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WEDNESDAY September tt,ro,, !43
Ewing steelmakers
face reps - PACC
' STEELMAKERS found t0 have colluded with services and infiastrudure pr0grams, the
offidak ofthe Bureau 0f Customs (Bo() in the government sh0uld be lo0king into the

smuggling 0f steel t0 evade the payment of hsue ofsmuggling at Bo( espe(ially steel,'
taxes will be darged, the Presidential Anti- Atienza earlier said.
Corrupti0n Commissi0n (PACC) warned. He urged the Bo( to implement a

ln a phone interview with lte l4anila provisi0n 0f the Customs l\4odernizati0n

Ilrnet PACC head DanteJimenez said and Tariff Ad on the pre-inspedion of

President Rodrigo Duterte ordered them containervans.
to investigate big steel manufacturers and '.Ihey (container van$ should betleared dt
offcials ofthe Customs bureau. the port 0f 0rigin before shipment. When the
"Theywillbe asked to explain andthen Duterte adninistration cme in, we expected

pwede silang nasancli|r (they (0uld face that it would be implemented, but until now
sandions) ot pwede silang kasuhan lthey nothing has danged. 0bvi0usly, the DoF
could be slapped with charget.Whether (Department 0f tinance) is not keen 0n is
you areina government 0rin the privite implemenhtion;'the lawmakersaid.
sedoL kung nagaiolale ka,'yun talaga "0bviously, the government
angstandard diyan (ifyou violatethe laws,
that3 the standard adion)i'Jimenez said.
BoC and the DoF

what i5 inside
- don'twant to know
the mntainervans.They
offi ciah of the Department of lrade are merely dependent on the dedarati0n

and lndustry were also suspeded to 0fimporters. lndustry analysts saythat a

have colludedwith big steelmakeB in minimum of P200 billion is lost every year

fa(ilitating the entry 0fsubstandard (eel, due t0 unabated smugqling;'Atienza said.

which deprives the government ofbillions. "The hugeamountoftax revenues the

ofpesos in taxes and duties. government is losing due to this malprac-
Buhay partylist Rep. Jose "[ito"Atienza ticeould be used t0fund infiastrudure
had urged the governmentto step up projefi underthe President3 Build, Build,
efforts against smugg ling, dting reports Euild pr0gramt parlicularly those that are
that as muchas P200 billion islostevery intended t0 alleviate the (ountry3trans-
year because of smuggling. portation system t0 €ase the ommute6'
"lnstead 0fintroducing new tax ref0rms daily burden," he added.
t0 raise revenue forthe government's social CATHERINE 5. VALENTE

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