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Johnson & Johnson


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Company profile

Indian soap market

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One of America's most admired companies, “Johnson & Johnson” (J & J) is one
of the largest healthcare firms in the world and one of the most diversified. Its
operations are organized into three business segments: pharmaceutical, which
generates 39 percent of revenues and 61 percent of operating income;
professional, which accounts for 36 percent of revenues and 27 percent of
operating income; and consumer, which contributes 25 percent of revenues and
12 percent of operating income. J & J's pharmaceutical products--which are sold
under such brands as Janssen Pharmaceutica, Ortho-McNeil
Pharmaceutical, and Centocor--include drugs for family planning, mental
illness, gastroenterology, oncology, pain management, and other areas. The
professional segment includes surgical and patient care equipment and devices,
diagnostic products, joint replacements, and disposable contact lenses. The
company's well-known line of consumer products includes the Johnson's baby
care line, the Neutrogena skin and hair care line, Tylenol and Motrin pain
relievers, o.b. and Stayfree feminine hygiene products, the Reach oral care
line, Band-Aid brand adhesive bandages, Imodium A-D diarrhea treatment,
Mylanta gastrointestinal products, and Pepcid AC acid controller. J & J
generates about half of its revenues outside the United States, through its
network of 190 operating companies in 51 countries and its marketing
organization that sells in more than 175 countries.
Johnson & Johnson was founded more than 120 years ago on a revolutionary
idea: Doctors and nurses should use sterile sutures, dressings and bandages to
treat peoples’ wounds. Since then, the company brought the world new ideas
and products that have transformed human health and well-being. Every
invention, every product, every breakthrough has been powered by generations
of employees who are inspired to make a difference.
Explore the rich history as well as the recent advances from the company:
Since the founding in 1886, the company has grown to meet the health care
needs of people worldwide. Through mergers, acquisitions and the formation of
new companies, they have become the world’s largest and most broadly based
health care company. Here are some highlights of the historical growth 1886 –
1926: Johnson & Johnson Founded With Surgical and Wound Care Products
In 1886, the founders – Robert Wood Johnson, James Wood Johnson and
Edward Mead Johnson – started a small medical products company in New
Brunswick, New Jersey. They made the first-ever commercial sterile surgical
dressings, which helped save the lives of patients.

Johnson & Johnson has historically been located on the Delaware and Raritan
Canal, in New Brunswick. The company considered moving its headquarters
out of New Brunswick in the 1960s, but decided to stay in town after city
officials promised to gentrify downtown New Brunswick by demolishing old
buildings and constructing new ones. While New Brunswick lost at least one
historic edifice (the inn where Rutgers University began) to the redevelopment,
the gentrification did attract people back to New Brunswick. Johnson &
Johnson hired Henry N. Cobb from Pei Cobb Freed & Partners to design an
addition to its headquarters, which took the form of a white tower in a park
across the Northeast Corridor railroad tracks from the older portion of the
headquarters. The stretch of Delaware and Raritan canal by the company's
headquarters was replaced by a stretch of New Jersey Route 18 in the late 1970s
after a lengthy dispute.

Product Background
Every day, millions of people around the world enjoy the benefits of products
from the “Johnson & Johnson” Family of Companies. Very likely, someone in
our family is one of them.
According to company’s saying -“Your family’s health and well-being is our
passion”, that’s why the Johnson & Johnson companies offer the world’s
broadest range of health care products. Whether we have a skin blemish or
sniffles or a serious medical condition, the health professionals we trust can
turn to Johnson & Johnson companies’ products for comfort and care.

In our home, products from Johnson & Johnson consumer health companies
brighten our smile, add luster to our hair and ease that nagging headache.
Consumers can rely on Johnson & Johnson to help keep baby fresh, sooth an
irritating itch, or relieve an aching muscle.

In operating rooms and laboratories, doctors and nurses, too, rely on products
from Johnson & Johnson medical technology companies. They use these
products to perform hip replacements, implant coronary stents, and run tests for
metastatic breast cancer that give people hope for a longer, more active life.
These products help people conquer life-threatening obesity, ward off colon
cancer, and control their diabetes. The list goes on.

These prescription medicines treat a wide array of conditions, ranging from

migraines and rheumatoid arthritis to cancer and serious infections.
Whatever our family’s health care needs, the Johnson & Johnson Family of
Companies is at our side.

It's nearly impossible to get well without Johnson & Johnson (J&J). The
diversified health care giant operates in three segments through more than 250
operating companies located in some 60 countries. Its Pharmaceuticals division
makes drugs for an array of ailments, such as neurological conditions, blood
disorders, autoimmune diseases, and pain. Top sellers are psoriasis drug
Remicade and schizophrenia medication Risperdal. J&J's Medical Devices and
Diagnostics division offers surgical equipment, monitoring devices, orthopedic
products, and contact lenses, among other things. Its Consumer segment makes
over-the-counter drugs and products for baby, skin, and oral care, as well as first
aid and women's health.

Johnson and Johnson is basically a global brand. One of the most important
factors of such growing interest of global Brands in India is despite the global
economic downturn, India remains one of the fastest-growing beauty markets
globally, growing at 13% per annum and valued at $6.3 billion. The market
offers extensive opportunities for domestic and international players. Even with
double-digit growth rates, the market penetration of cosmetics and toiletries
products in India is very low. Current per capita expenditure on cosmetics is
about $1, compared to $36.65 in other Asian countries. This low market
penetration for cosmetics and personal care products in India offers an
opportunity for more significant growth down the road in this country of 1.2
billion people.


 AVEENO (Skin Care Products)

 BAND-AID (Brand Adhesive Bandages)

 CLEAN & CLEAR (Teen Skin Care Products)

 JOHNSON’S BABY (Baby Products)

 NEUTROGENA (Skin and Hair Care Products)

 REMBRANDT (Brand of Oral Care Products)

 SPLENDA (No Calorie Sweetener)

Pharmaceutical segment includes products in the following therapeutic areas:

 Anti-Fungal
 Anti-Infective
 Cardiovascular
 Contraceptive
 Dermatology
 Gastrointestinal and many more.


