty percent of our sleep time
and sporadically, we experience rapid eye movement or REM sleep. REM sleep is when
we dream. In the second type, Non-REM sleep, our brain is silent. This is when our body
repairs itself. We typically go back and forth between the two types of sleep about five
time every night.

556. Nobody knows why we sleep. However, there is the assumption that when we
sleep, we are recharging out batteries to spend for when we wake up.

1. Type of sleep.

2. The writer gives supporting facts and details in the second and third paragraph to develop
the main topic.

3. The writer uses a short description about the topic to gain reader’s interest.

4. (1) Adult experience two types of sleep. (2) For about twenty percent of our sleep time
and sporadically, we experience rapid eye movement or REM sleep. (3) REM sleep is
when we dream. (4) Non-REM sleep is when our brain is silent. (5) This is when our
body repairs itself. (6) We typically go back and forth between the two types of sleep
about five time every night.

5. No, I can’t.


F. Read the following booklet, then complete the table.

1. How did the writer start off the text? Did you find the following?

 Short description Yes

 Definition Yes

 Classification No


2. How id the writer describe his subject of the report? Did you find the following?

 Factual description of facts Yes

 Description of opinions No


3. What was the focus of the text?

 The cause of Sumatran Elephants are endangered

 Sumatran Elephants food


4. What will you remember about the text? (Answer may vary)

562. Sumatran Elephants are herbivorous mammal


5. Choose one important, unique characteristic of the Sumatran elephants?

564. Sumatran Elephants are local species from Sumatra Island in Indonesia which
have trunk and great ivory.



567. Questioning


G. Read the following information on the ring-tailed lemur. Then answer the questions.
Write T if the statement is true and F if the statement is false.

1. F

2. T

3. F

4. T

5. T

H. Read each statement. Write F next to each fact and O next to each opinion. Highlight
any words that helped you decide that the statement is an opinion.

1. O Lemurs are amazing animals.

2. F Speeches and Karonese marriages are quite long and drawn out.
3. O It feels good to see people smiling.

4. O Exercise and eating a balanced diet will help you to stay healthy.

5. O One hundred rupiah is worthless; it costs two hundred rupiah to buy just one

6. O Orangutans are among the most intelligent primates.

7. F Animals feel some of the same emotions as humans, but they don’t smile.

8. O Skunks are disgustingly smelly animals.

9. O Salt will dissolve in water.

10. F The brain’s weight is nearly two percent of our body weight.


570. Exploring

I. Complete the following text with the suitable conjunctions.

572. and but although when while because so
574. Humans like you 1) and I can smile, 2) but actually not every creature can. 3)
Although it may look like your pooch is smiling 4) or grinning back at you—it’s not. Animals
feel some of the same emotions as humans, but they don’t smile. 5) When a dog shows a chirpy
face, it is more likely to be a sign of confusion, 6) while dolphins lack the muscles for facial
expressions 7) because their mouths are permanently turned upward. Animals don’t smile 8) so
they show their joy through movements, like a wagging tail or backward flip.


576. Associating


K. Work in pairs. One of you should make five questions based on the following text. The
other should answer the questions. Then swap.
578. Answer may vary


580. Questions

1. What does the text mainly talk about?

2. How does the writer support the main idea of the text?

3. How does the writer describe the cannabis?

4. What are the disadvantages of consuming cannabis?

5. Can you find any statement of opinion in the text?


582. Answers

1. The effect of cannabis

2. The writer gives supporting details including fact and opinion.

3. The writer gives short description and definition about cannabis.

4. (1) lose focus to the surroundings, (2) decrease someone’s IQ level permanently, (3) lose
the memory and bring down someone’s performance.

5. Yes, I can.


584. Communicating

O. Complete the following table.


586. What I have learned about future 587. What I still want to know about
factual report in English factual report in English
588. How do you describe things 591. Answer may vary
objectively and scientifically in English?

