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eee eee eke eee Ue ete t UU bE eee eee e ee PIANO / CONDUCTOR SCORE C@MPANY Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim Book by George Furth Originally Produced and Directed on Broadway by Harold Prince Orchestrations by Jonathan Tunick NOTICE: DO NOT DEFACE! Should you find it necessary to mark cues or cuts, use a soft black lead pencil only. NOT FOR SALE This book is rented for the period specified in your contract. It remains the property of: A PLEASE RETURN ALL MATERIALS TO: MII MUSIC LIBRARY 31A INDUSTRIAL PARK ROAD eee NEW HARTFORD, CT 06057 221 Wa Sd Sst, New Yor, NY 10019 (212) 541-4684 ‘Text Copyright © 1996 by George Furth, Stephen Sondheim and Hal Prince Music & Lyrics Copyright © 1970, 1971 by Herald Square Music Company and Rilting Music, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Piano Organ Harpsichord 8’ 4’ Lute 4” Tamboura 4’ Pipe Organ 8° Please note: this score corresponds with the Standard (Large) orchestration. If you are using the Alternate (Reduced) orchestration, please use the Piano Conductor Score labeled “Alternate Orchestration.” There are occasional, small differences between the two versions. Tek kek U kee eee ieee ede KE C CCE REECE EEEE Company Piano / Conductor Score Act One 1. Overture... 2. Company ... 3. The Little Things You Do Together 3a. Bobby-Baby —Underscore 4. Sorry-Grateful 4a. Bobby-Baby —Underscore ... 5. You Could Drive a Person Crazy. 5a. Bobby-Baby — Underscore ... 6. Have I Got a Girl For You... 7. Someone Is Waiting 8. Another Hundred People ...... 9. Getting Married Today 10. Finale - Act I 110 10a. Marry Me a Little... 112 10alt. Finale - Act It... “To be used when not including “Marry Me a Little” in your production Company Piano / Conductor Score Act Two 11. Entr’acte 12. Side By Side By Side... 13. Poor Baby... 14. Tick-Tock ... 14alt. Have I Got A Girl—Reprise* 15. Barcelona ... 16. Bobby-Baby —Underscore .. 17. Night Club 18. The Ladies Who Lunch .. 19. Being Alive. 20. After Being Alive 21, Finale Ultimo 22. Bows 23, Exit Music .. APPENDIX: Company — alternate vocal arrangement (mm.102-123) “To be used when not including “Tick-Tock” in your production SOUR RRR RRR UR RRR R CECE CSCC CECE CECC CECE EE EE SEES Piano-Conductor Score (1 Overture “COMPANY” ‘Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim ‘Orchestration by Joatas Tunic CUE: ROBERT: ..And whatever youre calling about, my answer is yes Moderate 4 MARTA, SUSAN" all vocal doubled by Vocal Minorty) P Bob-by Bob-by __‘Bah-bah-bah-bah-bah-bah-bah-bah e + Hi Ts Ss, Si Iria Se > (raxo] & = vow vo vor (MARTA, SUSAN:) Bob-by —Bob-by KATHY, SARAH: Bob-by___Bah-bah - habcbahv-bab-bah-bah-bab-bab-bah Bob-by Bah-bah-bah-bah-bah-bah-bah-bah Bob-by ——_———— Bobby Bah -bah-bah-bah-bah-bah-bah-bab-bah ites Tee aD = (tes) — *Note: If desired, men may double the female vocal lines. Piano-Conductor Sore (MARTA, SUSAN:) JENNY, APRIL: Prrop-by ——Bob-by (KATHY, SARAH) #1— “Overture” ab-bab-babbab-bab-bab-bab-bah Bi Bobsby—Babsbah - balrbabrbalrbab-bab-balvbal-bah Bob-by—Bah-bah - bub-bak-bab-bab-bah-babbabah Bob-by ob-by Bah - babvbalsbalv-alv-ba-bal-bab-bab 7 (un et AMY, JOANNE: [Bah bah = ah = bah - bah - bal bah = bah 2 . = DOPITITITITITIFITETITAETALALALAERAERRERAAAAARARARARARARR 2 DUBSSSECESSSEESSSCCESCCCCEESCCCCCCCCECEECECEEECEES ‘iano-Conductor Score Company “compan” and Lyrics by Stephon Sonim ‘Orchestration by Jonathan Tunick (CUE: JOANNE: Don't believe a word oft [vamp] age at our ages [4 times) JENNY: PETER: aw: PAUL: JOANNE: SUSAN: Bobby Da-byee Bobby Bu bin Rab = bys. co Piano-Conductor Score Rob = by #2-"Company” AMY & PAUL: Bob = by, we've been try = ing to LARRY: HARRY: Bob - by. Bob - by. SARAH: reach you all PETER: day. Bob = by ba = bys. DAVID & JENNY: COPPPIFIPPIFOPICTHETTHHAAHHHARARERAARARRAREELAREaL Piano-Conductor Score #2-"Company” LARRY & JOANN Bob - by, there war some-thing we want - edt sy, (0.832) ‘SARAH & HARRY: DAVID & JENNY: Bob - by. Bob - by Bob - by bu = bie, Your tine was bus What hare you been up kid - do? AMY & PAUL: Bob -by, Bob by, how have you bees?_____DAVID, JENNY, JOANNE, LARRY: Falta Sweet-te How have you been PETER & SUSAN: Sup by ‘on your way” home, Bobby, Bob - by, how have you been ™ ™ “ (awa “7 (Dram con Sipe) Piano-Conductor Score 7 (AMY & Pat Seems weeks SARAH & HARRY: ——— ba -y, PETER & SUSAN: AMY & PAUL: + Tues - cement DAVID & JENNY: #2~"Company” CORP Ee P PRR ERP RRAREI Piano-Conductor Score oa #2 — “Company” PETER & SUSAN: Ss tage ‘SARAH & HARRY: LARRY & JOANNE: DAVID & JENNY: Bob by bu = bia. » e Piano-Conductor Score & (2 “Company’ SARAH & HARRY: Time we got to-geth-en, ie Wednes-day all Eight 0° clock on Mon = Larry: SUSAN: JOANNE: PETER: PETER & JOANNE: Bob-by. Rob on. Bob-by, hon-ey.. Robby, darling. Bob- by fel In. Bob-by ba yx. ssimiaaty <__ Bob-by, come on o-ver for din yout Bob-by, come on o-ver for din = Wet be so shad to sce yout