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IPv6 Adoption

About ARIN What Is IPv6? What Do I Need To

Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is a newer Do To Prepare My
The American Registry numbering system that provides a much Network?
larger address pool than the previous
Requirements to make website, e-mail,
version (IPv4), amongst other features.
for Internet Numbers and other communication services
available via IPv6 will be different for each
Why Adopt IPv6? organization, depending on how the
(ARIN) is the nonprofit network is set up and what services are
As people use more Internet-enabled
devices, organizations and Internet Service deployed. Basic preparation may include:
corporation that distributes Providers must expand their networks, • Replacing any outdated equipment and
thereby using more IP addresses. software with IPv6-ready devices and
However, the IPv4 pool is running out of applications
Internet number resources, addresses. Soon, organizations that • Encouraging hardware and application
require larger contiguous blocks of vendors to support IPv6, and specifically
including Internet Protocol address space will only be able to receive including IPv6 support in RFPs and
them in IPv6. Contiguous blocks of IP contracts
address space are necessary for activities
(IP) addresses, to Canada, • Sending IT staff to IPv6 training
like building out new large networks and
seminars and encouraging them to
adding new customers to existing networks
read forums like the ARIN IPv6 Wiki, or
many Caribbean and without causing additional burden on the
to get involved in organizations like the
Internet routing infrastructure.
Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) or
North Atlantic islands, and the North American Network
What Are the Operators’ Group (NANOG)
Adoption Costs? • Talking to ISPs about getting IPv6 service
the United States.
Specific adoption needs and or about tunneling IPv6 over IPv4
considerations vary based on many • Designing your networks to allow for
factors, but costs may include: easy renumbering. ARIN recommends
More Information • Obtaining IPv6 addresses and upstream providers enter into
connectivity contractual arrangements with their
Learn about IPv6 customers stipulating that the address
implementation on • Upgrading operating systems, software,
space may have to be returned,
the IPv6 Wiki at and network management tools
requiring all end-sites to be renumbered
http://www.getipv6.info/, • Updating routers, firewalls, and
• Getting involved in ARIN’s policy and
or on the ARIN website at middleware devices
membership activities
https://www.arin.net/ • Training IT staff and customer service
v4-v6.html! representatives

For more information, visit us at www.arin.net or e-mail us at info@arin.net.