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B2B Project Report

Bharti Airtel

Kavish Arora
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Organizational Hierarchy of Airtel

Purchasing Function of Airtel

SubmittedBroadband &
for B2B Sales Project @ IILM, Internet Service
2009 -11

S. No Goal Description

1. Uninterrupted Flow Provide cables, modems, router, wi-fi, connectors

of Materials etc on a regular basis so that the new connections
are addressed regularly
2. Lowest total cost Ask for quotations and negotiate with them in order
to minimize purchasing, operation cost and total
cost to the customer.
3. Reduce Well the employees need to visit the customer
Transportation Cost house regularly so it’s better to provide them with
conveyance to reduce transportation cost
4. Lowest The offices from where the management would

Administrative cost operate needs to be selectively decided in order to
reduce administrative cost. Also all the resources
should be effectively used in order to minimize
5. Lowest Customer For an organization like Airtel it was must to start
Service Cost in-house call center in order to minimize the
management cost.
6. Manage Inventory JIT system won’t help them a lot, but they have to
estimate a stock in their inventory in order to
reduce order and inventory cost. No stock would
mean disappointed customers and high stock would
lead to depreciation.
7. Lowest Hardware In order to minimize the cost it is best suited for
Cost Airtel to do backward integration which would help
in reducing cost of hardware like routers, cables,
telephones etc

Well purchase department function is to reduce the cost of procurement and

forecast the demand in order to meet the supply with minimum inventory, order
and purchase cost. With the time and growth of the organization the need to start
in-house facilities is must in order to reduce outsourcing cost and increase profits.

Customer value Proposition

In marketing, a customer value proposition (CVP) consists of the sum total of
benefits which a vendor promises a customer will receive in return for the
customer's associated payment (or other value-transfer).

Which means that all the value added services and benefits the customer receive
while purchasing a product or a service.

So let us study the same with an example which would clear off the topic:-

Broadband Services

S. No Points Of Parity Points of Difference

1. Broadband Service along with tele- One Cable connection for all
services services (internet, telephone
and broadband)

2. Installation of the broadband (free) You can ask for a shift of your
connection to anywhere and
any number of times for free.

3. Customer service Superior customer service with

quick response and waiver

4. Reasonable telephonic instruments Lifetime warranty and

and routers with the plan guarantee on the same

5. Broadband services High speed broadband services

6. Value telephone and internet deals Free telephonic calls which

include local and std and isd
plans offers

7. 24*7*365 connectivity But Airtel is the only one who

deliver this

Well this table is made after identifying the basic and desired needs of customer’s
and thus we can analyze that why Airtel is superior and market leader

Now let us study the other side of the coin, which is from the company’s

Well generally, Most managers when asked to construct a customer value

proposition, simply list all the benefits they believe that their offering might deliver
to target customers. The more they can think of the better. This approach requires
the least knowledge about customers and competitors and, thus, results in a
weaker marketplace effort.

What the customer are still expecting is that they get high speed broadband plans
@ affordable prices as they are available in foreign countries.

B2B Services of Bharti Airtel

Business-to-business (B2B) describes commerce transactions between

businesses, such as between a manufacturer and a wholesaler, or between a
wholesaler and a retailer. Or we can say that one corporate is selling to another so
that the receiver clubs the product or service into the final one which would be
delivered to the consumer.

The recent tie up of Bharti Airtel was with CISCO, which would mean that now Airtel
would provide solutions to the IT needs of various corporates around India.

The pictures would give you an idea about the services which Airtel provide to
enterprises and consumers:-