Johnson & Johnson has interests in a broad spectrum of the health care market,
and takes a decentralized approach to managing its 250 operating companies
and franchises. In the company's continuing effort to diversify its business and
increase profits, Johnson & Johnson is constantly acquiring new companies,
including 8 in the last year alone. In 2009, worldwide sales totalled $61.9
billion, making Johnson & Johnson the second largest manufacturer of health
care products, behind Pfizer.

Johnson & Johnson's 2009 second quarter net income fell by 3.5% to $3.21
billion compared to $3.33 billion a year ago. Quarterly sales fell by 7.4 percent
to $15.24 billion, down from $16.45 billion the year before but above
expectations of $15 billion. The decline is partially attributable to two major
patent expiries (Risperdal and Topamax), as well as a decline 4.5% in consumer
products revenue. [1]

Johnson & Johnson's 2009 struggle continued in Q3, as sales ($15.1 billion)
decreased 5.3% from Q3 2008.[2] J&J's poor domestic performance (8.1% sales
decline) was the reason for the sales decline, as the firm is still trying to handle
"tough economic conditions."[2]. JNJ is optimistic for the rest of it's fiscal year,
however, as it made two acquisitions and had four new drugs
become FDA approved.[2]

In Q4 of 2009, Johnson & Johnson reported total sales of $16.55 billion, a

growth of 9% over the same quarter of 2008. Net earnings, however, only
amounted to $2.2 billion, a decrease of 18.8%. The profits decrease was largely
due to a $850 million restructuring charge that the company took. Earnings
generally beat analyst estimates for the quarter. J&J also announced its 2010
projections, which forecast earnings growth of 7%, a modest projection relative
to analyst estimates.


INDIAN Competitors:
Colgate Palmolive -Colgate
Gillette -Oral B
Ponds-face wash etc.
Dabur- Laal Tail(oil)
J&J India is at the leading edge of global product launches. In some cases J&J
India has launched new products in India even before in the US (for example,
the cipher stent). Indian doctors’ ability to quickly learn and apply new
techniques provides
the Company with quick feedback and faster launches.

 The Indian R&D and testing centres provide services to J&J worldwide.
Jansen Cilag (the pharma division of J&J) has a stability centre in India.
Indian managers are constantly promoted to overseas operations. An
Indian team is also managing the supply chain planning for the Asia-
Pacific region.
 J&J India is manufacturing baby soaps for other countries. Some
speciality soaps for the US too are manufactured in India.

U.S. & International Sales for 10 Years:

The Campaign for Nursing’s
 America’s Nurses :THEY DARE TO CARE
 Nursing profession, facing a severe manpower shortage
 Various associates, National Student Nurses association, National League for
Nursing, American Nurses Association etc.
 To encourage the people to enter into the nursing profession.
Having A Baby Changes
 Reinforces the value that people have come to expect of J&J.
 To enhance the bond between parents and their babies.
 Helps to keep your baby happy and healthy.
 E.g.- J&J No More Tears baby shampoo.


2000: Introduced the first blood screening kit for HCV antigen.
1999: Introduced the first fully automated blood and Plasma screening system .
1997: Introduced the first fully automated blood banking system in Europe.
1996: Introduced the first test kit to screen blood for antigens to HIV-1, the
virus that is responsible for the vast majority of AIDS cases in the U.S.
1989: Introduced the first test kit for the detection of Antibodies to hepatitis

Geographical Distribution:
Geographic Area No. of Facilities (in thousands)
Square Feet
United States 63 7,448
Europe 37 8,667
Western Hemisphere 16 3,026
(Excluding USA)
Africa, Asia and Pacific 32 3,429
Worldwide Total 148


Baby Care Products
Johnson & Johnson Baby: The gentleness found in JOHNSON’ Baby Care
Products come in many forms. Here is the portfolio of the company for baby
product types.
Baby Bath Products:

Watch out, here comes rubber ducky! Bath time offers a wonderful opportunity
for bonding with your baby, and the right baby washes can make baby bathtime
even more special. JOHNSON'S offers mild, gentle baby products containing
‘NO MORE TEARS’ formula just for babies, which are mild to the skin and as
gentle to the eyes as pure water.

1) Gentlest Baby Care Cleansers Are:


An ultra-mild cleanser for baby's entire body and hair. Soap-free, dye-free,
hypoallergenic, pH balanced and dermatologist-tested. The #1 choice of

JOHNSON'S Baby Bubble Bath & Wash

The first and only bubble bath mild enough for baby girls and boys.
Dermatologist and paediatrician-tested ‘NO MORE TEARS’ formula is
gentle enough to use every day.

JOHNSON'S Baby BEDTIME Bubble Bath & Wash

Combines ‘NATURALCALM’ essences with lots of bubbles and our ‘NO
MORE TEARS’ formula, extra gentle baby wash.

JOHNSON'S Vanilla Oatmeal Baby Wash

This gentle cleanser combines oatmeal, an ingredient long known to help

moisturize, with an essence of vanilla for baby soft skin.

JOHNSON'S Cucumber Melon Baby Wash

This creamy formula gently cleanses while helping to nourish, soften and
protect skin from dryness. Enriched with cucumber and melon extracts.


Form-fitting easy-to-grip bar makes it even easier to bathe babies. Cleanses

baby's face and body.

2) To gently moisturize baby's skin while cleansing:

 JOHNSON'S Moisture Care Baby Wash

Everything which is needed to make bath time magical and create memories
that will last forever.

3) To provide soothing comfort when babies catch cold:

 JOHNSON'S Soothing Vapor Baby Bath
A gentle cleanser enriched with rosemary, eucalyptus and menthol, natural
ingredients known for their aromatherapy benefits.

