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House could tweak

DoE budget to achieve
total electrification
SPEAKER Alan Peter S. Cayetano school graduates more employable
said Tuesday that the House is after graduation.
c0nsidering possible augmentations "finitignan nanin yung DepEd
to the budqetforthe energy, educa- especially yuns K lo 12 tacks Kaya
tion, and health sectors, tayo punayag ng l,No yea5 kasi
nagkarcon klaga ng
" Maaring pag graduate, dapal accredited nd
(lt looks like the budget willhave) at yung diploma ng bata ay di lang
adjustments, but education, health, sa)epEd, kundi pwede na siya sa
energy, agriculture ang mukhang tield na pinili niya yung ftack (Vle
titgrar (are whai we are lookinq are also lookins at the Department
at)," l'1r. Cayetano said in chance of Education's programs, especially
remarks to reporters. K to 12. We agreed to an additional
I'lr. Cayetano said the Depart- two years for high schoolbecause
ment of Energy(DoE) might be we were told that graduates would
given morefunding to address the have the proper ctedentials to work
problem of unavailable ol electricity after graduating from the student's
in some areas. chosen kack)," Mr. Cayetano said,
"l don'lthink nay dahilan in For 2020, the proposed budget
t /3 modern age na may /ugarsa for the K to 12 program is P2.5
Pilipinas na walang kuryente. (Ihete billion, lower than the P3.2 billion
is no reason in this day and agefor allocation in 2019.
some parts ofthe country not to The health sector willalso be
have electricity) 0f course, aiarn d/, coi6idere'd for budget realignment,
naman natin ninsan napakalaking "Sa health, we are looking at
lugat dadhlawa bahay (We also the primary healthcare system.
ne€d to considerthat some large Sa dami ng problena sa kalusu-
areas may have few residents), sd gan, ano ba ang dapat tutukan at
yung expense ng
nd lalagyan mo pinaka-eftecllue. Kung di kaya ang
kuryerfe yur, (which makes it not Pilipinas, nag-pilol qecls tayo,"
viable to invest in electrification). said Mr. Cayetano.
But we ar.e lalking iDgeneral, dapaf The Department of Health has a
waianq duniclpiliry or barangay prbposed budset of P88:72 bi ibn.
na dlenergized (no municipality or To recall, flr. Cayetano said ear-
barangayshould be without power). lierthat he willsupport at least P9
So ang pondo ata diyan ay Pl billion. billion in additionalfunding for th€
So we arc asking kung magkano 'to procurement of palay, or unmilled
complete it in two 0rthreeyears (We rice, to support the market and prop
have a preliminary figure of P] billion up farmer incomes.
and aretrying t0 find out ho,,'/ much He also back€d additionalal-
is needed to get it done in two or locations for upgrading military and
three years)," he said. police camps
The DoE has a proposed budget The Speaker said that minimal
of PI.40 billion for 2020. 0f this, changes in the budget might be
P82.4 million willbe allocated for dlscussed on Friday as the House will
natlonal and regional energy planning tackle also lumpsum funds.
program; P]]2.5 milll0n for renewable "Probablythree or four minimal
energy developmentj P32.3 million for changes /ang by Friday kapag
energy etficiency and conservition; ,agbofohdr. Most of the maior
and P91.7 million foreleclric power changes baka sa bicam ra. None of
indudry development. these will be in the catesory of pork
He noted that the House is also ot lump sum na paghahatian ng nga
looking at the budget forthe K to 12
program in oderto make senior hiqh
kongles/sla," said Mr. Cayetano. -
Vlnce Angelo C. Ferens

o e,Ae- - o,/ g a

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