590. Adult experience two types of sleep.

For about twenty percent of our sleep
time and sporadically, we experience
rapid eye movement or REM sleep. REM
sleep is when we dream. In the second
type, Non-REM sleep, our brain is silent.
This is when our body repairs itself. We
typically go back and forth between the
two types of sleep about five time every

592. Did you face any difficulties when learning about factual report in English? If you
did, what were they?
593. Answer may vary



596. Evaluation

1. B 6. E

2. C 7. B

3. A 8. E

4. C 9. A

5. D 10. C



599. Chapter 11 – Tigers Must Be Protected

600. Observing
A. Complete the following table.
601.What I already know about analytical 602. What I want to know about analytical
expositions in English expositions in English
603. How do you persuade someone that 606. Answer may vary
something is the case in English?


605. Furthermore, we have to avoid the use

of things excessively which cause global
warming in our universe.

B. Read the following dialogs, then answer the questions carefully.

1. Deforestation in Indonesia.

2. It means a plan or course of action taken immediately.

3. Joni assumes that all logging should be banned in rainforests by the government since
rainforests are vital important for the planet.

4. Moreover, Nia thinks that a ban on logging would limit Kalimantan’s and country’s
economy and she adds that another country ought to help our government to save

5. (Answer may vary)

608. In my opinion, all logging ought to be banned for nature conservation because
forests help all ecosystem to survive in their habitat and the government should find the
best solution to increase country’s economy without destroying the nature.


E. Study the following analytical expositions. Find the thesis, argument, and reiteration as
well as an example, example, explanation, or reference by an expert or organization, if

610. Thesis:

611. “money can’t buy your happiness”

612. Arguments:

613. Recent surveys have shown that happiness cannot be predicted by wealth. In
1957, American earned only half as much as today, but the national opinion research center
found that 35% of them were happy, higher than today’s 29%. Even the extremely rich people
in survey, who made it to the Forbes’s 100 wealthiest Americans, aren’t much happier than
the average citizen. Income increase doesn’t show increase in happiness either. Income is
only reflective of emotional well-being in poor countries.

614. Reiteration:

615. Therefore, while money may buy luxurious things, happiness is a luxury it does


F. Reread the text in Exercise E. Then answer the following questions.

1. Happiness is about Honor, not Riches.

2. From the quote expression, “money can’t buy your happiness”

3. The writer gives the explanation by the surveys report and the evidences in certain

4. Recent surveys have shown that happiness cannot be predicted by wealth. In 1957,
American earned only half as much as today, but the national opinion research center
found that 35% of them were happy, higher than today’s 29%. Even the extremely rich
people in survey, who made it to the Forbes’s 100 wealthiest Americans, aren’t much
happier than the average citizen. Income increase doesn’t show increase in happiness
either. Income is only reflective of emotional well-being in poor countries.

5. Word ‘them’ refers to American.

6. Reflective means correlating to someone’s deep thought or notion about particular thing.

7. Poor countries

8. (Answer may vary)

a. I disagree. Happiness is someone’s gratification of doing something well and it
can be achieved by someone’s feeling. So, happiness should be based on what is
achieved, not about wealth or rich.


618. Questioning

G. Read the following text and then summarize it by filling in the flow chart. Most
importantly, use your own words.

619. Answer may vary

620. Title : Cheating: An Academic Misconduct

Thesis statement: Cheating is wrong


624. Argument 1: Cheating is adverse students who really
625. study hard to get excellent marks.
Argument 2: Cheating makes students in the school to
be dishonest students.

Argument 3: Cheating causes the slump of educational

mission since education is not just about perceiving the
Reiteration: This is appropriate time andthat
to think getting the great
cheating is notscores.
just a small matter, but it
can be a big problem for us.



H. Study the following poster. Then answer the questions.

1. Prevention to use tiger’s body parts as medicine.

2. Stop to slaughter the tigers illegally.

3. (Answer may vary)

629. The poster shows us to save this animal from hunt which will serve as the cure. In
the poster, the write give explanation that the tiger’s body parts do not allow to cure.

