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Understanding Expressing Opinion

Understanding Opinion (opinion) According to Wikipedia is an opinion, ideas or thoughts
to explain the trends or specific preferences to the perspective and ideology but are not
objective because it has not received assurance or testing. Although it is not a fact but an
opinion if one day it can be proven that the opinion would turn into a fact.

Opinion point is the opinion words and arguments. Opinion is the opinion while the
argument is the reason. Dialogue is the opinion that mutual dialogue to opine on one thing. so
each has its own opni. Usually use the word in my opinion, in my view, I thnk and so forth.
while the dialogue is a dialogue of mutual argument stating the arguments or reasons reasons.
usually use the word kta first, second, and so on for mngurutkan argumenya.

Thoughts is an inactive word and can be said to be conditioning. There are two stages
that occur in the process. The first stage is reflex, which is something that has indeed been
awakened within oneself or a natural characteristic of humans as animals. The second stage is
conditioning, which is something that may be awakened within oneself during the
development process due to learning. I say that when X happens, I need to do Y. But
sometimes we don't need to think long when X happens and suddenly we have done Y. This
is our reflex. Sometimes we reflexively associate X with Y and draw a conclusion without
lengthy consideration. Sometimes also the reasoning conclusion is correct. But it is not in
accordance with our beliefs in general or events that actually occu

Differences In Opinion And Thoughts

A thought is static, while an opinion is active. The mind is an idea or set of ideas
about a particular subject. That is in the mind. An opinion expresses a belief about something
that is held with confidence in the mind but is not proven by positive knowledge or evidence.
It tends to be directed towards the planned end in the mind.

Sample Expressing Opinion

Asking & Giving Opinion

 • Opinion include words containing an opinion, argument and reason.

 • Opinion dialogue is a dialogue or a conversation conducted by two people or more
that contains expressions of opinion or arguments are owned by their msing each. and
usually in the form of expression of opinions or arguments using the following words:
"in my opinion, in my view, I think etc."
 • Argument dialogue is a dialogue or conversation between two people or more in
which there are expressions of an argument or reason. in this conversation usually use
the expression the following expression: "as first, second etc for arranging the
With a partner, read the conversation text given.
Junerly : Why are you looking so sad?
Devin : I was reading an opinion article on bullying. It made me extremely sad.
Junerly : Ah! People like to exaggerate things, bullying as such is no big deal.
Devin : No, I don’t think so.bullying is prevalent in our society. It is important that evryone
should be made aware of this evil.
Junerly : I don’t agree with you. Little bit teasing here and there is acceptable.
Devin : I am of the opinion that no one has any right to harass or make people feel inferior. No
one should have that kind of power.
Junerly : Hey! Stop youa getting too serious!
Devin : Yes! You should be serious about it as well. I would like to point out that bullying is
everyone’s problem and responsibility. If you condone bullying in any way, shape or
form. It means you are taking part in it whether it is directly or inderectly by being silent

Discuss these questions with your partner.

1. What is happening between Junerly and Devin.
2. What kind of conversation sre they having?
3. Whom do you agree,Junerly or Devin? Why?
4. Have you witnessed bullying? Describe how you felt.

Is the way you feel or think about something.

Some Opinions:
Mecy : I like Harry Porter movies because the magic seems so real.
Rafly : I don’t agree with you. Harry Porter movies are just overrated.
Narti : I like playing tag because it is so much fun.
Rico : I don’t like playing tag because people end up fighting.
Renda : In my opinion, the government should provide means of sustenance for under privileged
people instead of building tall towers.
Rido : I agree with what you are saying but have you ever thought that building tall tower
provides work forunemployed people?

Let’s look at the sentence structure to express opinions.

