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While the level of exactness in comes about feasible in the different operations of estimation with

the Planimeter as depicted in the past parts has been given in the talk of the utilization of the Planimeter in
those portrayals, it will be of enthusiasm for determination and give a clearer comprehension of the general
subject of the precision of Planimeter estimation to give the consequences of the investigations which have
been made at different circumstances to decide the relative and real level of exactness which might be
unquestionably expected in the different types of operation.
Not exclusively is an information of the level of precision achievable in these operations of the best
conceivable incentive as outfitted proof of the dependence which might be set in all aftereffects of
estimations along these lines got, yet they fill the additional need of demonstrating the practically boundless
estimation of the guide these instruments are fit for rendering in each type of Engineering work and giving
them the high place in the rundown of the Engineer mechanical aides for which that exactness and
versatility so famously fits them.
In this experiment a planimeter is utilized to quantify the region of a regular shape, it is finished by
simply following the outer line of the area, starting from the center and to an edge which will serve as a
starting point.

The precision of our examinations relies upon two components one is the natural factor
and the other is human error.
Environmental Work
 The working region can influence the precision of the trial esteem. On the off chance that
the surface is not leveled the roller in the planimeter. Additionally if the testing subject is
not in great conditions the outcome will not be right.
Human Error
 A few people get preferred outcomes over others. A decent eye, an enduring hand and
tolerance when following the blueprint are most critical for good outcomes. Great light and
a happy with working position likewise assume a conclusive part.
 To have precise results in conducting the experiment we should consider the environment
and the human error that will occur in the experiment to lessen the discrepancy. Also we
should consider the condition of the test subject to have a proper evaluation in conducting
the experiment.