4. (Answer may vary)

630. Yes, I do. Because it persuades the readers to believe and realize on the

5. (Answer may vary)

631. It is effective because the writer makes it simpler and attract the reader to read


633. Exploring


I. Link the arguments using the appropriate expressions in the following box.


636. New statistics reveal that the worst drivers in the world are young people. (1) A good
example of this is, according to the local police station, men ages 21-34 were responsible for
80 percent of driving incidents last year.
638. I strongly approve of the preservation of historical buildings and historical sites. Too
many have already been destroyed; (2) For instance/for example, in my home town, one
street regency of old buildings and traditional markets were knocked down and replaced with
one big department store.
640. Used cars markets should be banned in the city. (3) Firstly, used cars, as we all know,
contribute more pollution to the street, which can cause illnesses such as bronchitis, lung
cancer, and trigger asthma. Secondly, the may break down and cause accidents.
642. Students used to only need book, pen, eraser, and ruler at school. However, today’s
technology is an integral part of their lives. Students need to browse the internet for
information. (4) Of course, technology comes at a cost, but it is worth the functions.


644. The chemical additives in fast food have been shown to result in weight issues and other
diseases. (5) In fact, fast food does not contain any nutrition. It simply feeds hunger and
satisfies cravings.
Obesity is a known factor contributing to heart disease. It makes the heart overexert, which
may lead to a heart attack. Moreover, obesity often goes hand in hand with excessive levels
of blood sugar. This may lead to diabetes and other serious diseases. (6) Indeed, it is clear
that being overweight is not good for your life.

648. Associating

K. Study the posters below and do the instructions that follow.

1. Fill in the following chart with the similarities and differences between two posters.
Poster B
Poster A
649. 1. There is no adjective
1. There is powerful adjective
2. Start with the question
650.2. Stop Smoking Start Repairing
3. There’s no more information specifically.
3. There are information about the smoking danger
651. 4. Highlight on the cigarette image and the time.
4. Highlight on the body part risk as well as the
time at risk in consuming cigarette.
5. good
5. good enough and can be read.








2. Complete the following statements.

660. I like poster A best because in poster A, it has the powerful slogan to gain
someone’s attention.

661. I believe a good poster should contain certain information which will be conveyed
to the reader through the slogan and provided information.

3. Study poster A and B. Can you find the following characteristics of analytical
662. Yes, I can. In poster A, there are thesis, arguments, and reiteration as follow as the
explanation. In poster B, it just puts the thesis statement which is addressed by the
question, and the arguments about the age of people who consume the cigarette.

4. Which poster do you like better? Explain

663. Poster A. It contains certain information which will be conveyed to the reader
through the slogan and provided information in detail.

5. Find a poster from the internet or other sources that contain at least 3 characteristics of an
analytical exposition. Rewrite the content of the poster in the following space.

664. Answer may vary


666. Communicating

N. Make up arguments for the following thesis statements, minimum 3 arguments for each
thesis statement.

1. Smoking is bad

a. Smoking is injurious to health since it is addictive and harmful.

b. Smoking is the biggest risk of all diseases of human body parts.

c. Cigarette contains nicotine, an extremely addictive stimulant that causes all diseases.

2. Reading has many benefits.

a. Recent surveys show that reading is the way to increase someone’s attention and
focus about something.

b. People who love reading have more insight about everything in issues.

c. Reading can stimulate and excite imagination as well as arousing curiosity. People
feel like addict to reread again to get more knowledge about particular thing.

3. Watching too much TV has many disadvantages.

a. Watching TV has bad effect to the healthy. According to the research, watching too
much TV can increase the risk of developing obesity and diabetes.

b. Most people becomes unwilling to work or lose their energy for doing necessary daily

c. Watching TV too much can shorten your life as well as just sitting too much in front
of TV.