4) To help calm babies before bed:


A nightly 3-step routine, including a warm bath with
JOHNSON'S BEDTIME BATH, is clinically proven to help babies fall
asleep easier and sleep through the night better.
Contains the JOHNSON'S BEDTIME BATH gentle cleaners easy to use
cloth. A nightly 3-step routine, including a warm bath with this disposable
cloth, clinically proven to help babies fall asleep easier and sleep through the
night better. Each disposable cloth has a unique textured pattern for
improved, convenient cleansing.

5) Cleansers for growing toddler:

 JOHNSON'S BUDDIES Easy-grip Sudzing Bar

Makes bath time mess-free and easy. Non-slip bar is designed for little hands
and produces a rich, easy-rinse lather.
 JOHNSON'S BUDDIES Clean-you-can-see Foam Hand Wash
Foams instantly and rubs easily into the hands or onto the face. Rinses away
 JOHNSON'S BUDDIES clean-you-can see BODY WASH
‘NO MORE TEARS’ body wash gently cleans with added skin

 Cotton Products:
Baby soft skin deserves baby soft cotton. JOHNSON'S cotton products are great
for baby care and applying ointments, cleansing around newborn's eyes, keeping
your baby's ears clean, keeping the umbilical cord area clean, and more. They're
also great for grown ups. JOHNSON'S cotton product is also used to apply
makeup, astringents, and lotions, or to remove makeup and nail polish.
JOHNSON'S 100 percent pure, high-quality cotton has just the right
combination of softness and strength.

1) To gently clean your baby's ears:

JOHNSON'S Safety Swabs

Cotton swabs that are uniquely designed with the EAR SAFE BULB. Clinically
proven to be safer for children.

2) To gently clean all those little folds and creases:

JOHNSON'S Cotton Swabs

Great for umbilical cord care or for applying ointments.
3) To apply astringents, cleansers and more:

 JOHNSON'S® Pure Cotton Rounds

Great for applying ointments or cleaning gently around your baby's eyes.
 JOHNSON'S® Pure Cotton Balls
100 percent cotton. Great for applying ointments to your baby, and great for
adults as it can be used to apply make-up and astringents or for removing
make-up and nail polish.

 Diaper Rash Care:

DESITIN diaper rash treatments are the #1 choice of both pediatricians and
moms, offering a range of products to help meet your treatment and protection

 DESITIN Rapid Relief Cream

This hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested cream forms a protective layer on
baby's skin to soothe and relieve diaper rash discomfort, providing relief
from the very first use. Over 88% of moms agree that nothing works faster.
 DESITIN Maximum Strength Original Paste
The only leading brand that contains the maximum level of zinc oxide,
immediately forming a protective barrier to help heal and soothe diaper rash
discomfort. There's no stronger treatment available without a prescription.
 DESITIN Multi-Purpose Ointment
This hypoallergenic ointment forms a protective layer on skin to
immediately soothe and start to relieve minor skin irritations, such as dry,
chapped skin and minor cuts and burns, and rash discomfort.
 Baby Lotions and Creams:

Baby's skin is different from yours-it's thinner, more susceptible to irritants, and
can lose moisture more quickly. JOHNSON'S baby lotions and creams are
specially made for baby's unique skin, providing essential moisture to help keep
skin soft, supple, and healthy.
1) Gentlest moisturizers:

 JOHNSON'S HEAD-TO-TOE® Fragrance Free Baby Lotion

Paraben free, dye free, and fragrance free, this ultra-mild lotion is designed
gentle enough for a newborn's skin.

 JOHNSON'S Baby Lotion
Mild and gentle: the #1 choice of hospitals. Moisturizes to help protect from
dry skin, keeping baby's skin feeling soft and smooth. Plus, it has that
wonderful baby smell.

2) To gently nourish and relieve dry skin:

 JOHNSON'S Shea & Cocoa Butter Baby Lotion

Rich, nourishing shea and cocoa butters, ingredients known to soothe and
relieve dry skin, combine with hydrating emollients to provide gentle
moisture for baby
 JOHNSON'S Vanilla Oatmeal Baby Lotion
Unique lotion combines skin-soothing properties of oatmeal with the
comforting essence of vanilla. Non-greasy and fast absorbing, it moisturizes
for 24 hours.
 JOHNSON'S Cucumber Melon Baby Lotion
Gentle formula is enriched with cool cucumber and melon extracts, long
known to moisturize and freshen the skin. Fast absorbing, gentle and mild.
 JOHNSON'S Baby Lotion with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E
Unique formula is enriched with natural aloe vera, known for its soothing
qualities, and vitamin E, a natural skin conditioner. Keeps skin soft and
 JOHNSON'S Baby Cream
Enriched with a blend of essential emollients to help keep baby’s skin feeling
softer, longer. Provides 24-hour moisturization. Rich and creamy non-greasy

3) To help protect baby's delicate skin from the sun:

 JOHNSON'S Baby Daily Face & Body Lotion SPF 40

With 100% naturally sourced sunscreen ingredients, our broad-spectrum, NO
MORE TEARS® formula sunscreen is fragrance, paraben and salicylate free.

4) To calm and relax before bed:


Helps calm and relax your baby or toddler. A nightly routine that includes
quiet time, is clinically proven to help babies fall asleep easier and sleep
through the night better.

 Baby Oils:
JOHNSON'S baby oils, with their clinically proven mild formulas, help lock in
moisture with the smooth, silky feel that only an oil can provide. Plus, these
easy-to-spread moisturizers provide a unique opportunity for you to bond with
your baby when you use them for infant or baby massage. JOHNSON'S® Baby
Oil is also great for adult skin, locking in up to 10 times more moisture on wet
skin than an ordinary lotion can on dry skin, leaving skin feeling baby soft.