OPPPPFFCPITFFPCECLKFCELLLLCCHELCLKOLKCKKKKARRARAARAREE Piano-Conductor Score (aL, Bob - by, come on ain a Just be the three — 42~"Company” Plano-Conductor Score 0 ROBERT: Phone rings, door chimes, (tian) ssi No strings, ood times, room hums, com-pa ny pts. NS na FF ot) -10- CPP PP PPP PPPP PPO POPP PPE CE CHOCO KC CCL ORC EERE ease cane Piano-Conductor Score 2 "Company Bl (ROBERT) Late nights, quite bites, par-ty games, Deep talks, long walks, tel-e-phone ——— —>— (ROBERT:) ‘Thoughts shared, souls bared, pri - vate names, wy = i = (ROBERT) “ate Se Bi i ow TTT ft fr Fr mfr frm Fr 7? pf i = rf “le Piano-Conductor Score a f-ing the days, ————— ee ee Oe ee ee a CF “To Bob - by, with Iove™ COppppreepererprpeeeee 2 PWRVOVVVUVURURURODOUEUUUUUUUUUUUUTUUUUUeeeeeececE Piano-Conductor Score ee ak #2— "Compan (ROBERT) (ROBERT) __ Good and era-ry peo-ple, my trends, Those good and cra-ty peo-ple, my mar - red my, —_ Ty Ti (fang) mse | ua Piano-Condactor Score (ROBERT) friends! cu (ROBERT) That's what its real -Iy 12. “le 7 , Piano-Conductor Score Bey #2- "Company" PETER: Bob = by, ba = by, Bob - by ROBERT: Piano-Conductor Score LARRY & AMY: Bob - by, there's a APRIL, PAUL: | swe ’ me 42- "Company" problem, 1 MARTA, HARRY: ‘need your ad = KATHY, PETER: ‘APRIL, MARTA, KATHY: Just half an ho - ura. RQAUGABABARee A= my can 1 call you back 0 = DAVID & JENNY: Hon =e, it SARAH, PETER: (ROBERT) you'd visit the kids once oF JOANNE, HARRY: PAUL, MARTA: APRIL, MARTA, KATHY: Bob = by bu bi What's hap-pened to Jen -ny, 1 could take them to “16> € FF ee FF ee eee ea Plano-Conductor Score wives: Bob-by... HUSBANDS: ScIRLs: Bob-by.. (ROBERT) Drs cont Stes) wives: Bob - by, dear, HUSBANDS: Bab - by, Bob - by, (ROBERT) pt. ome a stapes a5. Bob-by... Where have you been?.. Kid-do, where have you been! T don’t mean we've been think ing we've been think ing of “7 +t you! #2-"Company” HARRY, SARAH, PETER, SUSAN: Sa-san, love, PM make it aft-er seven if 1 PAUL, AMY, JOANNE, LARRY, DAVID, JENN Drop by fan y time. | Piano-Conductor Score wes: (ROBE? Dar RT.) Ting, (HUSBANDS:) you've been look - 18 HUSBANDS: Bob = by, boy, you know 92~"Company” "S89 Pe ereeesesesaseseeseeessesesesaaaaaaeaaaaaagad! Piano-Conductor Score ae wives: Funny thing, your name came up on (HUSBANDS:) Kath -er ine, Le Sift) 42~"Company” Ap- el Bob -by, we've been wor-ried, you sure you're all HUSBANDS: -19- T do some - thing wrong? Bobby, bu-bi, Bob-by, fella, Bob-by, Bob-by, _——_——. Piano-Conductor Score ” 7 #2 "Company" ALL: Well be so lad — gagaaegeece; Bobby, come on 0- ver for din VECTLTELETELETETTTUTES Piato-Conductor Score “ (ALL) Agno +Note: An alternate version of this vocal arrangement (mm. 103-123) thas been provided at the back of this book. (See Appendix, p.233) See eee ee eee URE R CUCU UCSC CCC CECE CECE EEE ee. #2- "Company Piano-Conductor Score #2—"Company” 2 [23] womens sno-Conductor Score > RERRRERARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEOOO0000006000006 ri Plano-Conductor Score 2 #2 "Company” na ALL: Phone rings, door chimes, im comes_com-pa- ay! (excan] > pts es No strings, good times, 7a (aut) Late nights, quite bites, par-ty games, Deep talks, long. walks, tel-e-phone ee —=_. a byt = ia, Tae) sit wT Mi Mil mimi ni at mos pr ogt iv : : ; Piano-Conductor Score #2 "Company (ALL Thoughts shared, souls bared, pri vate names, ———— ns, Too) atl wn a 1 1 17 (ay, sate sex Sty, ns Tb, anes i —~ # eo fTT1 Prt) | fitiftii| ft ft] ftmftmM m 5 5” pre pvr 5 5 25 Piano-Conductor Score er #2-"Company” i) (aL f-ing the days, sev-en-ty ways eImOAnmn | annamaAlianannn a tr ot 7 zt rer ogh gf fh Bioh-by with toe. —— FS as Tb, Sexe apr oannamm AmAnAaANnN mAnAnAamM sd put oye yt ys . Oe v v -26- , ns PPPPPPPPPIIIFITITITILICLLAALALCECLKLLOKK KLEE ELE #2—"Company” au 2 [8] sie — COO O RAR A EERE EOAERORERRAREREEEEEEEEEEEEECOEOEEd Plano-Conductor Score 751 (aut, 26. that's what i's all a-bout is = wt ie? ‘That's wy what its real-Iy a ~ bout, 28 ‘That's what is real » ZPPITITITITILTLILTAITIILIAILAIAAAAAAAAEEAAAEAEEE aa aaases Piano-Conductor Score aw. #2 “Company” (ROBERT) you and you I love and you 1 love and you I love and you and you I love I love Love Isat i Isew't at 29 PORS SES SS SES SEE ESET C CCU C UCU UCU U CUCU Eee eee eee cE = "Company" Plano-Conduetor Score 2 #2 "Company’ (COMPANY:) com-pa-nyt company! sting, Ra “PEEFEPLLLLCCCLECLLLKKERKELEKRLEKKEKEKAAARR Rake RE -30- Piano-Conductor Score (3] The Little Things You Do Together sy (eransposed pa minor thd rom the original Broadway ke) Masie and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim ‘Orchestration by fran Tuck Moderato voanne: [2] (last ime) ¢ hhob-bles you pur-nue to-gethoer, —sav-ings you ac-crue to-geth-er, looks you mis-con-strue to-geth-er, that make om 108% co, VSEVVVVVSVEVSTEVESELELESSSECESESECECECECUCEEUUEUE 3 Resende 43. The Litte Things You Do Together” ROBERT: Thats very good (Dulognecomnucs) m Ws tag Tp ‘Senin 75] CUE: HARRY: Uncle. yourass. Janne: (ast ime) ( SRASLEPISIPSSPOPHPHSCHKHOKHKLLORASARARARARARAREE