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--Roles? Who is on the Bilingual Education side? English Only? Moderator?

 English only: Sarah Collette, Katheryn Hickey

 Bilingual Education: Corinne Estes, Molly Skinner
 Moderator: Angela Scurti

--Research Bilingual Education and English Only. Identify 3 pros for each, and 3 cons for each.
 Bilingual Education
o Pros
 Societies are quickly becoming bilingual
 It creates opportunities for early diversity
 It gives students more employment opportunities
o Cons
 A bilingual education is more expensive than a dominant language
 There would be an even greater teaching shortage.
 Learning specific content can be extremely difficult.
 English Only
o Pros
 Helps students develop strong listening skills.
 Classroom may be easier to manage with only the use of one language.
 Making all students speak the same language in a multi linguistic
classroom encourages students who speak a different language to socialize
and learn from others.
o Cons
 ELL students may feel uncomfortable which can impact learning.
 There is a decreased level of participation from ELL students.
 It has been proven that ELL students are able to pick up a new language
faster if their first language is used in instruction.

--Identify 3 key points you will discuss in your opening for Bilingual Education. Briefly
describe why you believe the key points are relevant/appropriate for the debate. Do the same for
English only.
 Bilingual Education:
o Our country is a melting pot
 This country is made up of immigrants, we are not all the same and have
different background it is important to cherish that.
o The United States has no official language
 There is no law or requirement that students must learn English only
o It is important for students to embrace their own culture
 Children should not be ashamed of their own culture and language.
 English only:
 Help students develop better listening skills.
 The classroom is easier to manage.
 By teaching english only, you are saving time for the rest of the class.
--Create 3 questions the English Only side will ask the Bilingual Education side during the cross
examination. Also vice versa.
 Bilingual Questions:
o How will you ensure the student is proud of their nationality and language?
 English Only Questions:
o How will you ensure that all students, including ELL students, participate an
equal amount in the classroom?
o How will you as the teacher make sure your classroom is a comfortable
environment for all students?
o How will you enforce the use of English only in the classroom?

--Identify 3 key points you will address in your closing statements for both English Only and
Bilingual Education.
 Bilingual
o Students should be able to learn the English language, but keep their own
language apart of their lives

 English Only
o Encourages students to socialize and learn from each other. (Creates a
more engaging learning environment).
o Encourage students to use english only within the classroom.
o Behavior in the classroom will be easier to manage.