1) To gently nourish and relieve dry skin:

 JOHNSON'S Baby Oil - Baby Skin Care

Locks in up to 10 times more moisture on wet skin than an ordinary lotion
can on dry skin. Ideal for baby massage. Pure mineral oil forms a silky
barrier to help prevent excess moisture loss.
 JOHNSON'S Baby Oil with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E
Unique formula is enriched with natural aloe vera, known for skin soothing
qualities, and vitamin E, a natural skin conditioner. Ideal for infant massage.

2) For lasting protection:

 JOHNSON'S Baby Oil Gel

Provides extra moisturization to help nourish and protect skin from dryness.
Dermatologist and allergy-tested, this formula is clinically proven mild and
 JOHNSON'S Baby Oil Gel with Shea and Cocoa Butter
This concentrated gel contains Cocoa Butter, known for its skin nourishing
properties, as well as Shea, known for its skin conditioning. Using it daily to
help lock in moisture and leave skin feeling soft and smooth.
 JOHNSON'S Baby Oil Gel with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E
With Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, this concentrated gel formula is a long-
lasting way to help nourish and protect skin.

 Baby Powders:

JOHNSON'S baby powders help keep skin feeling soft and comfortable and dry
while helping to eliminate friction which can irritate skin. They have a classic
scent of JOHNSON'S Baby Powder, or the fresh scents of JOHNSON'S Baby
Powder Comforting Vanilla & Jasmine.
1) Classic baby fresh scent:

JOHNSON'S Baby Powder

Keeps skin soft, fresh and comfortable while helping to eliminate friction.
Clinically proven gentle and mild. Allergy and dermatologist-tested.

2) Calming and comforting scent:

JOHNSON'S Baby Powder Calming Lavender & Chamomile

Calms and relaxes the senses while keeping skin dry and baby soft. Clinically
proven gentle and mild. Allergy and dermatologist-tested. Enjoy the fresh scents
of lavender & chamomile.

 Baby Hair Care:

1) Classic shampoo:
 JOHNSON’S Baby Shampoo
NO MORE TEARS formula is as gentle to eyes as pure water.

2) To soothe, calm and relax:

 JOHNSON’S Baby Shampoo

with Natural Lavender
Use in a warm bath to help calm and relax, with lavender and chamomile.
Health Care Products

Johnson & Johnson Health: The gentleness found in JOHNSON’S products

comes in many forms. Here is the portfolio of the company for Health product

 Wound Care:

Johnson last:
JOHNSONPLAST is a non-medicated adhesive tape plaster used to stick
surgical dressings on boils, burns and large wounds that cannot be covered by
medicated dressings such as BAND-AID. It is used in dispensaries, small
hospitals and households.

SAVLON antiseptic helps heal without hurting. It contains a powerful
combination of chlorhexidine gluconate and cetrimide, which together not only
kill germs but also prevent their re-growth.

BAND-AID is the world’s first medicated dressing. It contains Benzakonium
Chloride, which kills prevents re-growth of germs, acts as a cleansing agent and
is gentle on the skin. BAND-AID is the only sterilized medicated dressing in
India and has a delnet to prevent the medicated pad from sticking to the wound.
It is available in regular and wash proof forms.

 Adult Toiletries:


Shower To Shower effectively absorbs sweat, keeping prickly heat at bay. The
powder contains Salicylic Acid and Boric Acid, which act against bacteria that
cause prickly heat. Shower To Shower comes in four fragrances - Cologne Cool,
Morning Fresh, Sandal and Plain.

 Skincare Products:
Clean & Clear:

Clean & Clear includes a range of genuine face-care products that works on the
skin in ways that enhance its natural beauty. As a result, a Clean & Clear face
can always be spotted, fresh and glowing! Clean & Clear Moisturiser and Face
Wash are the two products available.

Johnson & Johnson, a global company, posts that "The fundamental objective
of Johnson & Johnson is to provide scientifically sound, high quality
products and services to help heal, cure disease and improve the quality of

They believe their first responsibility is to the doctors, nurses and patients, to
mothers and fathers and all others who use our products and services. In
meeting their needs everything we do must be of high quality.

Their vision is to deliver solid results, which make the India unit stand out.
Build an outstanding bench strength, which is sought after across the world.
And contribute back to our country. Johnson & Johnson comes into the lives of
many consumers at the most delicate and joyful moments in their lives—when
they give a birth. Unfortunately in India, many of these moments turn into tragic
moments. Our Infant Mortality Rate is one of the highest for the level of
technological and economical development of our country. Swami Raote, MD,
Johnson & Johnson Consumer, India
Says he would like their company to work with medical professionals and
Government infrastructure to upskill the health care workers and reduce infant
mortality. That would be the best way of thanking consumers for placing trust in
the company for over 50 year

Johnson & Johnson is involved with many causes and advertising campaigns
that encourage healthy lifestyles and support those people who care for the
health of others. A key initiative includes:

‘The Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing's Future’

This U.S. initiative has championed the nursing profession and helped recruit
and retain nurses.

‘Strength for Caring’

This is a comprehensive online resource and community developed to help
family caregivers care for their loved ones and themselves.

‘Safe Kids Worldwide

Children die from accidents more than any other cause. They work to put an end
to childhood injury and death.
‘Because We Care, We Act’
This advertising campaign currently running in China celebrates the unsung
heroes who dedicate themselves to caring for others.
‘Having a Baby Changes Everything’

This campaign uses real moms and dads in real situations to celebrate the joys
of parenthood.


Johnson & Johnson is a company of enduring strength. They play a role in

helping millions of people the world over be well and stay well through more
than a century of change. As the science of human health and well-being has
grown, they’ve been able to grow along with it. Even more important, they’ve
helped shape and define what health and well-being means in every day lives.
The company credits their strength and endurance to a consistent approach to
managing business, and to the character of people. The company is guided in
everything they do by “Our Credo”, a management document authored more
than 60 years ago by Robert Wood Johnson, former chairman from 1932 to
1963, and by four strategic principles.