Won-ships. The con-certs you enjoy to-geth-er eigh-bors you annoy to-geth-er, —hil-dren you de-strey to-geth-ef, VPVUVVRERESES SEES OO eee OOOO mot so hard to. be mar «ried ‘when iPiayt and Je-sus Christ, sit fom. re (oPIANO) te winks to -geth =e, Ws bargains that you shop to ~ eth - er cle arte you sop 10 hes Sri se a “3 Piano-Conductor Score loth «ing that you swap t= geth = en on, ever 1 te Ts) eh (ont sim) continue at cue: ROBERT: Could {have another bouton? GROUP 1.82: ‘not talk of God and the decade a = head that (PLAN stn. P 8.0. Callo fo," and "You — don't” and 3h per = feet "Nobo - dy sald that,” 53 "The Little Things You Do Together” lows you to get thru the worst. a and , Ez QQUGGAAAAaeee VUVEVELESESSSSUSSTOSUSUSEUEEEEUEUUUUEEUEEUESCUEUL 2 3 #8 ~"The Little Things You Do Together” (GROUP 1 8 2:) eenuea "Who brought the sub = ject up fist?” Ws the {GROUP 1:) (GROUP 2:) (GRouP 1) Cry to ge» thes, ‘That make (GROUP 2) ete ways you try to ge - ther, Piano-Conductor Score (GROUP 1:) per feet (GROUP 2) per feet on re = la tionships: Be re = la tion-ships; ‘That Group 2: 18 "The Little Things You Do Together’ DIPPPAPAPPIAPPIIPIFITIPELKARARARARARARARAAARAAAABeee Z - 2 2 2 Piano-Conductor Score 2. 43 "The Little Things You Do Together — JOANNE: JENNY: (ree or four W (a PIANO) ie (WENNY) PETER, SUSAN: WOMEN: peo-ple that you hate to - ge - ther, PAUL, AMY: (WOMEN:) pavio: mar-riage a joy— Wes things (wen) rmar-rlage a joy.— Shout -i Sa = i you're hoarse to = ge ~ ther, os (cont sim) > S Si Ha, 1 Zz > > soa’ 37 r 2 Piano-Conductor Score * 43 "The Little Things You Do Together” JOANNE: WOMEN: a = thon ships. 7GAAPPTPPPPTTPALEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALAAA AAA SUVSVVVVSVVSVSVVSSSSSSESESSESTSTSUSCUSESUEECEEE EEE Piano-Conductor Score 3a Bobby-Baby — Underscore moe “Masic and Lyrics by Stephen Sonim ‘Orehestratons by Jonathan Tunic (CUE: SARAH: That sneaky Pete..(pouse) ROBERT: Wow! © +10 Trt, tart |+tins te Si) a —_ (CUE: ROBERT: Thanks sssin. Piano-Conductor Score (CLUE: ROBERT: Harry? You ever sory you got maricd? Rubato (.=60) a (fo HARPSICHORD 4) Sorry-Grateful (strict rhythm) [HARPSICHORD [PLAY [ “compan Music and Lyric by Steyn Sones ‘Orchestration by Jonathan Tanck HARRY: 40- prprppprprreeppepereeeeresgnrgenegeeseeeeseseeeeeeeecees. Plano-Conductor Score 2 24 "Sorry-Gratefal” mm) ant) airtime — as (Ob, cot voce) ‘poco rall. Eve ythig trent, Tad ~ : mE TE : : mS 2 i atom Eo ee -l- tT ro Piano-Conductor Score x #4 “Sorry-Grateful” (trict rhythm) pon (wavio:) Piano-Conductor Score + B “Sory-Grateful” (DAVID: (ct cotroe) ‘Walt, 1 think {meant that in re verse, ‘Tempo I? [4] aus) Plano-Conductor Score a 14 "SomyGrutfel” (HARRY & LARRY!) sleways be what you aleways were, r "“PIPPPPPPPPPELSLPSLSLELLLLELELELARARRARARARAR AEE Piano-Conductor Score @] a tempo Noth-ing to do with, #4 "Sorry-Grateful” Al to do with Bobby-Baby — Underscore a gerone yo (Panse) CUE: ROBERT: Maybe ERT: Ob yl work ot. Zidti Piano-Conductor Score You Could Drive a Person Crazy (CUE: ROBERT: Lite nght now. date this ght atendat, Cie, orignal ~ ‘cont. at cue: _And then Well she's the best ‘bere’ Mara a a Maule and Lyris by Stephen Sone) ‘Orchestration by Jonas Tanck = — => 3] Moderate Tempo is totaly prepared. am eat be mastic DAVID: Right. Then why are you? ROBERT: Sis pee) trian 4 1 Se AT Out - side your oy ssi (news 45. "You Could Drive « Person Crazy oor, Which on = ty makes a Piano-Conductor Score * 155 "You Could Drive a Person Crazy” Doo. Doo-doo, We hesaid topo a way. Doo doo, 1 could un - der-stand a la_v! run spin) Plano-Conductor Scare + 145 "You Could Drive a Person Crazy” ALL: You crummy bastard! You son-of--bitch! (ad tb) KATHY: ‘Timp =~ (eon sim) ST Timp = 33) (canayy, person's per-son-al -Ioty Is per-son MARTA & APRIL: 50- Plano-Conductor Score 5 ~ "You Could Drive a Person Crazy (Karey) Warder than a mat-a-dor co + er-cia! a bull (MARTA & APRIL:) a sin ple and. at-ent-ive anda - tractive 8 man Is_ev-'ry-thing a per-son coald. wish, tura-ing off per-son Is the act of a man Who thes to pull the hooks out of fish, 145 "You Could Drive a Person Crazy” TH Tin $1 Tgp = Tpeppeprprpprrrrrereerereerecerceceeeeaseaesasagasaesess. 7 #5~ "You Could Drive a Person (rary Crna Bobby, ba = by, Bab = by, bu sire) You could blow a per-soa's cool, Doo-doo, run 53 Plano-Conductor Score 485~"You Could Drive a Person Crazy” oo-doo, PO 2 ‘Thats when you're good. You im-per-son-ate a Sip) Plano-Conductor Score ucsive you, — 9. 25 ~"You Could Drive a Person Crazy” + It he wasn't good in bed. Doo-doo, PLA bs wu ‘Ths. Wo teat aably was de 4 qo oh Plano-Conductor Score 10. 