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Padilla, Kimberly Rose G.

Literary Criticism

Eve’s Diary
by Mark Twain

It seems that events occurring in history around the time Twain wrote his story may have
influenced him to write his story in the way in which he did. It is possible that he wrote “Eve’s
Diary” how he did because it talks a lot about the topic of sexuality which is the same subject
that Sigmund Freud wrote his famous theory during that time. It influenced Mark Twain to write
his story on Adam and Eve, and caused him to discuss their sexuality. Twain speaks through
Adam and Eve about how men and women are simply attracted because they are opposites,
not because of anything special that the other does and because that is how it is supposed to
be. It seems that “Eve’s Diary” was Twain’s way of expressing his thoughts of Freud’s subject.

The illiteracy case rise in the United States may have influenced Twain in writing “Eve’s
Diary”. In this story, Eve is an intelligent, literate human being who can spell, speak, and write
things quite well. She is depicted as a bright young woman. Adam on the other hand, is not
quite literate, and does not seem very bright from Eve’s point of view. Perhaps this contrast in
depiction between literate and illiterate people was Twain’s way of pointing out that literacy is

Mark Twain tells us that the story, which happened to the narrator, takes place in
Eden. Mark Twain's story is his view of creation. It is written in the style of a diary kept by the
first woman. From the first page, it was Saturday, she is meeting and getting to know Adam.
During the whole story Eve is exploring the world around her, Eden. This story then jumps 40
years into the future after the Fall and expulsion from Eden. In this story Twain showed how
Adam must have felt when Eve was first created and how humans react by adapting to others
and situations.

In this story, Eve is curious, awe-filled, and overwhelmed with this world she has come
to be a part of. She is also unaware of the hard things in life throughout the story, and quick to
become uneasy, even afraid, of the things around her. Experiencing things such as heart break,
fear, and sadness throughout the story shape Eve into a stronger person, and a more wise one.

“Eve’s Diary” takes place in the beginning of time, directly after God has just created the
universe and everything in it. Basically, it takes place of time many years ago. The majority of
the story takes place in the Garden of Eden, a vast, glorious garden filled with beautiful
creatures and vegetation that God is waiting for Adam and Eve to discover. The beauty of the
setting causes most of the story to have a happy, upbeat, and exciting sort of mood as you wait
for Adam and Eve to discover and name new things in the garden, and meet each other.

The climax is when Eve discovers fear. This discovery ensues when Eve builds a fire.
She is surprised and afraid when the fire starts to burn, then the fear is intensified when she
tries to touch the fire and gets burnt. After the Fall, when Adam and Eve become closer and fall
in love. He protects her and helps her understand the things she fears. Her uncertain feelings
about him and the hurt from him rejecting her obviously end when they become are forced to
work together to survive after the Fall.

The theme of "Eve's Diary" is that life is full of disappointments. Eve is very excited when
she discovers fire, but disappointed and scared when it burns her. Eve is overjoyed when she is
with Adam, but disappointed when he avoids and ignores her. Eve is in awe of the garden, but
disappointed when she is sent out of it. However, there is positive things in disappointing
situations. When Eve got burned by the fire she was disappointed, but she did learn something
new about her environment. When Adam and Eve get sent out of the garden, they fall in love,
which is what Eve wanted.

Therefore, the theme is not only that life is full of disappointments, but that there is
positive aspects in some of those many disappointments.