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Name : Irya Arisantika Hiqwan

NIM : E1R019072

Chapter I

Exercise 2

Listen to the recording and repeat the following terms:

- Quantity
Sentence : This pen requires a lot of quantity.
- Science
Sentence : In school we are taught science.
- Branch
Sentence : Branch of mathematics must be used in everyday life.
- Space
Sentence : We are even lacking parking spaces.
- Equation
Sentence : Equations are used in mathematics.
- Calculus
Sentence : Calculus is a branch of mathematics.
- Integers
Sentence : An integers is a number from the set ….,-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3,….
- Topic
Sentence : The topic for today is subtraction, so please pay attention.
- To solve
Sentence : Mathematics is used to solve everyday problems.
- Patent
Sentence : I then received my second patent, and this is a big one.
- Application
Sentence : Application is a solution in everyday life.
Chapter II

Exercise III

Listen and repeat

- Exponent
Sentence : Exponents and logarithms are branches of mathematics
- Fraction
Sentence : Therefore every number that can be written as a fraction is a rational number.
- Square
Sentence : Squared is a multiple product.
- Root
Sentence : The root of four is two.
- Count
Sentence : Count the many lights needed on that road.
- Arrow
Sentence : Arrows are needed in mathematics.
- Multiply
Sentence : Make it easy and give a kilo of lentils, you multiply immunization rate by six.
- Multiplication
Sentence : In this class, they were learning basic multiplication through a game called
Match Me.
- Divide
Sentence : Divide this cake in two.
- Division
Sentence : Math class division will be done tomorrow.
- Add
Sentence : I add sugar to the coffe.
- Addition
Sentence : Addition is very important in mathematics.
- Subtract
Sentence : Five squares subtract four squares equals nine, it is subtraction operasion.
- Subtraction
Sentence : Subtraction operation is very important in mathematics.
- Simplify
Sentence : Simplify use in fraction lessons.
- Cancel
Sentence : I should cancel the trip to beach.
- Parentheses
Sentence : Parentheses can be written with ”( )”.
- Decimal
Sentence : Decimal numbers are needed in many ways.