5~"You Could Drive a Person Crazy” Bobby is my hob by and I'm giv - 56. Piano-Conductor Score 5a Bobby-Baby — Underscore (Bal Mas and Lyre by Sp Soni ‘Orchatratin y Jotun Taek CUE ROBERT: Lite a for Piano-Conductor Score 6 Have I Got a Girl for You [6] “company” ‘Music and Lyre by Stephen Sondheim ‘Orchestration by foatan Tani (CUE: ROBERT: Wow! Ob, wom! Bobby. Bob-by baby. Bo by bu bin. Rob = bya. Robert, daring. » ¥ CHPPPPPPIPPPRPSP RPK KeEKLLK LLL LLL Kees ee ete asee ees Piano-Conductor Score 2 £6 "Have I Got a Gil for You" Bob-by, i's im por-tant_ or 1 wouldn't JENNY: PETER: HARRY: 59 JENNY, AMID: PAUL, AMY, SARAH, HARRY: Serierieceesu been bo 08) Balt at ‘This Is something spe - cial. SARAH: HARRY: BOTH: LARRY, JOANNE, PETER, SUSAN: Dering Fel = tah. “Bobby baby. Not that you dont know a lot of love-Iy is but Ths _— +H Saue Hag Tbe HUSBANDS: #6 "Have I Got a Girl for You" _ Pane Condo Scere 3 16 -Nave Gat i or Yo - CR r Pano-Conductor Score o 46- “Have | Got a Ger for You oe (Larry) si Vin its) tall ina TAL s (PETER) +e 26. Mave LGot ab 1 for You" » Piano-Conductor Score ao #6 ~ "Have I Got a Girl for You” \] (PETER & LARRY), = 1 got piel for ALL: (nis) Plano-Conductor Score be where P ssin pice) mot where is Ban Ba == Timp o «a 26 "Mae Gots Geforn” gg : © i z 3 3 g 2 bls? rb so 67 Whnd-da = ya me, Whad-da + ya - tke, WUUUNRNEUUUUUVU ee 132] a 26~ "Have I Got a Gil for You 12. 46- "Have | Got a Girl for You" Whad-da: wanna get (o HARPSICHORD, 4) 150] TF a tempo Segue as one to #7 Piano-Conductor Score [7] Someone Is Waiting “compan” Masi and Lyris By Stephen Sondheim ‘Orchestration by Jonata Trick Slowly (2-92) pt, Ves Guitar ov = ing as #7 "Someone Is Waiting” Plano-Conductor Score 1 17 "Someone Is Waiting” i ve we my we iL oe — [#] poser) $A maa Cope eepeeeeseseee eee eeeeea eae eae aaa ea kee eek eee. (ROBERT) Some - one Yaka) Strtoctane) 47 "Someone ls Waiting” Plane-Conductor Score 5 27~"Someome Is Waiting” PRU UU UU UU UU UU UU UU UU UU UU UU Eee eure ees Piano-Conductor Score * 487~ "Someone Is Waiting P] Rubato (ROBERT) rit. molto blue-eyed Sar - ah Warm Jo - anne Sweet Jen-ny Lav-ing Susan Crazy A-my, Walt for me,— 1M harry. We Se a tempo 15 Piano-Conductor Score (8| Another Hundred People vcounuwr ‘Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondherm ‘neato yas Toe CE (Aap Dolce e leggiero (J= 112) manta fo] th = ee hundred peo ple just got off of the train And came up through the ground While oth = er hundred peo - ple who get off of the plane “6 Serepeepeprrereeeesssseeeeeseceeeeceeaganaaaaaaagaes 488~ “Another Hundred People” Piano-Conductor Score " = i a ‘ i | & 2 i i : 3 i 4 : 5 Piano-Conductor Score a vey “Another Hundred People” rust = y foun - tains and the dus - ty trees with the battered barks, ee rs 1 18 And they cto, SHHPLPPLILITIPVAVAPIRPRARAAAARARAAARARARARAARABSes Plano-Conductor Score a 114 “Another Haare People meet at par - ties through the friends of friends who they nev-er know. pick me up or do I Plano-Conductor Score Look, 1 148 “Another Hundred People” fall you ia the morn-ing or my ser-vice will ex ~ plain. a _——— COOPPPOCORO OOo Fee eee ee eee eee eee eee eeeeagegageas } i 3 ig z : . ie, | 3 u + | i 1 i o a . s ‘ € i 3 } j i : i 82. | “Another Hundred People” know, i = i & | ! i Plano-Conductor Score et. meet you there or shall we pick me up or do 1 Piano-Conductor Score call you in the morn-ing or my £8 - “Another Hundred People” ) service will ex - plain. SPAIPLAVAVPRVDVDIVDADVADVIVARARARAAAAAARARAAAAARAARARARAD Plano-Conductor Score 10. #8 "Another Hundred People” a ter han- dred peo-ple Jost got off of the rain. BE ~f ROBERT: Tis is relly exciting, Kathy. [Repeat and fade until cutoff} aacinating. (dalogue continues) HAT oye ey Piano-Conductor Score 11 £6 “Another Hundred People” oth = er m= dred peo - ple just got off of the bus And are look - ing a = round oe 118~ "Another Hundred People” all, a a tempo (MARTA:) ‘tl Tt. -87- Plane-Conductor Score a 188 “Another Hundred People PUTT UU UU USS SUT UU UU UU UU eee ee UU U Ue eeeeeee Piano-Conductor Score (MARTA) meet at par - es through the frends of friends who they nev-er know. sina Tbe) Plano-Canductor Score eo #8 “Another Hundred People” Plano-Conductor Score 6 48~ "Another Hundred People” call you in the morn-Ing or my service will ex-plaln,—__ 173) (MARTA) ‘other hun-dred peo-ple 7 = mi 7. a ee Just got off of he trig, 7 188-“Another Hundred People” + other han-dred peo-ple Just got off of the train. 4s _—_—__—_—__} SPPPLLILILALALLALAAAAALLALAAAAAARAAAAARRARAAASA Le Piano-Conductor Score Robert exis, Giri white choir robe appears. Largo Getting Married Today ‘Manic and Lyris by Steps Sonics ‘Orchestras by Joenthan Teck -93- Piano-Conductor Score 2 £9 "Getting Married Today” PAUL: Amy, can find my shes any WENNYS) ia Score + Presto wutitcue:PAUL:Am. were [9 [Wamp] rally geting maed (He exis) £9 "Getting Married Today’ = 2 (et Pea mew Soe gat} aoe tose fei y | twat aon a rau) “te rect ys ie i (oem = 7 OF 7 T roof cong fo fhe ekg Tap + eta sur a8 lg Ft mr, Tome, od me tl = Sete Wings do and nt 4rd af Pa Rese tet al Yo Kae he man = = = = - = = - a wud 95- al ai an [a] ‘Largo (Tempo I) JENNY: & (um. rot getting mar-ried to - day. 29 "Getting Mariod Today” eeaeeeeeeereeeereeerr eee referee tere e ee eae