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Historical Opening of Colegio de Iligan

By: Joshua D. Vilarma, BS Agriculture

Colegio de Iligan; a “masterpiece” created and implemented with the help of the Local Government
Unit of Iligan City and the 17th Council, Councilor Noli Pardillo, Vice Mayor Monsi Jemar Vera Cruz, and
the father of Iligan City, Mayor Celso Regencia. It offered 4 courses namely Bachelor of Science in
Agriculture, Criminal Justice, Midwifery and Social Work. It aims to provide free education to those
poor, but deserving students who are willing, passionate, and dedicated to finish a 4-yr degree. Colegio
de Iligan is community college situated temporarily located at NSC Complex, Suarez, Iligan City.

It has officially opened on August 13, 2019 and many people witnessed the opening program and it was
led by the Colegio de Iligan President, Engr. Rolando C. Cuizon, PhD, Academic Coordinator, Engr.
Anecita C. Palacios, PhD, faculty staffs and the students. The students from different colleges presented
different intermission numbers from which the audience gladly enjoyed. They also conveyed their
message to the “authors” or the 17thCouncil of the implementation of the institute. After that, the
program was successful and ended with a free dinner to all. But prior to that, many people wondered
“how to be part of the institute?” Well, to answer that question, here is the process based on one of the
students of Colegio de Iligan.

The students were first informed through social media that Colegio de Iligan is offering 4 courses and
they were to submit 2x2 ID picture, Certificate of Indigency, Photocopies of Birth Certificate and High
School Report Card. After they have submitted the requirements, they were to partake in the Admission
Test held at the Iligan City National High School on June 22-23 and June 29-30, 2019. About 1200+
applicants test their luck to pass the exam. However, only 320 students successfully qualified. The
qualified students were again called in an orientation held at Legislative Building, SP Session Hall on July
17 and 22, 2019 and were required to bring Income Tax Return of Parents for the Final Listing of
Students. Why Income Tax Return of Parents? It is to assure that the selected students are really part of
the families who belong below to the Poverty Line in Iligan City. And successfully, they made it.

Being part of the Colegio de Iligan alone is a long process. Yet 320 qualified students successfully made
it. Imagine the hard work and sacrifices they have made in order to be part of the history of opening of
Colegio de Iligan. It is such an honor that the Government initiated a move that enable those who are
poor and deserving students to go to school for free. The parents and the guardians of the students
were surely proud and thankful. Who would’ve thought that the dream that they assume they cannot
reach is actually real and happening? And by that, we can say that there’s still a chance for Jose P.
Rizal’s saying “ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan” to be true and maybe not today but surely

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