‘Our Credo: Our Guiding Philosophy’

The overarching philosophy that guides the business is “Our Credo”, a deeply
held set of values that have served as the strategic and moral compass for
generations of Johnson & Johnson leaders and employees. Above all, “Our
Credo” challenges to put the needs and well-being of the people they
serve first. It also speaks of the responsibilities they have towards their
employees, to the communities in which they live and work and the world
community, and to the shareholders. They believe “Our Credo” is a blueprint for
long-term growth and sustainability that’s as relevant today as when it was

‘Broadly Based in Human Health’

Being broadly based gives them a number of advantages. More than 250
operating companies have a local window into emerging customer needs,
scientific developments, and technologies throughout the world. They turn those
insights into innovative new products and sometimes whole new businesses. It
allows them to transfer scientific breakthroughs, marketing insights and
manufacturing expertise easily across the full range of their businesses. This
broad base has helped them bring more science to the consumer health products
that people use every day.
‘A Decentralized Management Approach’

Each of their operating companies functions as its own small business. They are
strongly entrepreneurial in character, and they know that their success depends
on anticipating customers’ needs and delivering meaningful, high-quality
solutions. While “J n J’s” people operate in a small-company setting, they also
have access to the know-how and resources of a Fortune 50 company. It’s like
having dozens of strategic partners at their fingertips.


Johnson & Johnson’s aim to make the world a better and healthier place
through everything they do—the products they discover and develop, the
positions they take on public policy issues, the way they run othei business
every day, and the programs and alliances they build and join. Approach to
corporate citizenship defines who they are and how they aspire to act in the
‘The Promise of Health Care’
Their belief in the best health care systems put the needs of people first.

‘Perspectives on Medical Innovation’

Advances in medical progress require an environment that supports research
and development.
‘Access to Medicines’
Hundreds of Johnson & Johnson medicines are available free or at low cost to
patients, helping to improve and save lives.
‘Wellness, Prevention & Health Education’
They carry many programs to help people prevent illness and enhance wellness.
‘Accountable Business Practices’
The values, ethical principles and policies guide them in how they should
conduct business.
‘Transparency in Business Activities’
The company is committed to provide open and accurate information on
business activities.


The values embodied in ‘Our Credo’ guide the actions of the people of the
Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies at all levels and in all parts of the
world. They have done so for more than 60 years. These Credo values extend to
their accounting and financial reporting responsibilities. Management is
responsible for timely, accurate, reliable and objective financial statements and
related information. As such:
1. They maintain a well-designed system of internal
accounting controls.
2. They encourage strong and effective corporate
governance from our Board of Directors.
3. They continuously review our business results and
strategic choices.
4. They focus on financial stewardship.


As a manufacturer of health care

products, as well as a provider of
related services, every division of
J&J works towards making their
positive contribution to the relevant
industries. Recognition and awards have poured in acknowledgement of this
fact, both from within the company, and externally.

J&J India is Best Company to work for in Healthcare sector:

Johnson & Johnson Limited India has been ranked as the Best Company to
Work for amongst Healthcare companies in India and as one of the top 10
MNCs in India. The Company got an overall ranking of 22 in a study by the
Great Places to Work Institute in partnership with The Economic Times, India's
No 1 business daily. This was the biggest study of 2009 and more than 373
companies participated in it. Only 50 made it to the Best Companies to Work
For list, making it one of the toughest contests of this kind globally. This is a
tribute to all J&J India Employees and stands testimony to the strong CREDO
culture and HR programs. Around 360 employees participated in the Survey
conducted by the Great Places to Work Institute.


Johnson & Johnson is one of the Best ISO 14001 Certified Companies
The Brazil Mexico Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Tourism recognized
their commitment to environmental protection and named Johnson & Johnson
as one of the best ISO 14001 certified companies.
They aspire to be the most environmentally responsible company in the world.
ISO’s Healthy Planet 2010 goals serve as a roadmap to help Johnson & Johnson
get there.

Every five years, the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies sets new long-
term goals that help reduce environmental footprint. In 2006, they introduced
their newest goals: Healthy Planet 2010. In developing them, they sought
counsel from many stakeholders, including government officials, environmental
groups, other companies and academic thought leaders. They are confident that
Healthy Planet 2010 goals will help safeguard the health of our planet.


Three New Units to Focus on Convergence and New Opportunities

A new Office of Strategy and Growth will identify opportunities for future
growth that are distinct from those being pursued by the Company's existing
businesses; a Surgical Care Group will focus on advancing technologies,
solutions and services to enhance patient care in the surgical setting; and a
Comprehensive Care Group will create portfolios to address some of the
world’s most chronic and pervasive conditions, such as metabolic disorders,
through the convergence of technologies, products and services.
"These decisions recognize that a new environment is emerging in human health
and well-being," said William C. Weldon, Chairman and Chief Executive
Officer of Johnson & Johnson. "They reflect our assessment of the best way for
us to capture and develop the opportunities associated with those changes and
they capitalize on the unique, broadly-based, decentralized approach of Johnson
& Johnson."
Each of the new organizations and appointments become effective, January 1,
"Much of the change in health care reflects the coming together of parts of the
system that were at one time separate," Mr. Weldon said. "The very solutions
that the health care system most needs – those coming from the convergence of
science, technology and services – are the ones we are most capable of
providing. We have the know-how across our pharmaceutical, biologics,
devices, diagnostics and consumer businesses to bring completely new solutions
to market. And we believe we can accelerate growth through a dedicated focus
on the intersection of our existing capabilities, customer needs and emerging
Johnson & Johnson's Consumer businesses are not directly impacted by today's
announcements. Under the guidance of Colleen Goggins, Worldwide Chairman,
Johnson & Johnson Consumer Group, the integration of the Pfizer Consumer
Healthcare business continues to track ahead of the original acquisition plan.
Johnson & Johnson is the world's most comprehensive and broadly-based
manufacturer of health care products, as well as a provider of related services,
for the consumer, pharmaceutical, and medical devices and diagnostics markets.
The more than 250 Johnson & Johnson operating companies employ
approximately 120,000 men and women in 57 countries and sell products
throughout the world.


