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Annelynn Elena Bonamie TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS

08/08/1997, Gent (Belgium) - Student number 01404025 ACADEMIC YEAR 2018-2019

Second semester exam period
Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences Announcement 04/07/2019

Examination Board: Prof. Dr. Hans Van Vlierberghe (chair) - Prof. Dr. Nadine Van Roy (secretary) To obtain further information on your results
or your study progress you may either contact
Completed magna cum laude (770/1000): announcement 04/07/2019
the lecturers or their assistants for feedback
or visit your faculty’s Monitoring Service.


DELIBERATION SET 1 - PASS (ANNOUNCEMENT 05/07/2018) TOTAL SCORE: 781/1000 The total score of a completed deliberation
set consists of the weighted average of the
COURSE UNITS PERCENTILE CODE local grades, in addition to which the ECTS
credits are used as weights.
3 A003107 Advanced Academic English 67(11)22 C171 15/20 The calculation method of the grade of
merit is defined by the Faculty Board
3 D012176 Bio-Ethics in Experimental Medicine 13(14)73 C171 13/20 (www.ugent.be/nl/onderwijs/administratie
5 D012490 Cancer Genetics 89(8)3 C171 18/20 /regelgeving/aanvullendreglement.htm)
4 D012528 Cell and Gene Therapy 62(16)22 C171 15/20 INTERNAL APPEAL
5 D012493 Clinical Aspects of Cancer 55(19)26 C171 16/20 If you deem that an exam decision is
detrimental to your interests due to a
5 D012492 Communication and Metastasis - C171 14/20 violation of your rights of if your re-
3 D012527 Good Clinical Practice - Clinical studies 13(10)77 C171 13/20 enrolment is refused or your enrolment is
subject to a binding condition, you may file an
3 D000236 Good Laboratory Practice 86(8)6 C171 17/20 appeal against this decision – at the latest on
4 D012697 Internship Major Cancer - C171 15/20 the seventh day after the announcement of
the exam results or after the notification of
5 D002122 Laboratory Animal Science I 66(16)18 C171 17/20 the decision in case of a refusal or binding
condition – by means of a signed and dated
5 D000504 Laboratory Animal Science II 75(15)10 C171 18/20 petition that is sent to the Vice-
5 D012491 Proliferation and Survival - C171 14/20 Chancellor(Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 25, 9000
Gent) by registered and signed post, as
6 D002303 Research Internship 44(27)29 C171 15/20 specified under article 100 of the Education
4 D012513 Specialised Bio-informatics 80(15)5 C171 17/20 and Examination Code (www.ugent.be/oer).
Please also send the appeal to


ECTS LOCAL C = Credit certificate awarded
COURSE UNITS PERCENTILE CODE G = Tolerated fail, no credit certificate
4 B001529 Forensic Medicine 90(6)4 C181 16/20 _XX_: academic year (e.g. 09 meaning
8 H000760 General Psychology 80(7)13 C181 16/20            academic year 2009-2010)
_ _ _X: exam take(1/2)
3 D002321 Innovation Management 12(8)80 C181 11/20 PASS = Pass
30 D012185 Master's Dissertation: Functional and biochemical impact of - C181 15/20 FAIL = Fail
ZIEK = Absent because of illness
pharmacological inhibitors on cancer associated fibroblasts AFWE = Absent
4 B000622 Medical Criminalistics 95(3)2 C181 17/20 BDRG = Fraud
ONBK = Local grade unknown
3 D012514 Medical Seminars 91(9)0 C181 16/20 VRST = Exemption
6 D012494 Precision Medicine in Cancer - C181 17/20 STOP = Terminated enrolment

3 J000461 Urgent Medical Aid 25(22)53 C181 14/20 Percentile A(B)C = fraction of passed students
achieving a grade
A: strictly lower than yours
B: equal to yours
C: strictly higher than yours
-: There is not enough data to determine the
For more information on how your results
relate to your fellow students' please refer to
http://oasis.UGent.be and click on "My
courses" in the left menu.

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