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Oil flrmE afisure publlc they havo onough inventory zucbm€rE, Nonethcleas, we are clonely Laban Konswmer lnc, (tKl) eald 30 davr: bulk illluurterg fur 15 davr
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oil refiner and harketet, eaid thet€ full advereely affect the stability of the sup- "ThA consumeis should be assrired Cabinir Socrntary Karlo Nograle
once of en6ugh inventot following tolcl lrt'rvsrncrt in Zamboanga Cit
the attack on" oil facilitiee in Saudi be no fuel supply dlsruption after the olies of Aude oil," it
' said' / that the oil industry complies strictly
attack on Saudi oil facilities, Earlier, Pilipinas Shell Petroleum with the minimurn inventory require- after a town hl(l forum yesterilay tlie
Arabia, major exporter of oil/ but see
ment of 30 davs for cmde oil, 15 davs the governnient is already acting o
staseefsd price incrcases. "We wish to assure the Public that Coro. said ii is'closelv monitoring the
devLlopmenb in Sauij Arabia and the for finished pioducts and seven days the fossible problems that the attac
i'ia.oeriaent phllipDine Petroleum there will be no supply disnrpflon frorn 'for mav cause.
our end. We have adequate suPPlY to world market. LPG," LItl president Victorio Dirir-
CompairiesAssociatioi (IPPCA) prcsi- iabor gccrntarv Silvestre Bello L
dent'Bone Suntav said the Saudi oil support our domestic requ irements. "Rest assured that PiliPinas Shell aeiba said.
" He added " Lhese inventory should
will exert all effort to ensure con- said the goverrm6nt is readying pol
attacks w"ould haie an adverse effect Mr'inwhilir, we are closely monitoring
tinuous supply of fuel to the motoring cushion the country against supPly sible repatriation of Filipino worket
on oil urices, which have remaitred the situation and hoping that normalci
" Pehon said in oublic anda'llbur customers," it saidl distortion tl-ratmav impact on theabil- who ari crrployed by Aramco, Sauc
:relativeiv low durins lhe past month. will be restored soon
' Arabia's l.rrd*ioil fa;ili lv, but darifie
Two maior oil facilities of the state- ity of the country'to r6plenish impo*
"We 6xpect price"s to iPike when a statemmt.
rhat this rvorrld onlv b'e done if th
markets open. The coordilated strikes Thai firm PTT Philippjnes CorP. run Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia volume."
al;c gave assu rance that ft has "enoug} were attacked last weekend. The dam' The Deparhnent of Energy (DOE) is situation reaches a'level that ma
clisrupted'about half of Saudi's oil ca- with oil players to ensure be considered dangerous and if th
supilies for domestic consumption age is expected to cui the kingdom's 3et to meei
pacity. 144rile our local oil players will
baidd on our current inventories " oirtput by S.Z miflion barrels per day sufficient fuel inventorv levels. Refin- Department of Foreign Affairs recon
ir"y t6 cushion the impact of the price mehds it. - with Jess Diaz, Maye
"Our rctail stations especially have bpa) of more than five percent of ers are reouired to have a stock of both
sfike by a staggered. implementation
ol o enough inventories to suPPlY our global oil supply. crude and finished products good for ]aymalin, l{oel Parefro
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