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DIRECTION: Read each item carefully. Write the letter of the most appropriate answer on the space
provided before each number.
For numbers 1 - 7
Mrs. Gene Magtibay formerly a practitioner of her profession, a nurse. For so many years
of exercising his profession, she decided to go into business venture. Let us guide her to
become an entrepreneur by answering the following questions:

____1. What should she do in starting a business?

A. Study the concepts and principles of entrepreneurial skills.
B. Undergo training on entrepreneurial skills.
C. Know what characteristics are needed to become one entrepreneur.
D. All of the above are possible answers.
____2. If her business idea is day care center, what qualities of a future entrepreneur she must possess?
a. Risk-taker
b. Hardworker
c. A and B are all possible answers
d. None of the above
____3. How does Mrs. Magtibay fund her future business?
A. Seek for assistance of the financial institutions.
B. Borrow money from friends and relatives.
C. Avail the government program on financing micro-macro business.
D. All of the above are possible answers.
____4. Which of the following is NOT considered as her characteristic of being an entrepreneur?
A. Coping with failure
B. Irritated
C. Persistent
D. Opportunity seeker
_____5. If she wants to expand her business, what characteristics she must possess?
A. Opportunity seeking
B. Goal setting
C. Futuristic
D. All of the above are possible answer
_____6. What characteristics you have, if you gain strong faith on yourself and ability?
A. Futuristic C. Goal- Oriented
B. Profit- Oriented D. Self-confident
_____7. Mrs. Magtibay always stick or follow her own belief and she has a strong-willed, what qualities did
she possess?
A. Futuristic C. Hard-working
B. Persistent D. Self-confident
_____8. What is the best way of dealing with a hazard to ensure others are not put at risk?
A. Remove it immediately
B. Leave it for others to sort out
C. Place a barrier tape around it
D. Display a notice or warning signs
_____9. How can a workers best contribute to a positive safety culture in the workplace?
A. They should know how to complete work quickly if things go wrong.
B. They should report unsafe conditions after an accident has occurred.
C. They should report unsafe conditions as soon as possible.
D. They should know the location of first aid kit and accident book.
____10. What does PPE stands for?
A. Protective Preventive Equipment C. Personal Preventive Equipment
B. Personal Protective Equipment D. People’s Protective Equipment
____11. What is considered to be the first WWW browser or client?
A. World Wide Web C. Mosaic
B. Navigator D. SlipKnot
____12. Which of the following web browser were available for the Macintosh?
A. Opera C. Safari
B. Netscape D. All of the above
____13. What is the name of the browser developed and released by google?
A. Gold C. Chrome
B. Opera D. Titanium
____14. Apple Inc. joined the “browser wars” by developing its own browser. What is the name of this
A. Opera C. Safari
B. Netscape D. Chrome
____15. Which of the following is NOT belong to the top 5 web browser in the Philippines?
A. Opera C. Mozila
B. Netscape D. Internet Explorer
____16. Which of the following deals with the BEST application of word processing?
A. Home B. Education C. Business D. All of these are correct
____17. What part of the MS Word refers to the graphical control element on which on- screen buttons,
icons, menus or other input or output elements are placed?
A. Ruler B. Menu Bars C. Tool Bars D. Status Bars
____18. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of Word Processing?
A. Can edit text C. Email document
B. Change layout D. Equipment Costs
____19. Which of the following refers to a bar at the edge of the display of a graphical user interface that
allows quick access to current or favorite application?
A. Ruler B. Menu Bars C. Tool Bars D. Status Bars
____20. What part of MS Word allows us to scroll the content or body of a document?
A. Menu Bar B. Task Bar C. Scoll Bar D. Title Bar