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Room Roll Name of the Project Topic Title of the Project

No. No. No. Interns suggested by
Dr. Sumana Guha
1. 13 141 Sumit Bara E-learning platform and Its Demand for E-learning in
marketing strategy Globalised Market
Environment: A Study
2. 14 438 Florian Jussen Barla A study on factors Factors Domination
influencing consumer behind Consumers Choice
preferences for refrigerator of Selecting Refrigerator:
A Case Study
3. 14 362 Joy Surya Bagh Factors influencing setting Assessing the Parameters
up of diagnostic centres in for Setting Up of
Kolkata Diagnostic Centre in
Kolkata: A Study
4. 14 435 Justin Francis Market research on increase Effects of High
in diseases due to high Consumption of Soft
consumption of soft drinks Drinks on Health: A Case
5. 14 377 Anubhav Jain A study on the consumer Factors Effecting
buying behaviour of smart Consumer’s Buying
phones Decisions on Smart
Phones: An Assessment
6. 14 388 Ignatious Vasu Consumer buying behaviour Estimating Consumers
Manuel towards Hundai Automobile Demand for Hundai
Company Automobile: A Case
7. 14 353 Hrithik Verma Factors affecting consumer’s A Study on Identification
jewellery buying decisions of Parameters behind
Jewellery Buying
8. 34 681 Anubhav Kaushal A comparative study Demand for Differential
between online and offline Pharmaceutical Products:
pharmacies in Kolkata A Study
9. 34 547 Devansh Srivastav Market expansion Parametric Explanation
opportunities in Eastern India behind Market Expansion
of Star Cement in Eastern
India: A Study
10. 34 690 Aman Agarwal A study on tourism industry Potential and Performance
of Tourism Industry: A
11. 34 676 Nilesh Singhania Input management of BOPP Economics of Biaxially
bags Oriented Polypropylene
(BOPP) Bags Industry: A
Case Study
12. 34 643 Gaurav Ladia A Report on Fast Food A Study on Linkage
Industry in Kolkata between Age of
Consumers and Choice of
Differential Fast Food
13. 34 717 Ankit Talai A study on digital marketing Scope of Digital
in small scale businesses marketing in the Small
Scale Business: A Case
14. 34 738 Sumit Soren Online services impact on Potential of E-learning in
B2B and B2C marketing Present Dynamic
Environment: A Quest
Sl. Room Roll Name of the Project Topic Title of the Project
No. No. No. Interns suggested by
Dr. Sumana Guha
15. 34 585 Aakash Neil Singha A study on increasing growth Increasing Popularity of
of fast food centres in Fast Food Centres in
Kolkata Kolkata: A Trend
16. 34 718 Dipto Samanta Analysis of Mutual Fund Perception of Investors
Industry and Awareness of Regarding Mutual Funds:
Investors An Awareness Study
17. 34 679 Sreyak Maitra Analysis on Real Estate Differential Weighted
Marketing Parameters of Selecting a
Real Estate by Potential
Customers: A Case Study
18. 34 5395 Sayandip Datta Study on consumer Study on Consumer
behaviour towards digital Behaviour towards Digital
marketing Marketing
19. 34 3037 Sajujjo Ghosh Corporate Social Cohesion between
Responsibility and Corporate Social
Marketing Strategies: A Responsibility and
Comprehensive Study Marketing Strategies: A
20. 34 5422 Marshal Mores A Study on Social Media Potential and Prospects of
Augustin Marketing Social Media Marketing:
A Study
21. 34 610 Animesh Kujur Retail Store Layout and Retail Store Layout &
Store Design affecting Design and Its Effect on
Consumer Buying Consumers Buying
Behaviour: A Study Decision: A Study
22. 34 460 Jidan Topno Consumer’s Preference An Assessment of
towards Tea Preferences between CTC
and Darjeeling Tea among
Darjeeling District
Dwellers: A Study
23. 34 2647 Christopher Consumer Buying Behaviour A Study on Demand for
Lalmuanawma on Electrical Appliances Differential Electrical
24. 34 617 Raghav Newatia Demand Analysis of Chinese Demand for Chinese
Products in Indian Retail Products in India: A
Market Market Study
25. 34 545 Siddhanth Rathi Factors Affecting Consumer Factors Affecting
Behaviour to Buy LED Consumers Buying
Lights Behaviour towards LED
Lights: A Case Study