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Mohammed Marzookh Farook

Mobile : +971-567305159
Email : farook.marzookh@gmail.com
Current Residency: 1803, Kakoli tower, Intifadah Street, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. PO BOX : 84325
Country of Origin: India


To work to the best of my abilities in order to benefit my institution, to gain experience and
improve my understanding of the industry.

British Curriculum:
IGCSE’s(International General Certificate of Secondary Education): AS Levels(advanced subsidiary level):

o A* - Math - A – Physics
o A* - Physics - A - Chemistry
o A* - Chemistry - A – Computer Science
o A - Computer Science - A – Math (C12 & S1)
o A – Business
o A – English
o A – Environmental Management


o Mid-level skills of MS Office (Word, Power Point, excel)

o Data Entry
o Basic knowledge of Computer programming (Python)
o Using the internet effectively for research


o Intern at Dicetek LLC as a Database Engineer, updating the ERP database.

o Participated in Heriot Watt, programming competition 2018.
o Participated in Rochester institute of technology, mechanical engineering competition.
o Part time event manager for school events.
o Volunteered for Emirates lit fest.
o Volunteered for Al Noor.
o Volunteered for Step Conference 2018.
o Volunteered for Dubai Cares.


o Effective Communication Skills: Able to communicate effectively with colleagues and customers
under different circumstances.

o Reliable: Ability to undertake tasks responsibly.

o Quick Learner: Ability to Learn and Adapt things quickly and react to new environments

o Team Worker: Ability to work together with a team for problem solving projects, etc.
o Football
o Cycling
o Swimming
o Reading Books
o Table-Tennis
o Tutoring
o Baking


o Disciplined and Dedicated

o Responsible, Organized
o Electronics Knowledge
o Confident
o Social , Like to interact with new people