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(Philadelphia High School)

G12 Contemporary Philippine Arts from the Region
Chapter 5 Contemporary Design in Art Crafts

Name: ____________________________________________________ Score: __________/60

Section: ____________________ Date: __________________ Teacher: Ms. Barte

Instructions: Student with lost rubric will get a three point deduction.

CRITERIA Excellent Outstanding Basic Needs

10-9 8-7 6-5 Improvement
Design, Careful planning. Composition Some evidence Composition
Elements and Composition shows shows awareness of of awareness of unplanned and
Principles awareness of and use and use of and use of design disorganized.
of design principles to several design principles in Shows little or
achieve unified, principles. composition. no awareness
balanced, exciting, of design
effective space. principles.
Creativity Original, unusual Some new ideas, One idea Finished
(X2) ideas, related to maybe based on carried out assignment.
Previous knowledge. someone else’s adequately. No evidence
work. Showed Perhaps used of originality
good, logical “symbols” instead or trying unusual
solution. of original thought. ideas.
Maybe copied.
Craftsmanship The mask shows The mask shows The mask shows Careless,
/Skill outstanding art good art making average art impatient work.
making skills, with skills with some making skills and
clear attention to attention to control, average attention
control, adaptation, adaptation, to control,
selection and selection and adaptation,
experimentation. experimentation. selection and
Effort/ Project continued to Worked hard to Finished an easy Completed
Perseverance completion. complete the project, was hurried project with
Effort beyond project but stopped and minimum
that required. short of anxious to be effort. Anxious
Shows pride and creating done. Unable to to finish.
dedication to outstanding see ambitious
the work. work. project to
Work Habits/ Worked steadily Worked steadily on Worked less. Took Socialized and
Followed on art. Followed class art. Took a few frequent “breaks”. broke rules.
Class Rules rules. “breaks”. Followed Socialized often. Distracting
class rules. Did not follow class fellow
rules sometimes. classmates.