4. Corruption has become part of the culture in Indonesia.

a. More than a hundred Indonesians say that corruption has been widespread throughout
the government and the businesses.

b. Many people say that corruption is one of monopoly strategies to possess something
bigger in a commodity.

c. Corruption worsens someone’s thought to be richer person.

5. English is the world’s most important language.

a. English as lingua franca, which have developed people to communicate to people

around the world.

b. English has become almost a necessity for people to speak English if they enter the

c. Knowing English will allow to access for amount of information which may not
otherwise available.


R. Complete the following table.

668. What I have learned about analytical 669. What I still want to know about
exposition in English analytical exposition in English
670. How do you persuade someone that 673. Answer may vary
something in case in English?

672. Protect the rainforests may help many
ecosystems to live in the habitat.

674. Did you face any difficulties when learning about analytical exposition in English? If
you did, what were they?
675. Answer may vary

676. Evaluation

1. D 6. E

2. B 7. E

3. A 8. A

4. A 9. E

5. B 10. C


678. Chapter 12 – The Lives of Inspiring People

679. Observing

A. Complete the following table.

680. What I already know about biographies 681. What I want to know about biographies
in English in English
684. Answer may vary
682. Ir. Soekarno is the first president in
Indonesia. He was born in Blitar, East Java
on June 21, 1970. He played significance
role to the Indonesian liberalization from
colonialism. He was proclaimed
Indonesian independence.

