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Topic Chapter 1 It’s English Time! “Attention, understand, opinions, and appreciation”

I. Read the text carefully and answer the questions!

Teacher : . . . . Are we all ready to learn English?

Students : Yes, Ma’am

a. Do you understand c. I think so
b. What do you think d. Attention, please

. Teacher : What about you, Ezzah? . . . . if we use English in our English class?
Ezzah : Yes, we will use English in our English class
a. Do you understand c. I think so
b. What do you think d. Attention, please

3. Rendy : Your picture is . . . . ! I like the colour.

Nizam : Thanks
a. Bad b. Beautiful c. Horrible d. Mad

4. Teacher : ....?
Student : Yes, Sir
a. Do you know what I mean? c. Do you think
b. You don’t understand d. Don’t you remember

5. Student : . . . . What is ‘attention’ in Bahasa Indonesia?

Teacher : Attention is /perhatian/
a. sorry b. yes, please c. Excuse me d. really

II. Match the expressions in column A with the correct responses in column B!

1. How do you feel about that? a. Yes, please
2. Excuse me, I wonder if I could trouble you...b. Really? Thankyou
3. Do you understand what I’m saying? c. How Interesting!
4. What an awesome project! d. I feel that it’s the right thing to do
5. Look what I’ve got here! e. I see what you mean

III. Complete the dialogs based on these expressions!

1. Expressions of opinion
A: What do you think of your classroom?
B: ____________________

2. Expressions of opinion
A: ____________________
B: In my opinion, smoking in restaurants is a bad things!

3. Expressions of appreciation
A: Look at the painting!
B: Wow! ____________________

4. Expressions of attention
A: ____________________. Can you tell me where the post office?
B: Sure. It’s near the Corner Bank

5. Expression of understanding
A: ____________________
B: I do understand.

IV. Rearrange the sentences below into a good dialog!

1. Jenna : So, how was it?

2. Hanna : Oh, Hi Jenna. I’m quite sleepy now. I stayed up last night. I watched
Spiderman Homecoming on DVD
3. Jenna : I didn’t like it. It makes me sleepy.
4. Hanna : It’s a cool film. The Spiderman was so lovely. What do you think about it?
5. Jenna : Hi, Hanna. How is it going today?