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Faculty : Faculty of Industrial Management

Module Title : Manufacturing Technology
Module Code : BPT 4413
Module Lecturer : Dr. Fatimah binti Mahmud
Date Handed Out : Week 2 (18 September 2019, 13:00)
Date Handed In : Week 2 (18 September 2019, 23:00)
Assessment Type : Exercise (Introduction to Manufacturing Technology)


Provide the hand written answer for the following questions.

1. Differentiate the manufacturing and manufacturing technology.

2. Describe the activities involve in manufacturing.
3. Explain the purpose of measurement, gauging and inspection.
4. Distinguish the precision, accuracy and repeatability.
5. Discuss on the error in measurement.
6. With aid of a diagram, describe three (3) mechanical measurement instruments and two (2)
angular measurement instruments.

** Check carefully the hand in date and the instructions given within this exercise