683. etc.
B. Read the following paragraph and answer the questions
1. a. He was born on May 14, 1984
686. b. He is founder of Facebook site.
687. c. He is good at taking home prizes in astronomy, math and physic.
2. He is an excellent student, skillful at computer programming, and he is generous.
3. Timeline of history of Zuckernerg’s invention
688. Time 689. Invention
690. 2000 691. Media player
692. 2002 693. Facemash
694. 2004 695. Facebook
4. a. With his creativity, he got opportunity to receive much money.
697. b. The commitment to donate his wealth to charity.
698. c. He has the mission to let people easy to communicate and access to the world.
5. a. 2002 He designed Facemash
699. b. 1984 He was born
700. c. 2010 Person of the year for all over the world, The world’s
youngest billionaires, He signed “Giving Pledge”
C. Find the meaning of the words below and put them in a sentence.
702. 703. Words 704. Meaning 705. Sentence
706. 707. excelled 708. good or proficient in an 709. Rita excelled at playing
1. activity violent.
710. 711. network 712. system of interconnected 713. Network has been an
2 people or things important need to help people
access the world.
714. 715. multilin 716. having several language in 717. Children have to master
3. gual use their multilingual at elementary
718. 719. influenti 720. having great effect on 721. His work is influential to
4. al particular thing the people in all countries.
722. 723. billionai 724. person (s) who possess 725. After Daniel inherited his
5. re great fortune father wealth, he becomes a
726. 727. charity 728. the voluntary giving a 729. ABC company has given a
6. help to other charity to the poor people in East
Monaco district.
730. 731. donate 732. hand over a good or 733. Most of people in Central
7. money to a good cause. Jakarta donated their handbags
734. 735. fortune 736. a large amount of one’s 737. My cousin eventually
8. assets achieve the fortune from his
738. 739. freshma 740. a first year student at the 741. Andy is a freshman at
9. n college or educational institution Oxford University.
742. 743. fencing 744. a sport of fighting with the 745. He joined the school’s
10. sword or foils fencing team.
D. Write the interrogative forms of the following sentence.
1. What did he study?
2. Where did he create Facebook?
3. When did he launch the Facebook?
4. What does Facebook connect?
5. What does he create?
E. Fill in the following table with the words from the text above.
748. 749. Noun 750. Verb 751. Adjective 752. Adverb
753. 754. founde 755. create 756. interested 757. today
1. r
758. 759. inventi 760. excel 761. influential 762. Eventually
2. on
763. 764. fortun 765. connect 766. multilingual 767. least
3. e
768. 769. freshm 770. donate 771. skilled 772. half
4. an
773. 774. creatio 775. join 776. best-looking 777.
5. n
778. 779. site 780. enroll 781. selected 782.
783. 784. captai 785. design 786. youngest 787.
7. n
788. 789. studen 790. earn 791. 792.
8. t
793. 794. billion 795. sign 796. 797.
9. aire
798. 799. missio 800. launch 801. 802.
10. n
805. Questioning
F. Fill in the tables below with the information from the text.
806. Childhood 807. TV 808. Acting 809. Charity
Experience personality Experience
 She had difficult  People Are Talking  The Color Purple  She donate
life because of  Oprah Winfrey Show 812. millions dollar in
abuse helping girls
 She campaigned around the world.
for children’s  Establish academy
rights and helped for poor girls in
the drafting of a South Africa in
bill during 2007
G. Explain the meaning of the following sentences in your own words.
814. Answer may vary
H. What happened to Oprah in the following years?
1. 1954: She was born
2. 1971: She began her broadcasting career
3. 1976: She achieve real exposure
4. 1985: She was offered a role in “The Color Purple”
5. 2007: She opened an academy for poor girls in South Africa
I. What are the similarities and differences between Mark Zuckerberg and Oprah
Winfrey? Write them in the following table.
817. 818. Profile 819. Mark 820. Oprah Winfrey
No Zuckerberg
821. 822. Worldwide  World’s youngest  An Oscar
1. achievement billionaires and Nomination
influential figure  International talk
 He signed Giving show host and
pledge where he founder
donate a half of his 823.
824. 825. Personality traits 826. He is brilliant, 827. She is a
2. generous, and skillful. philanthropist, and
828. 829. Academic life  When he was at  She began the career
3. school, he is good at in broadcasting in
astronomy, math and 1971
physic.  She had acting
 He joined school’s experience which
fencing team was offered by
 He enrolled in Steven Spielberg
Harvard University  She was succeed in
Oprah Winfrey show
830. 831. Invention  Media player  Oprah Winfrey Show
4.  Facemash  Academy for poor
 Facebook girl in South Africa
836. Communicating
N. Look at the following pictures. Find details about them and identify their achievements
that contributed to the world.
837. Picture 1
838. Bill gates was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington. He interested at
computer programming since he was thirteen. He pursued his interest through college. He
and his friend, Paul Allen build the world’s largest software business, Microsoft through their
technological innovation, business strategy and business tactics. Gates has been one of the
richest men of world since he announced that he was a chairman of Microsoft.
840. Picture 2
841. Steve Jobs, the developer of apple products was born in San Francisco California,
on February 24, 1955. He experimented with different pursuits before starting Apple
Computer. He developed Apple’s revolutionary products which are now seen as dictating the
evolution of modern technology. Through this product, he was recognized as an excellent
developer and pioneer of the personal computer revolution. This career has made influential
to the consumer electronics field. Jobs served as a chief executive of Pixar Animation Studios
and he became a member of board of director of The Walt Disney Company.
843. Picture 3
845. Thomas Alva Edison, was born February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio. Many people
often say Edison was a genius but he replied, "Genius is hard work, stick-to-it-iveness, and
common sense." He did the experiment on phonograph which was the first machine that
could record the sound of someone's voice and play it back. In 1877, Edison recorded the
first words on a piece of tin foil. He recited the nursery rhyme "Mary Had a Little Lamb,"
and the phonograph played the words back to him. This was invented by a man whose
hearing was so poor that he thought of himself as "deaf"! Edison and worked on one of his
greatest achievements in 1878. The electric light system was more than just the incandescent
lamp, or "light bulb." Edison also designed a system of power plants that make the electrical
power and the wiring that brings it to people's homes.
847. Picture 4
848. Alexander Graham Bell, was born on March 3, 1847, in Edinburgh, Scotland.
During his youth, Alexander Graham Bell experienced strong influences that had a profound
effect on his later life. In 1871, Alexander Graham Bell moved to Boston since he had bad
environment and began work on a device that would allow for the telegraph transmission of
several messages set to different frequencies. In 1875, he developed on both the harmonic
telegraph and a voice transmitting device becoming a telephone. After that, he began to
promote the telephone in a series of public demonstrations. At the Centennial Exhibition in
Philadelphia, in 1876, Bell demonstrated the telephone to the Emperor of Brazil, Dom Pedro.
Other demonstrations followed, each at a greater distance than the last. Bell was summoned
to Washington D.C. to defend his telephone patent from lawsuits by others claiming they had
invented the telephone or had conceived of the idea. In January 1915, Bell was invited to
make the first transcontinental phone call.
Q. Complete the following table.
850. What I have learned about biography 851. What I still want to know about
in English biography in English
855. Answer may vary
852. What is a biography?