aaaa esse Fano conductor Scr + 19nd | (Wenny) . ——. | Mactan te , — (Gam, - - - 2 - e - 97 Piano-Conductor Score + 49 "Getting Married Today” sat cue: ROBERT: Paul cat find his cfsinks, AMY: Os the dest. Right ext @ Presto (oy suid noe i {Vamp} ay: (last time) Uis-ten ev-'ry-bod-7, Look, I don't know what you're walt-ing for. A wedding? What's a wed-ding? I's Stings pct) wate (cues for rehearsal oly) Ba Py of ol u oo t r imay-be the most hor-si= fying word 1 ev - er heard, and which Is sud-den ly ell re - a-lize he's sad-dled with nut and wan-na ill me which be should, so lis ten, a. 4 : ~ - « « « = - = « = = = = = e © = «- e = = = = = = = « = & e e e ies rere | SSS Top POP UF UP POP GF eee UU eee UCU CUCU CUCU CeCe ee CCU Ce eee EEE Piano-Conductor Score * 49 "Getting Married Today” Piano-Conductor Score * 9 "Getting Married Today” (amy) Listen, ev 'ry-bod-y, Vm a frald you didnt hear, or do you want to we 8 cra-ay la dy fall as part in front of you? Ke -a't on ly Paul who may be ru = in = Ing his We, you know, we'l both of us be lowing our 1 = den t- thes. L tel = e-phoned my ams a at about It and he sald to se him Mon-day, but by Mon-day 1' be floating in the Hud-yon with the oth - er gar-bage. eae a0 9-"Getting Married Today” wp = au a au au = a a Piano-Conductor Score oro 49 "Getting Married Today” [iz] Aree (Tempo SENNY: ‘Tostal-ty- insane, ———— (WENNY) -103- 7] Presto a -104- 49 "Getting Married Today” um 3 ra Plano-Conductor Score Plano-Conductor Score ae 49 "Getting Married Today” amy) pspeeeseeseeeeeeseeeaen vite Tato fat tae ae | oe at Tay be conc think 'm gon -na faint, so, Mf you | wan-na see me faint, 1 do it Plano-Conductor Score as 49 "Getting Married Today” (anny hap pi, but would-a't it be | funnier to go and watch a | funeral? So thank you for the (PAUL) twenty =sey-en dinner plates and | thirty-seven butter knives and | for -ty seven pa per-weights and -107- £9 “Getting Married Today £9 "Getting Married Today” 7. Piano-Conductor Score Piano-Conductor Score (CUE: ROBERT: Amy, mary me ‘AMY: What? ROBERT: Marry me (cue WH Tots ns, Tks, Sts pie) ‘COMPANY: Bob = by, ba - by, 10 Lyra by Stephen Sond ‘Orchestration by Jonathan Tuck AMY: Why dont Sve, Robe? ROBERT: Mary me! And ‘verybody wll eave us alone! Bob by, bu 5] (oem) Sis (pee. 8) -110- SCESAAELELELELELAAAEALAALADEADAARDADEDALLLEULELELERE 10a ~ "Marry Me a Little” ‘That's the it ought ‘That's the way i ovght to aa een Do it with a will Make a few de-mands Um Body, heart and soul, Passion = ate as hell, But @ @ @ - - - e « - e « e e - e e - a a e e & e ~ ~ “ 10a ~ "Marry Mea Little SUUSUTS TTT TTT Tee TTT eee C CCC eC TSS TTT Se 10a ~ "Marry Me a Little -116- Piano-Conductor Score 10a ~ "Marry Me a Little GS SS = 1 an be your right 08, how soft ty well weg All the “117 £100 ~ "Marry Me. Little” QARALLS ea. SF aS tw 7 7 o b prom = TPPPPPPAAAAAARAAARARAARARAAAAALARAAARARAR © -119- > > = Piano-Conductor Score * 10a "Marry Mea Little” | ay, then, rad = yt t Tr, wwe on — — = : — — a ee SUSUSU OPPO SUPP OP POUT PP eee eee eee eee ere rere eee -120- tet Seek ee eee eee e eee eee e eee ess W 10a "Marry Mea Little” poco rit mp 0s Sti) ‘COMPANY: Bob-by, Bobby, Bobby, baby, Bobsby, bu-bl, Robby. -1- Piano-Conductor Score +104 Marry Me a Little es —— 4g tt Sv cn -12- End of Act One Piano-Conductor Score CUE: ROBERT: Amy, marry me ‘AMY: What? ROBERT: Mary me. (cuET WW Trt 3 [cuEm ‘COMPANY: s [coe my Finale - Act I (tobe used when nat including "Marry Me A Lite" in your production) 10 alt. Manic and Lyris by Stephen Soca ‘Orehestrations by JooathanTenick ROBERT: Many me! And Sregbelyil ene uso! a Piano-Conductor Score 2 10 alt, ~ “Finale - Act AMT: ot jst someboay(She hugs hin) cue] 9] (COMPANY) a (Prunder) hove. e Fiano-Conductor Score a 110 alt. ~ "Finale ~Act I” ‘AMY: Im the next bride. (She exits) [EUEY) sons ape Mp +105, Te, Ste (pies) Bob - by, ba = by, Bob - by, pe WW Gir, Si. “125+ Plano-Conduetor Score 2 ‘210 alt,~ "Finale «Act I” Ses (Toms) (Tom) (Toms) End of Act One eeaaneeaeseeeeeseseeeeeeeseeeeeeeeeseeeeeeseeseaaneneaes inductor Score 11 | Entr'acte ee “cOMMNY” ‘Masi nd Lyrics by Stpben Sonex ‘Orchestration by Joon Tasch te Tig = “a7 Plano-Conductor Score Ths -128- a -“Entracte” TPPPPPPPPPPPPPPHTESSHSHaeessesesseessesteseeeceeoone Piano-Conductor Score 3 an “Entr acto” e pSCCCTCCCTCEC a ? e com FT T 1M frm | frm Frm | ft fT p ms La 5 pe , SUVU UU UU S UTS Piano-Conductor Score en ~"Entr'acte™ 11 ~“Entracte” “1B Hl) | Sliiffe® ‘ ® The | 8] ie fe Nano-Conductor Score SPPPPPPPPPSPPPPPRPP OPPO eRe Rese ee ase eee ae ea aaa ease TEE \ -132- Plano-Conductor Score Slower = bn Bob -bs, Bah - bah - ba-ba-ba-ba = bal bab 133+ o #11 “Ent acte® | WOMEN: a- ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba 2 Side By Side By Side (32) Mak and Lyre by Stephen Soden ‘Orchetatoes by fra Tench Continue at cue: Continue at cue ur ~ ROBERTI mean, when ve end ie ine wwe = - _ a (CUE: SARAH: you say exactly as you ae } Hin Tob Stripe) 