Johnson & Johnson is recognized by important organizations and publications

for the many ways they have embraced diversity as a part of the cultures of their
Family of Companies. This recognition includes:
 Johnson & Johnson continues to be a member company of the FTSE4Good
Index, the responsible investment index calculated by global index provider
FTSE Group.
 Johnson & Johnson was ranked #2 by DiversityInc magazine on its
“2010 DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity®” list.
 Working Mother magazine has named Johnson & Johnson one of the “Top 100
Companies for Working Mothers” every year since the list was initiated 24
years ago.
 Barron’s magazine, in 2010, ranked Johnson & Johnson #2 in the World's
Most Respected Companies list, a survey of top investors to rank the world's
largest companies on strength of management, business strategy, ethical
business practices, competitive edge, shareholder orientation, and consistent
revenue/profit growth and “One of the Best Places to Work” by the Human
Rights Campaign.
Leaders throughout the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies have also
been recognized through the years for their contributions and initiative in the
area of diversity and inclusion.


 Baby Allergies
 Baby Acne
 Baby Bronchitis
 Burns
 Baby Colic
 Cradle Cap
 Diaper Rash
 Infant Sleep - Difficulty Sleeping (Newborns)
 Difficulty Sleeping (Older Infants)
 Dry Skin
 Baby Eczema
 Irritation from Drooling
 Newborn Jaundice
 Poison Ingestion / Overdose
 Baby Sickness
 Stomach-aches
 Baby Hair Care - Tangled Hair
 Baby Teething Pain and Discomfort
 Thrush


Any brand is a set of perceptions and images that represent a company, product
or service. While many people refer to a brand as a logo, tag line or audio jingle,
a brand is actually much larger. A brand is the essence or promise of what will
be delivered or experienced.
Importantly, brands enable a buyer to easily identify the offerings of a particular
company. Brands are generally developed over time through:
 Advertisements containing consistent messaging
 Recommendations from friends, family members or colleagues
 Interactions with a company and its representatives
 Real-life experiences using a product or service (generally considered the
most important element of establishing a brand)

Once developed, brands provide an umbrella under which many different

products can be offered--providing a company tremendous economic leverage
and strategic advantage in generating awareness of their offerings in the
Johnson & Johnson Brand is the world's most comprehensive and broadly-
based manufacturer of health care products as well as a provider of related
services for the consumer. Thousands of products across a wide range of
categories are constantly innovated, manufactured and marketed to help families
all over the world lead healthy, happy lives.


 Earthquake in Pakistan
 Hurricane ‘Katrina’
 International Disaster Relief
 Organization Mumbai Floods


Public relations (PR):

A communication function used to promote mutual understanding between an

organization and its various stakeholder groups.

Johnson and Johnson main goal of a public relations department is to enhance a

company’s reputation. Staff that work in public relations, or as it is commonly
known, PR, are skilled publicists. They are able to present a company or
individual to the world in the best light. The role of
a public relations department can be seen as a reputation protector.

The business world of today is extremely competitive. Companies need to have

an edge that makes them stand out from the crowd, something that makes them
more appealing and interesting to both the public and the media. The public are
the buyers of the product and the media are responsible for selling it.

Public relations provide a service for the company by helping to give

the public and the media a better understanding of how the company works.
Within a company, public relations can also come under the title of
public information or customer relations. These departments assist customers if
they have any problems with the company. They are usually the most helpful
departments, as they exist to show the company at their best.

PR also helps the company to achieve its full potential. They provide feedback
to the company from the public. This usually takes the form of research
regarding what areas the public is most happy and unhappy with.

People often have the perception of public relations as a group of people who
spin everything. Spin can mean to turn around a bad situation to the company’s
advantage. It is true that part of the purpose of public relations is to show the
company in a positive light no matter what. There are certain PR experts that a
company can turn to for this particular skill.

The public often think of PR as a glamorous job. Public relations people seem
to have been tarred with the image of constant partying and networking to find
new contacts. The reality is usually long hours and hard work for anyone
involved in public relations.

Brand publicity:

Publicity is the attempt to manage the public's perception . The subjects of

publicity include people (for example, politicians and performing
artists), goods and services, organizations of all kinds, and works of art or

From a marketing perspective, publicity is one component of promotion which

is one component of marketing. The other elements of the promotional
mix are advertising, sales promotion, and personal selling. Promotion But the
publicist cannot wait around for the news to present opportunities. Johnson and
Johnson must also try to create their own news. Examples of this include:

 Art exhibitions
 Event sponsorship
 Arrange a speech or talk
 Make an analysis or prediction
 Conduct a poll or survey
 Dasavataram
 Robot
 Anniyan
 Announce an appointment
 Invent then present an award
 Stage a debate
 Organize a tour of your business or projects
 Issue a commendation

The advantages of publicity are low cost, and credibility (particularly if the
publicity is aired in between news stories like on evening TV news casts). New
technologies such as weblogs, web cameras, web affiliates, and convergence
(phone-camera posting of pictures and videos to websites) are changing the
cost-structure. The disadvantages are lack of control over how your releases will
be used, and frustration over the low percentage of releases that are taken up by
the media. Publicity draws on several key themes including birth, love, and
death. These are of particular interest because they are themes in human lives
which feature heavily throughout life. In television serials several couples have
emerged during crucial ratings and important publicity times, as a way to make
constant headlines. Also known as a publicity stunt, the pairings may or may not
be according to the fact.

This project aims at highlighting the details of “Johnson & Johnson

India” as a company as a brand and the history related to it.

Comparison of “ Johnson & Johnson” with its competitors is also a basic objective of the

The detailed study of its Baby Care Products and Health Care Products is also done.

SWOT analysis is also given in order to find out the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats.