853. The account of someone’s personality

and life which is written by someone else.

856. Did you face any difficulties when learning about biography in English? If you did,
what were they?
857. Answer may vary

859. Evaluation
1. E 6. A

2. A 7. A

3. D 8. E

4. A 9. A

5. A 10. E



862. Chapter 13 – Inspiring Songs

863. Observing

F. Complete the following table.

864. What I already know about songs in 865. What I want to know about songs in
English English
878. Answer may vary
866. Heal the world

867. by Michele Jackson


869. There’s a place in your heart

870. and I know that it is love

871. and this place could

872. be much

873. Brighter than tomorrow

874. And if you really try

875. You’ll find there’s no need

876. to cry…..

877. ………..
G. Search the internet and find the lyric for “Lucky” performed by Jason Mraz and
Colbie Caillat. Find the meanings of the unfamiliar words.
880. Words 881. Meaning
882. Answer may vary 888. Answer may vary
889. What is the message is the song trying to say to the listeners?
890. The songs is about two people who are used to be a friend and then their feeling
grows more until they feel in love and how they can be very close to a friend but they
separate each other by the distance.

892. Questioning

D. Surf the internet and find the lyrics for “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz. Then
answer the following questions.

1. The determination and dedication of love.

2. I won’t give up on us

893. even the skies get rough.

894. I am giving up you all my love.

895. I’m still looking up.

3. Yes, I can

896. This part of lyric ‘even the skies get rough’ uses metaphor.

4. The song tries to tell about a man who has bad relationship with his girl. But, the man are
trying to struggle and wait about the condition. Even the girl is in bad circumstance, the man
will give his love to her.


899. Exploring

E. Write down your interpretation of “We Are the World” by Michele Jackson and Lionel
Richie. You may find the lyric from the Internet.

900. Answer may vary


902. Associating

F. Do you have a favorite song in English? Answer the following questions.

903. Answer may vary

1. Rolling in the deep

2. Adele

3. Because the Adele’s voice is amazing, the tone of song is perfectly well listened, and the
song depicts such a joy and pain.

4. Yes, I can.

904. The scars of your love remind me of us

905. They keep me thinking that we almost had it all

5. Yes, I can.

906. There is a fire starting in my heart

907. Reaching a fever pitch

908. And It’s bringing me out the dark.

6. Someone who experience in depth of passionate, unconditional and ethereal love.

7. A love makes someone place a feeling in the soul and deep heart and a love can destroy
someone’s feeling due to their matter of fact.


H. Complete the following table.

910. What I have learned about songs in 911. What I still want to know about
English songs in English
923. Answer may vary
912. Rolling in the deep

913. by Adele


915. There is a fire starting in my heart

916. Reaching a fever pitch

917. And It’s bringing me out the dark.


919. The scars of your love remind me of


920. They keep me thinking that we almost

had it all………


924. Did you face any difficulties when learning about songs in English? If you did, what
were they?
925. Answer may vary