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Match the statements/questions with their responses.

Number one has been

done for you.

Sounds great!
𝟙 We need a new trash can.
The weather is fine.

I don’t think so. This trash can

𝟚 Nurul is a beautiful girl. is still good. We just have to
wash it.

You’re right. She is also kind and

The movie was very interesting.
𝟛 helpful.

Absolutely! There are many

What if we go to a swimming beaches here. Pasir Putih and
𝟜 pool this afternoon? Tampora are the best for me.

I beg to differ. In my opinion, it’s

𝟝 I like Mrs. Ulfa. She is very nice.
very long and a bit boring.

Yes, she is. We’re very

Situbondo has many cool fortunate we have a very nice
𝟞 beaches. teacher.

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