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Seminar Preparation Sheet for Masters of Ceremonies. 1“ March, 2014

Int. emcees Pre-seminar proper (Optional) Brian/Maneca: Good morning/afternoon
Brian: Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to greet everyone a lovely Saturday afternoon.
Maneca: Why don’t we make this afternoon not just wonderful but also a day full of
learning and new experiences?
Maneca: Yeah, you know, we've anticipated long enough for this day to come,
Maneca: But anticipation comes with painstaking efforts, sleepless nights and wishful
thoughts now come into reality. So what’re we waiting for?
Brian: The long wait is so over. On behalf of EDUC99c class, we welcome you to our
seminar entitled:
(In chorus) Brian and Maneca: (Insert seminar title)
Brian: Now may we request every one of you to rise for our national anthem, to be led and
conducted by Ms. Giselle Quindong.
Post-national anthem
Maneca: Please remain standing. Let us all feel the presence of our Almighty God as we
offer Him a song of praise.
Brian: Please take your seats. Again we would like to welcome you to our seminar
concerning (insert seminar title)
(Optional) Maneca: Now as your master of ceremonies, we would first like to introduce
ourselves to you. | am (Insert name, and some details if necessary) Brian: And | am (Insert
name, and some details if necessary).
Brian: You know, it’s so nice to see every one of them in such a good mood today.
And let us now forget the fact that you look stunning today, Ms. Maneca.
Maneca: (Insert adlibs). Now what would make their moods even better is to give them
words to feed their souls and get themselves energized for our seminar session for today.
Brian: So let us callon Mr. Marvin Vasquez for our opening remarks. Post-opening remarks
Maneca: Thank you Mr. Vasquez.
Brian: Now we are all geared up for our seminar today. But we would first like to recognize
and acknowledge our guest speaker for today, Ms. Carmella Salonga. We are overjoyed to
have you here as our guest speaker.
Maneca: Now since all of us wants to know more about our beautiful guest speaker, let us
hear something about her, coming from Ms. MarivicGallanosa.
Post-introduction of speaker Maneca: Thank you Ms. Gallanosa.
Brian: For our seminar proper, may we call on our guest speaker for today, and let
us all give her a round of applause.
Ext. emcees.
Post-seminar proper
Maneca: Thank you Ms. Carmella Salonga. Brian: We’ve learned so much from you this day.
Maneca: For our snacks, Brian: And some refreshments, may we call on our Food
Committee to do the honor.
Post-snacks Maneca: Why don’t we give ourselves a big hand for having this day.
Brian: We couldn’t have done this successfully without our participants and our speaker
who spared their time attending this seminar.
Maneca: So let us move on to our awarding of certificates.
(Optional) Brian: Let us hear what’s inside this certificate, Ms. Maneca, please do the
Maneca: (Insert certificate content)
Brian: Let us now do the distribution starting from (Insert names) Post awarding of
Maneca: Thank you every one sharing this moment with us.
Brian: And for our closing remarks, let us hear it from Mr. Don Kristopher Noble. Big hands
for him.
Post-closing remarks. Brian: Thank you for such good words coming from you Mr. Noble.
Maneca: Now let us all rise again for our CvSU hymn, to be led and conducted by Ms. Meryl
Brian: We do all have a wonderful day today.
Maneca: Yes, we would like to thank all of you for being here. Again thank you for coming to
our seminar entitled:
(Chorus) Brian/Maneca: (Insert seminar title)
Ext. all
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Home » Business Be Heard » Education »Importance of career guidance

Importance of career guidance

August 31, 2018 8:27 am

Career guidance should nurture the individual’s self-awareness, self-directedness, and life skills to set
viable goals, to continually learn and add value to their future workplace and explore viable education.

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It should also in addition to career options through the provision of accurate and comprehensive
information, inculcate an appreciation for the value of all occupations and how they contribute to the
well-functioning of society, equip students with skills and means to positively engage their parents and
other career influencers.

Students tend to take advice from anyone they think has an experience. But it may not always be right or
let alone be the best one. The path followed by their seemingly successful peers might not help them to
reach the same destination, their model adults must have gone through failures themselves and their
parents might be unaware of the latest industry demands. To make sure that students have clarity of
thought, career counsellors must be made available for students at all times while they are in high school
to receive the right and latest advice.

Students want to be successful and they don’t mind getting help. They may feel shy at first or think it’s
weak to take help, but it is our responsibility to help them build strong careers. Having a career
counselling cell in schools is the first step in doing that. It is a great first step indeed.

Why is career guidance key?

 Teaching labour market changes and the complexity of the workplace
 Broadening knowledge, skills, and abilities
 Improving decision-making skills
 Increasing self-esteem and motivation
 Building interpersonal effectiveness
 Maximizing career opportunities
 Improving employment marketability and opportunities
 Promoting effective job placement
 Strengthening employer relations

Finally, never underestimate the importance of career guidance. You should open your mind regarding
your career. Career guidance could make things a lot easier for you.

Author: Gesture Chidhanguro

 Models
 Download audio from youtube

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