Subject Verb Object
I Agree With what you are saying
I Don’t agree With you
We Believe This is not the right way to handle things
I Reckon This could be right considering the reasons you have provided
I Doubt That this is possible
We Assume You are blased this issue
I Think You are mistaken
I Don’t think so
Opinions can be expressed in the ways given below:
Personal point of view General point of view
I think ... Most people do not agree ...
Personally, I think ... Almost everyone ...
In my experience ... Some people say that ...
I strongly believe that ... Some people believe ...
As far as I am concerned ... Of course, many argue ...
From my point of view ... While some peple believe ...
As I understand Generally it is accepted ...
In my opinion ... The majority agree with ...
What I mean is ... The majority disagree with ...
In my humble opinion ... It is sometimes argued ...
I would like to point out that ... While some people believe ...
To my mind ...
By this mean ...
I am compelled to say ...
I reckon ...
As I see it ...

Agreeing or disagreeing with an opinion

Agreeing Disagreeing
Of course I am sorry, I don’t agree with you
This is absolutely right I am not sure I agree with you
I agree with this opinion I don’t agree with you
I couldn’t agree more I am afraid I have to disagree with you
I agree, I never thought of that I do not believe that
Neither do I By this mean
That’s a good point I disagree with you
I think so too I think you are wrong
I agree with what you’re saying but have you ever.. That’s not the same thing at all
It is not justified to say so
I am not convinced that ...
I can’t say I agree with this, and here’s why

Statement/Opinion Agree Disagree
Smoking should be bannned in I totally agree that smoking I am sorry but I tend to
public places should be banned in public disagree with you on this
Bullying is so prevalent in most I couldn’t agree more with you I think it would be wrong to
schools generalize
Women should not work I think so too. Women should I am afraid I have todissagree
stay at home and take care of with you on this
their children
Harry Porter series is much Yes. I agree. Harry Porter series It’s not justified to say
better than Twilight series has much better and well- because both have different
developed story line plots
Online gaming should be Absolutely right. It should be as I don’t agree with you. T is a
banned it distracts students from venue for students to develop
studying. their skills

Complete the following transactional conversation. using the role-play approach, then
act the conversation with your classmates.

Choose one of the topic given below. create a dialogue of your opinion about your
choosen topic. follow the opinion giving technique you have learnt before.
Project Formative assessment

Conversationopinion And Thought

Sharing and stating opinion is considered as an important English communication
skill. Often in conversations with others, they ask our opinion on something. If we can't share
opinion then the conversation can't continue smoothly. I'll show you some different useful
expression for sharing opinion.

There are three parts of sharing opinion: asking, expressing, and responding (agree or

Asking opinion
- What do you think of ...?
- How do you feel about ...?
- What's your opinion on ...?

Expressing opinion
- I think ...
- I believe that ...
- In my opinion ...
- I feel that ...
- It seems to me that ...

Responding (agree or disagree)

- I agree.
- I think so too.
- I couldn't agree more.

- I disagree.
- I don't think so.
- I'm not sure about that.
- I doubt that.

Those are some useful you can use to share your opinion with others. Now let's move on the
sample dialogue in the answers section.

Mira and Adi are talking about bullying. Both of them agree that bullying should be stopped
no matter how small it is.

Mira: Have you seen the news about the girl who got bullied and committed suicide because
of it?

Adi: Yeah... I've seen that news on TV. I feel very sad for her.

Mira: Me too. I think it shouldn't have happened in the first place. I heard it's because she was
often teased by her classmates about her weight and appearance.

Adi: I think people should be careful with their words. We might think that it's only a small
teasing. But we don't really understand the impact of our words for other people.

Mira: I agree. I feel that we shouldn't tease others even if it's small, it's considered as bullying
too. Don't you think so?

Adi: I think so too. In my opinion, we should start telling good things to other people instead
of teasing them. If we see someone gets bullied, we have to help them. Some people ended up
joining the bully when they should've helped the victim.

Mira: I totally agree. I really think we should stand up for the person who gets bullied and
don't turn our back on them.

Adi: Have you ever seen someone got bullied?

Mira: I haven't. Have you?

Adi: Me neither. I just hope no one gets bullied in our school.

Mira: Yeah, you're right. I hope so too.

Adi: From now on, if we see someone gets bullied, we should help them.

Mira: I couldn't agree more.