3] Moderate 2 ————— [ORGAN MODE No Vibrato] a Fans? 3 ROBERT: be Staite) | Fou? wt ; CPOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPSPLPSLOCHHOHS HSH SHHeeeeeeeeeeeaees Plano-Conductor Score 2 (12 ~ "Side By Side By Side’ (ROBERT) SARAH: Hes sucha cube. SARAH: an he acute? se hy ty co 7 (ROBERT) PETER: Ie never loses his 0 HARRY: Leavy hat (ROBERT) BCC eC U Ue eee UU CeCe eee CeCe CCE C EE Piano-Conductor Score ROBERT, SARAH, HARRY: Er sy = ome simu Fag? mat ‘SUSAN: Were jst 0 fond ot hi, -136- sip) ROBERT: (112 ~“Side By Side By Side” q Piano-Conductor Score + (12 “Sade By Sade By Sede” JOANNE: He's yst crazy about me PAUL: Hes a very tender pry ROBERT, LARRY, LARRY: He always 7 there when JOANNE: you need him. ROBERT: 137+ & (12 - "Side By Side By Side" [4] (@) (powerty AMY: Hes my best rend AMY: Second est. -138- TPPPPPPPPPPPPRPRRRARARARARARARARARARAARARAAAARARA Plano-Conductor Score 6 (#12 "Side By Side By Side’ (71) rosenr& courtes LARRY: ts amazing. We've goten older every year and he Scems to say exactly the same a ROBERT & COUPLES: DAVID: You know what comes to my mind when Ise him? The Seagrams Building, Isnt that fanny? Piano-Conductor Score 7 112 ~ "Side By Side By Side” "1 ROBERT & COUPLES: JOANNE: Sometimes I atch him ooking and looking. And just look right back Ebruss mas d Tr ae Tr 102 ‘ALL COUPLES: Piano-Conductor Score * (#12 ~ "Side By Side By Side” (ALL coupLes:) uo] PAUL: A person like Bob doesnt have the good things and be does have the ad things. But he does' have the good things Abo/DP “ep 7 wo 7 118) "ROBERT & COUPLES: “1M Piano-Conductor Score » HARRY: Let me make hima drink. He's the only guy I know I fel shoud drink more (ROBERT) cy Chasm? 12 (#12 ~ “Side By Side By Side” (oFIANO) THPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPSSSSAHSHessasaaeaaaaaaaaane Piano-Condi tor Score 10. (N12 ~ "Side By Side By Side” [4] SARAH: He aways looks ike he's keeping score. Woss yisiog Rober? ALL: (except Sarah & Raber) (ROBERT) _- -- :F 3 Presto (-wauat WOULD WE po WITH Your") 148} ALLCOUPLES: (+ Foca! Minor) What would we do. Ti Sta (WWs cl voce in harmony) = ee ei Piano-Conductor Score 1 (12 ~ "Side By Side By Side” PPPPPPPPPPOPPPRPPPPHRSATAA AAA ae eee tens eeeecns VU UU UU URC UU U UU UU CUCU UU UU UU UU Ue eee eee eee eee Plano-Conductor Score za) (112 ~ "Side By Side By Side” a (12 ~ "Side By Side By Side” wwe aes) 100] Piano-Conductor Score “a6 UU UCU U CeCe Cee ee ee eee eee Cee eerie Plano-Conductor Score 4. (12 ~ "Side By Side By Side” 4] ALL COUPLES: (+ 14) 270) beige) PP vsuigize) a7 Piano-Conductor Score (ALL COUPLES: (12 ~ "Side By Side By Side” UPR T PPP P RPP ROPHDRRRRROHHRRRRAHRARRARAARAARAAA AEE Piano-Conductor Scot — 16 (12 ~ "Side By Side By Side” S53 ‘ok? 22] cov coy ‘Avia -149- FRC eee UCC eee eee eee UCU UU eC e reer ee Piane-Conductor Score "7 (112 -*Side By Side By Side” 250) prawn TAG] {IMARCH INTRO} 254] ws SHPPOPPPOPPPPPPPPPPSRRESHTETASe estes ee ease aaaasas Plano-Conductor Score 18 12 "Side By Side By Side" Trt Glock 274] -151- Piano-Conductor Score ie (12 ~ "Side By Side By Side Glock - lcs ssi Crs Piano-Conductor Score 20. m- rm ide By Side By Side” (PLANT stem. BS Te = == = — = = Bx, Calla, Be Gen] CANES ‘ALL COUPLES: (+ FM) -153- Fiano-Conductor Score 0] “154. m “Side By Side By Side” 12 "Side By Side By Side Piano-Conductor Score Whois ie. SSS a SOC SC CCC CCC CCC CEE EES HesloTimp) “155+ Piane-Conductor Score n (N12. “Sede By Side By Side P4] ou snovrsy ALL COUPLES: (+ 1:4) -156- - ~ a i (ptayl F fe = : (12 ~ "Side By Side By Side” Plane-Conductor Score 2. 112 “Side By Side By Side ALL COUPLES: /: F/) {ALL COUPLES!) sinc! voce) “158 “PPPPLLILCLLCLLLLLKSLRLAAARARARAAAAAAAAAAASASeeS Plano-Conductor Score * 39) fot) Slower —ad lib. rit, molto (ALL) _ ROBERT: iL <—e—- $04 Cale, Top ICAKEWALK] ALL: (+ FM) 98 -159- (12 “Side By Side By Side Piano-Conductor Scare -160- #12. “Side By Side By Side (TAP BREAK] TPP PPPAPPPPPRRRRPRRRRRRARAAAAARAA AAA aa aaa aaa aaa a Piano-Conductor: : Conductor Score 28. (12 ~ "Side By Side By Side (TAP BREAK} Piano-Conductor Score IROBERT'S TAP BREAK] (12 ~ "Side By Side By Side" TPP PPPPPPAEAPROPARPARARRRRARRRR BAe eee ek ek eek ee eke VU UU UU UU UCU UU UU eee eee eee CCC CeCe CeCe ee eee ecE Plano-Conductor Score 112 ~ "Side By Slde By Side” Plano-Conductor Score a [Arima m: “Side By Side By Side” CCCCCCCC CCC CECE eee Piano-Conductor Score (ate 32 (12 ~ “Side By Side By Side” +0 Ting THe Piano-Conductor Score {13 | Poor Baby a tiene Lyi Sopher Semon “Sra mn Tsk (CUE: ROBERT: Wel, can always look for another place. (d= 100) eaeaeaeseasesseseesaeessse #13 "Poor Baby” -167- Plano-Conductor Score Plano-Conductor Score 4 113 "Poor Baby” Bey Ao eer EE ane = = What? worseyem Why? H's auch waste, Mm, (GENNY:) -168- speprprprrrrrrerererrereeesesseseerereeeeeseeeecece SVVIIVG Piano-Conduetor Score + #13- "Poor Baby” (GeNNY) 27) (Fade under aatoguel Wialogue) Continue at cue: [phi on bed go out. [BLACK-OUT] a SARAH: -169- Piano-Conductor Score & cs ano nae a (SARAH) (SARAH) isn't she a t-te bit, well, you know? (JENNY) -170- Piano-Conductor Score you know? WENN) (SARAH) can't (JENNY: Hest she a Ut the bit, well, (SUSAN: fest she a tt tle (AMY & JOANNE:) you know 413 "Poor Baby” meaning = est re - ta = on-ships? They Piano-Conductor Score 2. #13 "Poor Baby” Throw a lone-ty dog a bone, it's sill a bone. ‘Throw a lonely dog a bone, it's still a bone. = : sn. Diarra Plano-Conductor Score SARAH, JENNY.SUSAN: Were the on ty ten der-nest he's AMY & JOANNE: #13~ "Poor Baby” Piano-Conductor Score [ 4| Tick - Tock 24) ‘Orchestration by Jonathan Tick CUE: Aner appleuse. (All dialogue i on ape) ROBERT: Ob this is sensational, APRIL: Ob, think he realy likes me © cin allo . 7 Vm, + Spoperereerreerrrereeeeeseceeeeeeesaseeenaaanacene “174. RUFF U UU UU CUCU e eee eR ee UU UU eee eee ee Piano-Conductor Score a ROBERT: Wow, he ice. Hine. APRIL: He sae. ROBERT: ike that, “175 ROBERT: Of, God APRIL: love tha, APRIL: Ob dese H14-"Tick = Tock” Piano-Conductor Score + #14 Tek - Took” [>] gre TP PPP PPPPPPPPPPPPRPRRRRRRSRRRRRRRaReeeaeeeeaaeeee Piano-Conductor Score + #14~ “Tick - Tock” [a] msn ree — Pig? ROBERT: With ll that lng bir cant eve nd her hea, SRVVGVVGGIGTG 177- Plano-Conductor Score 5 #14 “Tek - Tock” i] Rock - 1/2 time feel ne sha sar “PPP PPPPPPPPPP PRP R eR ee aaa Seek keke eee aaa eee Piano-Conductor Score & #14 — “Tick Tock” APRIL ey ROBERT: ts beauufl APRIL: think I could love him -180- E E E EB Piano-Conductor Score Plano-Conductor Score i. ro ae stp Stren) : a“ 3 Str Hn Tob ot VAM) a ony ™P ni -181- FOS GUST eee eee eee eee eee eee eee ee CeCe eC ee CECE EEE ES i 7 i 8 14 = "Tek - Tock s -182- a Piano-Conductor Score AP Fiano-Conductor Score 10 eee Freely - Slow 4 741) APRIL: ve you. ose you ROBERT: 1 x a oo te ‘a > a Moderate tempo - in six 145] Fagow. gap Love you, Hany. HARRY: love you, Saab poco accel. sey: toe you, Dai DAVID: 1 ove you, Jenny. ‘ALL Tove you, Hove you Hove you. et) = SS DIE tos tos, Piano-Conductor Score 1 #14 = “Tick - Tock” 131] Moderato - not too slow cue wwe 14 "Tick - Tock” Piano-Conductor Score = (J=d) 171] Si 0h e Oe -185- VOU UU UU Ue Ue CU eee CeCe eee : i Piano-Conductor Score a3. 14 "Tick - Tock” ms ° = - eh eae Ft G=4) 77] -186- 2888 VOU UU UU UCU UU UCU UU eee eee eee ee Piano-Conductor Score It Have I Got A Girl - Reprise [14 alt. “COMPANY” (optional tobe wed when ot including “Tick Tock” in your proton) ses and Lyre by Stephen Sonn ‘Con moto i you meet her, -187- PETER, LARRY: ‘Orehestrations by Jonathan Tasik rot a piel for you? DAVID, PAUL, HARRY: Piano-Conductor Score (2) peter, tarry) Hoo, (DAVID, PAUL, HARRY!) 4 alt,~ “Have Got A Girl~ Reprise’ -188- TPPPPP PPP PPP PP PP PPP PRP e eee eee esses eee sees eeeeeee = ; = = — = ad _ = = _ a - - 2 = Hiano-Condustor Score 15) Barcelona -couranr™ Masic and Lyrics by Stephen Sondhewn ‘Orchestration by Jonathan Tanck SIGHT CUB; Alarm clock is tumed of (=30) [3] poses: pon: -189- Piane-Conductor Score 2. 115- “Barcelona” @) Now you're an = ary. No Tm mot Yes, you are, Noy I'm ot Put your things dows. Stay, Thane to My. 1 know, —— ‘4. -190- Downing | || t i a SOAS AASASA NAA UNAN NUR RRR = a a | o as — ee —. stim Cele —— — — — WW Vi ee (ote Tr sat) all. rit, molto 7m Piano-Conductor Score a Pa ese a ” — = - : - - = Plano-Conductor Score Slowly Stat) pp -194- VSVVVSGVVTIV VV VV VV u eee eee 3 Piano-Conductor Score 16) Bobby-Baby — Underscore (16) ‘Masi and Lyric by Stephen Sondre ‘Orchestration by Jost Tmo CUE: cpplouse) (HamsicioRD a] +1 Tr. eeayy | +s. Tobs Simones) ny 195- Piano-Conductor Score (17 Night Club -conmoer Merete by saa Tc LE MARA Now siya eat Nero! ne [2] sm 2 = meeannaneaesenenaeseeseeggggg -196- Plano-Conductor Score 2 917 "Night Club” 4 Bean) 2 [amp and fade out} ROBERT. think they going wo hurt themselves..te ies Guitar Cr adlib.oftly [ORGAN -D0 NOT PLAY! -197- Piano-Conductor Score [ 18 | The Ladies Who Lunch “comrane (transposed pa minor second from the original Broadway kes) ‘Maric and Lyles by Stephen Sone ‘Orchestration by Jonathan Tick (CUE: JOANNE: 1 tke to propose sous Molto Rubato (96) 3] JOANNE: -198- TPPPPPIPPITIVPPPPPPSPSSSseeeeeeneneanaeeaaneanenen RUT UU UU UU Ue Ue UU eee eevee Piano-Conductor Score 2 #18 "The Ladies Who Lunch’ By Om to the gym, Then to a it-ting, Claiming they're ta, Ato Fst, Does anyone rit, ‘illwearabar? a "Cause they've been sitting choosing hat. 79] Slow Bossa Nova Piano-Conductor Sore ‘And one for Mab-ler, Tye AorL ———~ 218 "The Ladies Who Lunch” SPPPPPPPIsIsAsAAALAAAAeeveoececggegeegegggageegeeeseees ones who fol =low the rules___ sti) > -201- 418 ~The Ladies Who Lunch” Plano-Conductor Scare s #18 "The Ladies Who Lunch’ = Hn. (Sane, Ty (ORGAN) vit, a a tempo -202- a Score P Plano-Conductor Score 418 "The Ladies Who Lunch” Rise! Pan-Condcer * 118 "Thale Wah ba] toast to that in-vin-ci-ble bunch, — 2 eee | - 3 feet (CUE; JOANNE: 1 jus did someone a big favor ‘Come