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(Venue: Jogja National Museum (JNM) Jl. Prof. Ki Amri Yahya no.1, Gampingan, Pakuncen,
Wirobrajan, Kota Yogyakarta, DIY)

(p. s. the photos were taken at the artjog2018 by the writer’s film camera with no flash on.)

The contemporary visual arts exhibition always have their own vibe to catch anyone
attention. For the artist, arts exhibition is a place to show up their art, a place where their
relation, their client, their another favorite artist, or let’s say the exhibition is a little
celebration as the final for their hustle-bustle minds. For the public, there are kinds of new
learners, art enthusiast, observer, student school visits, foreign, the oldest with their son,
couples, kind of instagram photo hunter, and many more that we dont recognize.

The contemporary visual arts exhibition always have different kind groups of people
in one place, so Artjog 2018.

Artjog was a visual arts exhibition held in Yogyakarta once a year. People who
interested with art might be excited or even wait for this event since it became the biggest
contemporary visual arts exhibition in Indonesia. The atmosphere of Yogyakarta was made
by the mural in every corner of the city, traditional dances during the night at Jalan
Malioboro and the angklung mini-concert on the corner of the town. There’s no hesitation to
claim Yogyakarta was made for the beauty, for the arts.
(photo source: Artjog.co.id)

Artjog 2018 takes “Enlightenment

Enlightenment : Towards Various Futures”
Futures as their theme with the
highlight arts from Mulyana Mogus as the artist who made art installation based by the
knitted installation. Fun stories behind, There
T is 70 housewife who help Mulyana to finished
the knitted to became an installation. the arts installation it self named “sea remembers” as
the art became visualization of the landscape under the sea.

There are around 54 arts like a paintings, a photograph, a multidimension installation,

a mixed media, a sculpture and other surrealism arts that you can enjoyed at A
Artjog 2018.
Meanwhile, there are an arts live performance like dances and theatrical performances, sing
performances, band-show performances at the outdoor venue.

Artjog 2018 will be held at 4 May until 4 June 2018 at Jogja National Museum and
cost Rp.50/person
person for the one-day
one ticket. If you plan to have a good time there, please pay
attention to the exhibition visitor rules before entering and dont
ont forget to bring extra money
for the merch store!

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