Company Structure, Management Approach, Approach towards Consumers is also highlighted.


Classification of Marketing Research

(Based on subject of research)

The various marketing research problems can be classified based on subject

matter of research as shown below:

 Research on products

 Research on market

 Research on consumer

 Research on advertising and promotion

 Research on distribution

 Research on price

 Research on competition

 Research on sales

This project has followed all the above criteria’s and following things are taken

into consideration for the preparation report :

Research Design

A research design is purely and simply the focus of the study in on studying the

banner advertising is conclusive in nature that guides to the collection and

analysis of data. The descriptive research design has been used in this project,

because consumer’s feedback was necessary for obtaining the data.

Data sources

Primary data was collected by the questionnaire based marked survey.

Secondary data was obtained from journals, magazines newspapers, books and

the internet.

Research Instrument

For doing the survey research, structured questionnaire with both open ended

and close ended questions were used.

Mode of Survey

The mode of survey was personal interview with the respondents during the

filling up of the questionnaire.


The sampling used for this study was probability sampling. Since the study is

only meant for certain specific categories within the total population, a stratified
random sample was used. Three groups of categories have been taken into

account viz. students professionals and general public.

Sample Size

A sample size of 150 respondents is used for the study.

Sample Unit

This study was basically an opinion survey of the male of female in category of

students, professionals and section A, B, & C people.

Place of study

The study and survey is done in national capital region only.


A tool that identifies the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of

an organization. Specifically, SWOT is a basic, straightforward model that
assesses what an organization can and cannot do as well as its potential
opportunities and threats. The method of SWOT analysis is to take the
information from an environmental analysis and separate it into internal
(strengths and weaknesses) and external issues (opportunities and threats). Once
this is completed, SWOT analysis determines what may assist the firm in
accomplishing its objectives, and what obstacles must be overcome or
minimized to achieve desired results.

SWOT Analysis: Johnson And Johnson India


 Sales in India have grown by 14% indicating a strong position for the global

 The business model adapted by Johnson and Johnson fundamentally uses the
adaptation of entrepreneurial values in order to retain an edge within the
market place.

 Working with intensive scientific notions Johnson and Johnson utilise a

varied expanse of problem solving techniques in order to challenge the
standard practice and capitalise on growth through emerging markets which
enables associated growth.

 The use of independent offices working as standalone units provides the

opportunity to develop concepts with cultural considerations which can
prove important when taking a product to global markets.

 There is increasing pressure within pharmaceutical markets to reduce prices

in line with medical budgets and maintain patent expirations to ensure
generic programmes are updated within critical path movements.

 Challenges have been faced within Johnson and Johnson where a reduction
in the market demand for key products has been identified; some of these
products were branded and have been replaced by generic programmes at the
end of patent time lines.

 Internal weakness across the industry and not isolated to Johnson and
Johnson would be the level of theft and counterfeiting of drugs managed
through internal personnel.


 Whilst the recent acquisition of Pfizer Consumer Healthcare will act as an

opportunity in its own right to promote growth for the organisation through
alternative routes there is the added value capitalised through the return on
investment which will be realised 12 months before plan releasing funds
back into the bottom line.
 Johnson and Johnson have highlighted new developments in pharma
products with five undergoing regulatory review which provides the
opportunity to grow the existing product portfolio.
 Development into new functions of medical devices and diagnostics will
provide new markets to entry which will result in business growth.
 With the development of WTO rules to prevent the availability of cheap
generic drugs there is the opportunity to reduce the level of lost profit due to
generic introduction as patents run out. Whilst this will aid Johnson and
Johnson where they own the brand where they are looking to capitalise on
introducing generic drugs to market this ruling will become a hindrance.

 Generally within the main pharmaceutical companies there is a high level of

competition for the generics markets where patents finish and it is the first to
entry where success will generally be determined.

 Technological developments with bio-tech concepts will potentially move the

traditional pharmaceutical methods out of the market place in the long term
although there is an economical argument that this form of development can
be segregated to run alongside traditional methods and complement as
opposed to replace.


 STARS: Baby soap, Baby hair oil, Baby oil, Baby shampoo

 Cash cows: Baby body wash, Baby toothbrush, band-aid, savlon

 Question marks: clean and clear

 Dogs: shower to shower


1. After the survey (150 samples) the population understands the soap by

its brands regarded with quality. The results are:

I 30% known by the company name.

II 45% known by the quality of the soap.

III 10% known by the identifying the name.

IV 15% known by the types of the soaps.

2. Mostly consumer uses.










3. The individual rates their present soap by the following qualities-

I Packaging of soap 15%

II Company name 20%

III Price of the soap 30%

IV All of the above 35%

4. All the individuals preferred to change new brand of the soap.

I Frequently changes the brands 10%

II Rarely changes the brands 40%

I Punctual on one brand 45%

II Changes according to the climatic situation 5%

5. The factors which make the consumer to purchase the soap as rated.

I. Parent suggestion 35%

II. Friends suggestion 15%

III T.V. advertisement 25%

IV Owned suggestion 25%

6. After the survey of 50 samples I analyse that large family uses-.

I. HUL 45%

II. P&G 15%



7. After the survey of 50 samples I analyse that small family uses-.


II. P&G 15%



8. In the premium segmentation of the soap the rich people uses-

I. Pears 30%

II. Dove 55%

III Camey 10%

IV Doy 5%

J&J Corporation has a very good perception of India. This has been supported
by good results in the country. The outlook is bullish, and is supported by a high
level of confidence in the Indian management team and more investments likely
in the coming years. Double-digit growth is forecast for the India operations.
India would be a key growth driver for J&J worldwide. J&J is also exploring
the opportunities for setting up BPO operations in the country.

J&J Corporation has a very good perception of India. This has been supported
by good results in the country. The outlook is bullish, and is supported by a high
level of confidence in the Indian management team and more investments likely
in the coming years. Double-digit growth is forecast for the India operations.
India would be a key growth driver for J&J worldwide. J&J is also exploring
the opportunities for setting up BPO operations in the country.

