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Western Union Long-Tie Splice is used extensively for outside wiring.

Western Union Short-Tie Splice is the most widely used splice or joint
in interior wiring and is extend the length of wire from one point to

Plain Tap Joint is used to connect a conductor to a running wire. It is

occasionally used in practice, particularly for temporary lighting system,
where time is not taken to solder joints.

Rat Tail joint is used to join conductors in outlet boxes or when fixture
leads are connected to through conductors.

A Britannia Splice, also known as a cable spice, is applied on both

inside and outside of the building to big solid wire where twisting is
difficult but there is an equipment to lessen the difficulty on doing this
kind of splice.
Multiple wrapped cable splice is used more extensively on small strand
wires and cables because these stands are more pliable and may be
wound together without much difficulty

Ordinary cross joint - This is used where two tap conductors are to
extend away from the branch conductor in opposite direction.

Duplex Wire Splice is used only in conduit systems wherein duplex

wires are used. A wire splice used in joining wires in parallel.

Terminating Fixture joint is used when fixture leads are joined to the
end run of the top conductor.

Knotted or loop, tap joint is very strong joint and will not untwist even
enough strain is placed upon it. It is used for temporary lighting
systems, where time is not taken to solder joints.
Simple Wrapped Cable splice
A splice used in joining through conductors that are stranded. This kind
of splice is applied in the absence of the connectors.
Small Aerial Tap joint is used mostly on outside work, or in locations
where wires are subjected to considerable movement.

Split Cable Tap or Tee Joint is used where stranded cables or wire are
tapped to a through conductor. This joint is stronger than the ordinary
cable tap.
Through Fixture joint is used where fixtures are connected to branch
wires in an intermediate point.

Double Wrapped Cross joint is like an ordinary cross joint but double
wrapped with electrical tape. It is used where two tap conductors need
to extend away from the branch conductor in the opposite direction.