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Wednesday, Septem ber La, 2otg

Divorced from reality

(First of hao parts) FR. BERNAS: Thank 1'ou."
- Record of the 1986 Constitu-
S I write this, the Senate is tional Commissioo, Vol. 5, 09-24-
holding a heating on the 1986 R.C.C. No. 91
1 Iproposed bill establishing
divotce in the Philippines.
Philiopines. As you
vou Not satisfred? Here's anotbel
may know, dear reader, the Pbilip
pines is one of ody two countries .THE PRTSIDING OFFICER
ieft in the wodd without some (Mr. Rodrigo): Commissioner
divorce lavr - the other berg The Bengzon is recognized.
Vatican, the spiritual and literal cen- NfR. BENGZON: This is just a
ter of the Catholic Church. (Irony: cladficato4' question because there
ltaly, tlre country that surrounds The ate a lot of Commissionets who
Vatican, has a divotce Javz) have some misgivings about the
I casually unote about this long Iast phrase of the first sentence:
ago, and the anti-divotce argu- ,MARRL{GE IS THE FOUNDA-
ments back then ate neady identi- T]ON OF THF, FAM]I,Y AND
cal to the anti divorce arguments SHALL BE PROTECTED BY
novr Except now they ty really, THE ST-ATE." Is that the wording?
really, REALLY hard not to make same: people objecting to divotce Bemas is recognized. BISHOP BACANI: \ts '
it seem ovedy religious, because latgely on religrous gtounds, while FR. BERNAS: Just one ques- MR. BENGZON: Wiil this in
of course Christianity is the ortly tryingvery hard to pass them off as tion, aM.I am not sure if it has any u'ay preclude Congress from
reason not to adopt a divorce larll Iegal or "moral" arguments. been categorically answered. I approving a law on divotce?
Sen. Joel 'Apple Didn't Fall Far Io some more itony for today, it refer specifically to the ptoposal N{S. NIEVA: \X'e discussed that
From The Bigot Tree" Villanueva was the Catholic Bishops Confer of Commissioner Gascon. ls this yesterday and I think we teiterated
recendy rejected any initiative to ence of.dre Phjlippines that raised to be understood as a prohibition drat it does not.
pass a divorce law, calJing divorce a legitimate legal question (out of a of a general law on divotce? His MR. BENGZON: It does nol
as "not part of Philippine culture."' Iiuny of non-legal poins): the ptovi intentioo is to make this a pro- MS. NIFITA: No.
Appatendy, trapping spouses in sion in the Constitution, intoduced hibition so that the legislature N{R. BENGZON: So, even if
abusive, dysfunctional telation by Commissioner Jos6 Luis Martin cannot pass a divorce law' this section or this sentence is
ships is totally part of Pbilippine C. Gascon $'ou might know him MR. GASCON: Mr. Presiding apptoved, Congress will still have
culture. Who knew? better as current CHR Commis- Officer, that was not primarily every right to pass a divorce larv
Sen. Villanueva's father, Rep./ sioner Chito Gascon), that sates my intertion. My intentioo was under certain circumstances as it
Evangetst Eddie Villanueva didn't *rat "marriage, an inviolable social primarily to encourage the social may deem fit.
even bother hiding the re)igious institr:tion, is the foundation of dre institution of marriage, but not MS. NIEVA: That is rght, NIr.
roots of his objections, claiming family and shall be protected by the necessarily discourage divorce. Prcsiding Of6cer
that having ao divorce law means State." Does not divotce, the CBCP But now that he mentioned the NIR. BENGZON: Thank 1'ou."
respecting God's lavr. Which is atgued, go against the Constitutional issue of divorce, my personal
great, excePt we'fe a seculat coun- duty of t}re St2te to defend martiage?
- Record of the 1986 Constitu-
opinion is to discourage it, Mr tional Commission, Vol. 5, 09-25-
try, and there's thjs certain State Looks convincing - if you Presiding Officer. 1986 R.C.C. No. 92
policy that the Villanuevas seem to don't know what the authots of FR. BERNAS: No. My ques, In case that wasn't clear: Yes,
have nevet heatd o! rhat one *rat *re Constitution said during their tion is mote categorical. Does this that ptovision totaliy allows Con-
says tlat the sepatation of church deliberations. Hete. Enjoy. carry the meaning of prohibiting gress to pass a divorce iaw
and State shall be inviolable. a divorce law? Next u'eek $''e'll take a closer
Even in the Senate heaings "THE PRESIDING OFFICER MR. GASCON: Nq Mr Presid- look at those "destroying mar
today, the themes are largely the (Mr. Colayco): Commissioner ing Of6cer. dage" non-arguments.