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Lightning is very spectacular and it is a natural phenomenon with a great display.

Some people have a fear of it but this is especially so of pets. Quite often after a
storm, animal shelters and council pounds are inundated with lost pets. Therefore, it is
a good idea to have pets registered and identified either by a microchip or by having
your pet wear a collar with an identification tag.

It is dangerous to use the telephone during a storm, unless calls are of an urgent
nature. Lightning strikes can move through the electrical circuitry and there is a
chance of a shock. Keep away from electrical appliances as a precaution.

We should all do our best in whatever tasks we perform. At work you should always
work to your best ability and work towards continuous improvement. We also should
have a good attitude and aim at having a good work-life balance, with time for leisure
and time for family and friends. Taking home problems encountered at work or taking
to work problems encountered at home does not really help. Try to think pleasant
thoughts and try to leave your problems in the right environment. Worry results in
tiredness and irritability. Pleasant thoughts refresh the millions of cells in our brain. It
is important to eat a healthy diet and also to stay as positive as possible. An optimistic
rather than a pessimistic outlook encourages people to be friendly and happy.

Some people say that in word processing, spellcheck will correct errors. It is a very
handy feature, but it will only find some errors and not all. The computer will
compare with its inbuilt dictionary, and if the error does not appear there, it will select
the word as an error. This may not be so. Similarly, some words do appear in the
dictionary, but are not correct in the particular context. An example of this is keying
the word ‘form’ when the word was meant to be ‘from’.

Smart people proofread carefully before printing documents. It is important to check

for spelling, grammar and keying errors, and check for correct spacing. Everything
must make sense. Fellow workers and supervisors and customers will view you as
efficient and professional if you proofread carefully.

Once the document is proofread it may be printed, but always proofread again, just in
case you missed something whilst reading from the screen.