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ie oe NOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME “ from Thoroughly Modern Millie Music by JEANINE TESORI Lyrics by DICK SCANLAN Freely, in 4 ‘MILLIE: "P # I stud-ied all the pic-tures in mag-a-zines and books. —— e memorized the sub-way map, 100, rs a It's one block north to Ma-cy’s and a eel to Broth-ers Brooks. F righ © 01 Tas Ma To My Ear an Thy Modern Mun Ping Co om fermion Copyright Secured Al Rights Reserved 258 Se § cer-tain-ly are diffrent from what they have back home, where nothing's 0 - ver three stor - ies oN ri atl b. bs re Sa Kt 1 would soon be good and T would sing the home - sick blues. 259 al- ways have this tic - ket Slower Wide Swing - Hot Dixieland Bet the store.— Ba - by's com-in’ home no Pia mosso 261 Clap = a-your hands_ just - a be-cause don't you know that Pe f “On the original cast recording there isa cut from here to **. wife mak - in’ ba - dies daugh-ter_ joke!