Johnson & Johnson is a highly diversified company with at least 230

subsidiaries, which it refers
to as the "Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies". Some of these
subsidiaries include:
· ALZA Corporation
· Baby Centre, L.L.C.
· Johnson & Johnson, Group of Consumer Companies, Inc.
· Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Inc.
· Johnson & Johnson - Merck Consumer Pharmaceuticals Co.
· Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development, L.L.C.
· Pfizer Consumer

After the research of my study I found that

 Lower class people use Nirma & Lifebuoy because it cost price is very

less and they can afford to buy it.

 Middle class people uses Lux, Cinthol & Liril because these are

economical soaps.

 Upper class people use Camay, Pears & Dove these soaps tell of high


 Most people like HUL products because it has got varieties of products.

 Lux & Breeze are favorites of women.

 Johnson & Johnson have targeted the children and they have achieved it.

 People say that price of Dove & Pears should be economical to all


 People demands for Nirma soaps mostly because it is economical.


On the basis of my studies I want to suggest that P&G has to make out the more

products varieties according with different product segmentations same as the

HUL did to grasp the market shares.

Because any company stands in the competitive market should have lot of

varieties of products to overtake the entire market. The P&G has to check out

there pricing strategy because the price of the HUL is much lesser than P&G

and other companies.

The sales and promotional activities of HUL is very effective than other

competitive companies. The HUL invest more money on advertisement and it

also emphasize on the dealer network distribution with the help of there talented

marketing executives.

Therefore, I suggest to other related companies that they should emphasis on

there sales and promotional activities and should make there proper marketing


Last but not least the channel of distribution, packaging, segmentation and

moreover only after the proper marketing research they should launch their new

products in the market to grasp the entire market and increase their market


The “Johnson & Johnson” company is so omnipresent in the market that

without it even the world of the baby products and health care product sounds
incomplete. They believe their first responsibility is to the doctors, nurses and
patients, to mothers and fathers and all others who use Johnson and Johnson
products and services. In meeting their needs everything they do are in high
quality. In India when we talk about baby products Johnson and Johnson
products is what comes first in our mind. Everything related to the brand, be its
advertisements, products, after sale services are all example of perfect
excellence. The company has rooted itself in India much stronger than it did
when it first entered the Indian Market. Every time they make an advertisement
they make it sure that it leaves a long lasting impact on the users, and the
company is always successful in doing so. The taglines of the company always
leave a lasting impression on the viewers. The sequences they show are so
similar to our daily lives that people can easily connect to it. The catchy slogans
have always helped the company to enhance it brand quality and brand loyalty.
Johnson and Johnson deal with all kind of baby care products, cosmetic
products etc. The marketing strategy of such a global company is real vast and
global in nature. The company very well knows that different countries have
different people who again have different set of minds, so they built marketing
strategies based on the people they deal with. The company for several years
has been the favourite amongst nursing mothers and now is continuing its
position amongst the mothers. The main area of concern is cosmetic products,
health care products and oral care products though the company is ace in
manufacturing and trading its products, cosmetics, oral and health care products
have constantly failed to find consumers in India.
The company has been taking several steps to enhance its sales of cosmetics and
health care products. The sales report of the company has shown increase in the
sales of such products though not in vast quantity. The company still is
struggling to set its base in India for its health care, oral and cosmetic products.
Johnson and Johnson has successfully transformed its brand image globally
amongst different types of people by convincing people that the service they
provide is best and superior than any of their present competitors. This has led
to a major thrust in increasing the number of distributors and retailers across the
country with the result that Johnson and Johnson products are available in every
medicine, cosmetics and grocery shops of India.


1. www.HUL.com
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Print 2004, second edition


Information Requirement
I. Consumer perception of brands and the important they attach the

brand name.

II. The extent to which the consumer think the following attributes

company name, shape, skincare.

III. The buying process involved in the selection of soap.

IV. Consumer attitude towards retreating.


1) which company’s soap do you use regularly?

HUL P&G Godrej Nirma J&J

2) What do you understand by the term “brand” of soap?

i) Company Name

ii) Quality of the soap

iii) Identifying name

iv) Type of the soap

3) Please name some soap companies that you have heard of.

4) How important us the brand name of a soap?

i) Not important
ii) Important

iii) Very important

5) How do you rate your present soap the following qualities-

i) Packaging of soap

ii) Company name

iii) Price of the soap

6) Are you satisfied with the overall performance of your present soap?

i) Satisfied ii) dissatisfied

7) Have you ever change new brand of soap.

i) Yes ii) No

8) Did you change both the soap at the same time and one time?

9) What do you want change over to the present soap?

10) How did you decided that your replacement?

i) Your friend ii) your own

11) What are the factors that you considered when you purchase the soap?

i) Parents suggestion

ii) Friend suggestion

iii) T.V. Ads

12) In the premium segment which soap do you use?

(i) Pears (ii) Dove

(iii) Fiama di wills (iv) Doy

13) What are the factors that you considered when you purchase the soap?

i) Company name

ii) Price of soap

iii) Past experience

iv) Advertising

14) KINDLY TICK the once you have heard of company

i) Lux ii) Doy iii) Dove iv) Cinthol v) Dettol

vi) Hamam vii) Liril viii) Breeze ix) Nivia

15) Which company’s advertisement do you prefer more?

i) HUL ii) P&G iii) Nirma iv) Godrej v) J&J


16) Your age group

i) 18 – 25 ii) 25 – 35

iii) 35 – 50 iv) 50 - above

17) Your family income

i) 4000 – 6000 ii) 6000 – 8000

iii) 8000 – 12000 iv) 12000 - above

18) Your educational qualification

i) High school ii) Intermediate

iii) Graduation iv) Above

18) What is your occupation status?

i) Own business ii) Service

iii) Students iv) Unemployed