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Concept Note- Healthcare Conference at Baru Sahib


Indian healthcare is in a truly unique place at this point of time.

The positive and negative are at a constant interplay. Emerging
countries are faced with problems such as infectious diseases,
nutritional deficiencies, unsafe pregnancies and the challenge of
escalating epidemics of non-communicable diseases such as
diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease, Corruption in all
aspects of our social life. This composite threat to the nation’s
health and development needs a concerted public health response
that can ensure delivery of cost-effective interventions for health
promotion, disease prevention and affordable diagnostic and the
therapeutic healthcare.

India became independent in 1947. As a senior citizen at 72 years

the country’s challenges of affordable and accessible public
healthcare is still a complex issue. Healthcare had no exception
with its unique ramification in all the three dimensions of
healthcare (primary, secondary and tertiary) evolved out of the then
prevailing mode of production and interest of the ruling class. Our
first PM, Pundit Nehru had a colossal task to handle the precarious
healthcare situations prevailing that time (1947 on wards) to create
a robust policy framework to address these issues along with
allocating financial and other resources in the domain of

The present conference at Baru Sahib aims to address some of the

most critical aspects of these initiatives taken by all relevant stake
holders including both Govt, international agencies, civil society
organizations, research organizations of both national and
international repute and private sectors corporate entities. Another
important aspect of the conference will be to understand in its
historical connotation, the impacts all the initiatives have
demonstrated towards an inclusive healthcare agenda since 1950
and to discuss new policy initiatives as relevant in today’s
globalized era.

The conference while taking cognizance of the strategic

significance of the these policy initiatives for the state of Himachal
Pradesh, will also highlight the efforts taken by both the central
and state govts through structured deliberations by the experts of
the state govt officials besides from central and civil society
officials as well, who have done considerable amount of work in
these dimensions in the state of HP.We will try to cover all possible
dimensions of these initiatives and to synthesize these in the form
of suggestions with our recommendations to both state and central

 To be reminded of the emerging public health challenges in India
and the needed course correction

 To better understand the central and state perspectives in rolling

out Ayushman Bharat which is GOI response to achieving UHC?

 To discuss some of the sticky issues in India’s health system

 To understand the role of private sector in achieving public

health priorities

 To gain national and global perspective on climate resilient

healthcare practices and the role of public and private sector
 To bring out a perspective on how best to incorporate inter-
sectoral response in advancing health agenda

The conference will also address the role being played by the
education sectors in the healthcare (both public and private
players), especially through Research Collaboration/ academic
partnerships and address the need for creating a relevant academic
talent pool to face the 21st century challenges.

Key take aways: to be written

Who to Attend
CEO’s, CIOs & other decision Makers from corporates
Social development organizations
State Health & Family Welfare Departments
State/ Centre National Health Missions
Medical Colleges and Universities
Healthcare IT Solution Providers
Diagnostic Centers & Blood Banks
Healthcare Start-Ups and Venture Capitalists
Medical Equipment Companies
Pharma Companies & many more…