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SNAP 2019

(Section: General English-Reading Comprehension,

Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Ability)

Want to
the section
on General

Let’s get started!

This is a high scoring section wherein the answers to data based questions seldom go wrong.
Also, the options given for the “tone of the passage” questions are so different from each
other that it is usually easy to arrive at the final correct answer. Following is the breakdown of
questions and marks:

1. No. of Normal Questions 34

2. No. of Special Questions 0

3. Total Marks 51

4. Marking Scheme 1.5 Mark (Normal); 0 Marks (Special)

5. Negative Marking 25% negative for normal question


Idioms and Parts of Sentence
Phrases Speech Correction

Para-Jumbles Punctuation

Fill in the blanks

Critical Sentence Reading
- Grammar and
Reasoning Completion Comprehension

Error Odd Word Spelling based

Spotting Out Questions
Here’s what you need to know about these topics, based on some of the question papers
from the previous years -
• Your knowledge of basic fundamentals and concepts of English Grammar is checked in error
correction section. This involves questions on parts of speech, usage of tenses, phrasal verbs,
syntax, clauses, reported speech, conditional sentences, and punctuation.
• The number of such questions can range from 6-8 and the topics vary from finding the
incorrect part of a sentence, identifying the parts of speech, to filling in the blanks with the
correct forms of verbs and tenses.
• Vocabulary is an indispensable aspect of the English section in SNAP. There are 6-7 direct
questions asking the meaning/synonym/antonym of a word or a phrasal verb.
• Meanings of common idioms and phrases are also very often asked and you have an edge
over others if you’re well versed with them.
• Ability to solve questions on Analogy is directly proportional to one’s acquaintance with
words. The more you expand your word-pool, the higher are your chances of solving such
• There are usually 3-4 questions wherein you’re asked to identify similarity/dissimilarity of words,
a relationship between words/sentences and also homophones.


Grammar is the plinth and the foundation

of a language. If grammar is your forte,
other parts of the Verbal Ability section Reading and referring to a good grammar
like the Reading comprehension pose book really helps
absolutely no threat to you as you can
skim and scan through the passages

Questions related to tenses and

reported speech are asked very often Learn at least 20 words daily along with
and practising exercises specific to their usage and synonyms.
these topics can increase your score
by at least 3 marks.

Questions on analogy can be cracked

by checking the pattern and forming
Keep two dictionaries downloaded on small sentences to identify and verify the
your phone. relationship between words. You may come
across some words which are alien to you; try
to break them and identify the root words.

Solving previous years’ papers gives

a fair idea of the difficulty level of the
Reading and practising is the key to
paper and also helps you figure your
acing the Verbal Ability section.
areas of strengths and the areas you lag
in to define your scope of improvement.

Target SNAP (English) Word Power Made Barron’s Pocket

by Disha Publications Easy by Norman Lewis Guide to Vocabulary

Verbal Ability & Reading Objective General Grammar Error

Comprehension – Arihant English – S. P. Bakshi Spot – A. Upadhyaya

A Mirror Of Common Errors Proficiency in Reading Comprehension

– Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh simplifying the “Passage” for you – Ajay Singh

Some of the online website or apps that you can refer to for SNAP preparation include

thesaurus (www.thesaurus.com) & (App) Mahendra Guru (youtube)

Testbook English Quiz (www.testbook.com) & (App) Learn4Exam (youtube)
English Stack Exchange StudyBUZZ (youtube)
Competitive English (youtube)

These are some of the materials that will help you prepare well for the General English
Section. In addition, you can look out for the Crack it With SIIB Mock Test (Sectionals)
which will help you practice, improve and strategise.

Crack it With SIIB, organised by Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB), aims
to give candidates a helping hand in their preparation for SNAP Test by giving them an
edge over their peers through a series of Test-prep initiatives. In addition to the online
test-series and practice material, sessions are conducted pan India where MBA aspirants
connect with SIIB students pursuing their MBA and clarify all their doubts regarding
MBA, the SNAP Test and life at Symbiosis Institute of International Business. Tips and
tricks to ace SNAP and the GDPI-WAT process, life at a B-school and more are shared
with the aspirants.

About SIIB

Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB), established in 1992, is a constituent of

Symbiosis International (Deemed University). It offers 3 MBA Programmes:
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