on, Lay, let's go home. = —~ ~. ~ES a Piano-Conductor Score 19] Being Alive “coun eprcurn aces CUE ROBERT ic tne oe a a? meagan a ature Lana vet ae miata moe, Tr ti 2— mm —~ a 7 > : : : : : : 7 Ds e oe & e e = + . = = 7 « . . . * s « « e « . " ‘ ‘ ‘ 4 4 ‘ ‘ ‘ -206- 7 2 #19 "Being Alive” : : JOANNE: SUSAN: Babe Bab ye Bobby Bag Bab By Be Rob - ye : weve been try = gto Lanny. ‘ : = _ = - ; 2 = @ = - -@ Piano-Conductor Score + #19~ "Being Alive” 5 AMY & PAUL: Bob - by, we've been try - ing to reach LARRY: HARRY: DAVID & JENNY: The Kids were ask ~ ig, HARRY: SUSAN: JOANNE: PETER: Be LARRY & JOANNE: DAVID & JENNY: TPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPHHSHTAATSSH ABABA eeeeeeeeeeae VOU UU US US UU SUT UU UU e eee eee ee Plano-Conductor Score ROBERT: Sip! ie What do you get? 20 + 119 ~"Being Alive” Moderato (J 1) [2] ponent 4 Calo (ROBERT) — smc _ 30] ‘but Robert, you havent got one good eon Tor Being alone HARRY: You've got so many reasons for not being with someone, ‘SARAH: Is hall you think there stoi? a LARRY: Come on. Yue onto something, Bobby. Youre onto something. Piane-Conductor Score 5. #19 "Being Alive DAVID: You se what you lok for, you know. an, 2 _ JOANNE: Youre not aki anymore, Rober. PETER: Hey, Buddy. Doa' be afraid it wont be perfect. [a2] Von’ think you'l ever be aid again, kiddo, The only thing o be afraid of ally isthat it wontbe. JENNY Don't stop now! Keep going! + P cree pocoapoco Some-one you have to tet tin, Te sis cuit) Gin BCL 210 Plano-Conductor Score a #19 - “Being Alive” (RoBERT) LARRY: Robert how do you know so mach HARRY: [all uch beter [$6] about, when youve never been there? living it than look ait Robe. PETER: Add ‘em up, Bobby, adem up. seit) a} ROBERT: Some-one crowd you with to force you to Sie (800) » ; = = = = = = = = = dl “= - ™ FS = @ @ - : = - Piano-Conductor Score 7. 119~ "Being Aloe” (ROBERT) —— wwe tptsteb 2 Egg ne = 7 at ET RL a ‘AMY: Blow out he candles, Robert and make wish, ‘Want something!) Want something! 76) (amp) [7] ROBERT: (as tne) Some-bo - dy hold me too -22- ROUT UU UU UU UU eee eee eee ee Piano-Conductor Score * 19~ "Being Alive” (RoBeRT) Some-bo - dy sit in my chair And eu-in my sleep and make me a Piane-Conductor Score 9. 119 ~ “Being Alive” “U4 VPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPHSSSSSPSSASSeeeegeneeeeseeecace Piano-Conductor Score m 419~ "Being Alive” Pe Conds Score . 119 -"ing Ale” (aie femSe = dy trond me wth tr : te - Geog, TH aes be : swe . ta SOOO UU UU UUs Scone 1 419 “Being Alive” Fiume-Conducter: > (32) Tutte Force Tat [Curtain] Piano-Conductor Score Bows -220- 22 Maric and Lyric by teen Sonim ‘Orebestrations by Josten Teach Piano-Conductor Score 2 #22- "Bows" Phone rings, door chimes, oy ee eee eee eee eevee Plano-Conductor Score a 22 “Bows” FALL) Ft) Late nights, quite bites, par-ty games, Deep talks, long, walls, tel-e-phone Hina Trae) ee SS —————— << pho + to up om the walle 22d or 7 SS = feet! [ee eee ee | ee ee el ai io Pe 7 7 223. i i Plano-Conductor Score + 2-"Bows" o (aL ‘Ate ser ? t “fmm | ono] amen] omen pete 7 ir aa ; a ——————— z ——— fifi mm mmm eo femal fee Soe eS) =P i - 7 T 7 = = love sey sem ty ways To Bob- by with love ——— $< — _ _ = Piano-Conductor Score 5 #22 "Bows" au 22 “Bows ‘That's what 10 really abou, Sw That's what its really Dare fel fr f 2 Fil it: i Plano-Conductor Score m Piano-Conductor Score * n2- "Bows" tis t company! Lave is company! 27 OUD T TTT U UU UU UU TUT U eee eee eee CeCe eevee ceeece Piano-Conductor Score (23 | Exit Music ‘ontinal) ‘Masic and Lyric by Sepn Sonim ‘Orchestration by Jonathan Tonck 208- VECCCeTeTeccE Piano-Conductor Score Eons 7s Piano-Conductor Scare 3 $23~ "Exit Music” Fano-Conductor Sere zs oat Mai” a _ an - » 3] . j - @ a 2 - e - 21 - : . Prano-Conductor Score ‘. #25 “Est Mie” Full Company APPENDIX #2 —- Company (alternate vocal arrangement for mm.102-123) (SUSAN, JENNY, MARTA:) [ia QENNY:) We love__________ We Jove__________ We (AMY, APRIL, KATHY!) (APRIL, KATHY:) (amy) We love We love_________ We (SARAH, J OANNE:) WOANNE:) We Jove__________ We lowe We (PETER, PAUL, HARRY:) We Jove__________ We a (LARRY, DAVID:) Please Note: If you choose to use this alternate vocal arrangement in your, production, you will need to dictate the following cuts to the orchestra: Cut mm.105-106 Cut mm.115-118 (SUSAN, J ENNY, MARTA:) (SUSAN:) ee lope Sse anne Een EET.) love. (AMY, APRIL, KATHY!) (APRIL, KATHY! love. We love (SARAH, J OANNE:) (SARAH, J OANNE:) UOANNE:) love We love. —— We (PETER, PAUL, HARRY:) lovee love (LARRY, DAVID:) (LARRY, DAVID:) : (SUSAN, J ENNY, MARTA:) (AMY, APRIL, KATHY:) We love ‘We —love____ We (SARAH, J OANNE:) love (PETER, PAUL, HARRY:) (LARRY, DAVID:) 235+ (SUSAN, J ENNY, MARTA:) (continue as before at m.124) ee = eS ee you! Lose yout (SARAH, J OANNE:) love (PETER, PAUL, HARRY:) love ‘yout (LARRY, DAVID:) Music THEATRE INTERNATIONAL 421 West 54th Street New York NY 10019 (212) 541-4684 www.MTIShows.com PONE) AAA SORELY BOS ISEES “?