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Superior Accomplished Developing Beginning Points

Content Complete and thoughtful explanation Complete explanation of voice. Shows Limited explanation of voice (lacks Insufficient explanation of voice.
(40 points) of voice. Strong organization and organization and structure. Supporting depth). Some evidence of Inadequate or confusing organization
structure. Vivid supporting details details included. organization and structure. Few and structure. No supporting details
included. supporting details included. included.

40 points 32 points 28 points 24 points

Puppet Design All puppets are well designed or Most puppets are well designed or Some puppets are well designed or No evidence of purpose is apparent
(20 points) selected to capture the essence of the selected to capture the essence of the selected to capture the essence of the in regard to puppet design or
character depicted. character depicted. character depicted. selection.

20 points 16 points 10 points 0 points

Volume/Tone Speaker is articulate and precise. Speech is clear. Occasional use of Speaker hesitates or uses some Speech is not clear. Speaker hesitates,
(20 points) Maintains a deliberate use of volume “fillers.” Adequate volume and rate. “fillers.” Inconsistent volume. Use of uses many “fillers,” or speaks too
and rate throughout. Tone is engaging Tone is appropriate and expressive. expression and tone is sometimes quickly. Volume is inappropriate.
and dynamic. Speaker appears well Speaker appears rehearsed. inappropriate. Speaker appears Lacks expression or appropriate tone.
rehearsed. somewhat rehearsed. Speaker does not appear rehearsed.

20 points 16 points 14 points 12 points

Rehearsal Puppeteer is ready with the Puppeteer is frequently ready with the Puppeteer is occasionally ready with Puppeteer seldom or never is ready
(10 points) appropriate puppet throughout. appropriate puppet. Puppeteer is the appropriate puppet. Sometimes with the appropriate puppet. Often
Puppeteer is very familiar and familiar with the script. deviates from script. Occasionally deviates from script or loses place in
comfortable with the script. reads script with confidence. script. Puppeteer does not read script
with confidence.

10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points

Puppetry Puppet movement is relaxed and Puppeteer seldom exhibits Puppet movement is sometimes Puppeteer moves puppets excessively
(10 points) motions are appropriate. inappropriate puppet movements. excessive or rigid. or inappropriately.

10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points

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