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VNE is supplier of:

Ship Equipment
Yard Equipment
Special Engineering
Consultans services


VNE is supplier of firefighting simulators for training airport personnel in
handling fire emergency at airports.

The simulators are delivered with various training possibilities, various range
of aircraft/categories and in accordance with all classification rules.

VNE has delivered 10 simulators to Avinor in Norway. This simulator represents

a category 6/7

Vestnorsk Engineering AS
P.O.box 349, 5203 Os
+47 56 30 32 80
+47 56 30 32 81

E-mail: office@vne.no

The design of the simulator represents the configuration of a Boeing 737

and Fokker 50/Dash 8.

The steel structure consists of a 15m long and 2,9m. diameter fuselage,
with three legs; Two wing sections (one outfitted with a jet engine and
one with a propeller engine) and one separate service staircase in the rear
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Other included elements

Cockpit with two seats
Forward passenger area with four rows of
Overhead luggage compartments.
Movable wood furnace.
Separate room for smoke generator,
with; Power supply , External access and
smoke distribution to cockpit and cabin

Control unit
The control unit is a one man operated, directly
controlled unit, placed in front of the simulator.
The operator can select/combine different training
scenarios and intensities by.

The simulator uses Jet A1/ kerosene as fuel and
is designed to function safely 24 hours a day at
temperatures between - 20 ºC and 40 ºC. VNE
have managed to reduce the pollution by 90%
compared to former solutions.
Fire training scenarios
There are eight separate fire training scenarios Scope of supply
which separately can be ignited by remote controlled Simulator, control unit, fuel tank and feed system
propane pilot burners: is delivered complete, including all necessary
Wheel fire turboprop side electrical installations between the control room
and the simulator.
Turboprop engine fire (external, both sides)
Fuselage fire VNE also provide training of operators.

Wheel fire jet side

Under wing fire jet side (running fuel)
Jet engine fire (external, both sides)
Jet engine internal, rotor
Jet engine mantle

Technical DATA
Length 15 m
Diameter 2,9 m
Plate thickness (shell plates) 6 mm The Aircraft Fire Training Simulator is a brilliant
Door size ca. 1,8 x 0,8 m way to improve airport security with a design
Emergency door size ca. 1 x 0,5 m that makes the training as realistic as possible.

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