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Minutes of Meeting held between Mr. Iype George. Delhi MSW solutions limited (DMSWSL), M/s. Jiangxi
Jianglian International Engineering Co. Limited (JJIEC), Nanchang China, from 13/01/14 and 14/01/14 on
pending Delhi MSW project erection progress & Personnel depute issue.
Mr. Iype George Ms. Stacy Yang
Mr. Fu Tianjin

Sl No. Description Responsibility Remarks from JJIEC Reply

1. Civil work has been stopped for DMSWSL The grab crane has been at It will be start in Feb.2014.
several months, already influenced site out door (the Ramky has its own civil work team.
some erection works concerned with structure, the equipment, The material will be reached the site at
JJIEC supply scope the PLC system, the the first week of Feb.
electrical & instrument The civil engineer at site should finish
material, lubrication etc.) the preparation before that.
for more than a year.
It is very hard to guarantee
the quality.
And its erection work is
subject to the process of
civil work.
2. Foundation for PA Fans,SA Fans and DMSWSL Pls be noted the All the work will be taken care by the
2# ID Fans not casted yet. foundation bolts should be DMSWSL and finished as soon as
3 1# ID Fan foundation finished casting, DMSWSL installed properly. possible.
Fan fixed in place ,but foundation
bolts not groated second time
4 3 sets boiler water feed pumps (2 DMSWSL
sets in use,1 set stand by)
foundation finished casting,
foundation bolts not fixed
5 Due to the civil works, erection of DMSWSL Noted. It will be arranged as soon as
feed hoppers for Grate have been possible.
6 Steel structures for Grab Crane with DMSWSL Ditto item 1
no any progress

7 Foundations for lime slurry storage DMSWSL It will be finished by Feb.2014.

tank, lime prepare tank,activate
carbon tank etc.not started
8 Boiler area Erection team is on DMSWSL Right now, only a team of It is not a strike. The problem has been
strike,total erection work concerned boiler erection at site. The solved.
with JJIEC supply scope stopped project has lasted for more The information has been noted. The
than a year. There is still a progress will be expedited.
lot of work to do esp. for The updated erection schedule will be
other equipments and the sent to JJIEC for reference by 31-Jan.-
MSW pit. The erection has 2014.
not been finished. The
commissioning shall take a
period time, too. We
cannot get support for a so
long time from our
9 Many uninstalled equipments outside DMSWSL The control panels for Some panels have been moved indoors
package are broken, Grab Crane burner system, the control under the boiler structure.
equipments store in open area more panel for boiler proper The refractory material will be covered.
than one year. instrument, the control The application of refractory shall be
panel for FGD system etc. started after the hydraulic test and
the refractory (esp. lot 6) finished before the coming rain season.
are still in outdoor.
10 Grate and FGD system erection very DMSWSL Ramky will speed it up. The specific
slow, erection work last for more than erection plan will be sent to JJIEC by Jan-
8 months and not finished yet. 2014.
11 Since site work is interrupted, JJIEC JJIEC Confirmed.
site team shall leave for China to
spend Chinese Spring Festival.

12 After Chinese Spring Festival JJIEC site JJIEC/DMSWSL Noted. You will inform us in advance
team shall come to Delhi Project Site with a schedule to let JJIEC be well
according to project true situation, prepared.
DMSWSL inform in advance what
kind work could be started, for the
purpose JJIEC could dispatch site
service engineers real needed by
13 The personnel depute is far beyond DMSWSL Pls refer to the doc. This will be taken up at Hyderabad
the scheduled time----the free service office.
Pls check the attachment : Delhi
MSW-JJIEC PR depute-0.
It is very hard to get free service for
this project any more.


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