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Control Systems

Credit Structure (L-T-P-Cr): (3-0-2-4)

Course Code: ES411

Instructor Introduction:

Name: Dr. Rajib Lochan Das

Qualification: PhD, lIT Kharagpur

Research Interest:
• Graph Signal Processing
• Machine Learning
• Adaptive Signal Processing
• Compressive Sensing
• Image Processing
• Biomedical Signal Processing
• Hardware lmplementation of Adaptive AIgorithms

Teaching Interest:
• Signals and Systems
• Digital Signal Processing
• Analog Electronics
• Circuit Theory
• Digital Logic Design
• Control Systems
• Adaptive Signal Processing

Introduction to Control Systems
A system with proper controlling mechanism to produce
desired output can be termed as Control System.



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Examples of Open-loop Systems:

1. Washing Machine

2. Toaster

Timer level Brefld €®l®r

Examples of Closed-loop Systems:

1. Driverless Car

2.Temperature Control System



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3. Liquid Level Control System


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4. Antenna pos.`t.`on.mg Contro` System

Following topics will be covered in this course:

1. Mathematical Models of Physical Systems

2. Laplace Transform
3. Time Response Analysis
4. Discussion on Stability of Closed-Loop Systems
5.The Routh-Hurwitz Stability Criteria
6. The Root Locus Technique
7. Frequency Response Analysis
8. Nyquist Stability Criterion
9. Bode Plot
10. StatevariableAnalysis
11. Optimal controlsystems
a) Linear Quadratic Regulator
b) Linear Quadratic Gaussian Regulator
12. Moderncontrolsystem
a) Adaptive Control
b) Fuzzy Logic Control
c) Neural network