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Alpine bear Pakistan is an online selling brand which deals in travelling bag and accessories

The Company & Factory is based in Sialkot, with workforce of 110 Employees Alpine bear is

also specialized in making high quality outdoor gear. They also export products and also sell

across the nation.


Online presence

Alpine bear Pakistan has well developed online store and highly active on social media

(Facebook, Instagram) as it is online selling brand. The social media platforms are directly

connected to the online store anyone clicks on shopping button automatically goes on the online


Online store

Alpine bear Pakistan has well developed store with a simple and mature layout. The store

provides a quick shopping experience due to well managed category wise sections as well as it

allows directly to jump in the categories of interest through the section bar on the top.


The Facebook page of alpine bear is well managed and active with frequents posts almost every

day. The Facebook page has over 27000+ followers with average of 10 reactions on a post. The
page has a shop now button for the shoppers to enter the store directly. The page also has the

message option for the shoppers for any queries.


The Instagram account of alpine is more active as well as the reactions are also far better than

Facebook, It has 19.9k followers 500+ reactions. As well as the post update is very frequent on

the Instagram. It also allows the consumers to communicate through the messages.

Product category

Alpine bear deals in various categories related to the travelling which are

 Travelling & hiking

 Office essentials

 Laptop bags

 Camera bags

 College/ university bag

 Clothing and Gears

Alpine Pakistan has products related to these categories

Price Bracket

The price of alpine bear Pakistan ranges from Rs 600 -8000 which varies from product to

product. With the lowest price of travelling shirt and maximum of smart bag with kit .


The promotions are given frequently by the brand such as free tech pouch with the bag as well

as special sale on different occasions up to 40 % off.


The brand uses massive sponsored ads on social media specially on Instagram targeting its

target market. The ads appear usually in between stories as well on the right panel of Facebook

with attracting videos and pictures.


The feedback is overall good, almost everyone liked the product and its quality after

purchasing. Many people have given feedbacks on Facebook with full rating. People have

mainly talked about the quality of the products in feedback which are appreciative. The price

is also marked reasonable in the feedbacks.


Good quality fabric is used building the best quality throughout, airy fabric is used in several

parts to make the bag more convenient


The response from the brand is quite lazy as they reply the queries after hours with incomplete



Alpine bear offers quick checkout as its cart leads to only necessary information for the delivery

of the product and no extra struggle involved as well as no extra information is required


Alpine bear is mainly marketing itself through social media ads as well as through the bloggers

such as recently moroo a famous youtuber promoted it by travelling using the alpine bear bags

and accessories.

Alpine bear has free shipping tags all over the products on the online store making the shopping

more convenient for the customer.

Purchase Policy

Alpine bear has given detailed purchase policy over the store which includes warranty ,

exchange policy and Moneyback policy.