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Current Deakin Research Student RTP and DUPR Application Form

Please complete this form if you are a currently enrolled Research Degree Student and would like to apply for a RTP
and DUPR scholarship.
Current students may not apply after they have completed more than 3 years of their doctoral course or 2 years of
their masters course (or part-time equivalent). Please refer the RTP & DUPR webpage and RTP Policy for more
Please also note the following:
 The duration of the scholarship will be reduced by any periods of study undertaken towards the degree prior
to commencement of the scholarship.
 Your original candidature application and any new information(s) provided in the form will be used for
Scholarship assessment. If there are any relevant attachments please email with the application.
 If you have applied for an HDR scholarship previously, you need to demonstrate that you have achieved
significant research outcomes beyond the basic expectations of your candidature progression since your last
 Your application will be assessed in the next available round for your Faculty/Institute (see our How to Apply
webpage for round information).

Once completed, please email this form and supporting documents to research-scholarships@deakin.edu.au

Section A: Applicant details

Full Name
Deakin Student ID
Course Code
Candidature Start Date
Principal/Executive Supervisor
Section B: Publications
List and attach any new publications that you have since commencing your candidature. These could be:

 Refereed journal articles and/or

 Conference papers and/or
 Books/book chapters and/or
 Professional business reports

Publications, conference papers or book chapters which have been submitted for publication and are currently under
review can be included as part of your application. Please provide evidence of submission of these works (as a PDF if
possible) to research-scholarships@deakin.edu.au at the same time as submitting this form.

Deakin University CRICOS Provider Code: 00113B Page 1

Section C: Research Experience Awards
List any relevant research experience or research related awards received. Please do not include candidature
requirements such as confirmation or colloquium or changes to candidature.

Section D: Other information.

List any additional relevant information or comments.

Student Declaration
Student signature: Date:

Email the completed form and supporting documents to


Deakin University CRICOS Provider Code: 00113B Page 2