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SCHOOL: Școala primară ,,Copalnic”



TEACHER: Micle Iulia Alexandra

COURSEBOOK: Fairyland 3A


LESSON: In the old house

TYPE OF LESSON: listening, vocabulary and grammar practice

MATERIALS/RESOURCES: worksheets, guidebook;

COMPETENCES: 1.1, 1.2,2.1, 2.4, 2.5, 3.2, 4.1, 4.2 ,4.3

AIMS: 1. To activate previously acquired vocabulary

2. To talk about rooms in a house

3. To introduce the structure there is/there are

4. To develop communicative skills by sharing ideas on the topic

5. To practise there is/there are in sentences of their own

Stages of Timing Interaction Competences Teacher does Students do Observations

Warm up 5 min T-Ss 2.4 T draws on the blackboard the Students in random order go
sketch of a house. Ss are asked to to the blackboard and write
identify the drawing and label the down the four rooms of a
rooms of a house. house.
T shows the Ss pictures with the
four rooms. The Teacher organise
this as a competition, so that the
first student that identifies the
picture (bathroom) goes on the
blackboard and paste it. T follows
the same procedure for kitchen,
living room and bedroom.

Lead in 5 min PW 2.1 Teacher elicits Ss to look on the Students label the things
2.4 blackboard and label the objects from the rooms using their
from each room. previous knowledge.

Listening 8 T-Ss 1.2  T asks the pupils to open Teacher allows
min 1.3 their book at page 42. students 2
 Teacher explains the minutes to get
meaning of the phrase In familiarized
the old house. Teacher with the task
goes through the pictures  Students answer to
of the dialogue and set the the T’s questions.
scene by asking questions
(Where’s Missy? Is the
house old or new?)
 T writes on the board
There’s a ................. in the
bedroom! T explains to the
pupils that they will listen
the dialogue and find the
missing word.  The pupils follow the
 Teacher plays the recording dialogue and
 Teacher elicits the complete the task.
students’ answers
 T reads the instructions and
explains the task.

 Teacher allows them time
to read it again and
complete the task. The, T
checks their answers.
Guided 10 min 4.1 Teacher points to a pen on the Students try to form The teacher
discovery PW desk, says and writes: There is a sentences: There is a sets the time
pen on the desk. Then, puts notebook in my schoolbag. allocated for
another pen on the desk, points to There are two flowers in the this activity in
them, says and writes: There are vase. advance
two pens on the desk. T practise
the structure by pointing to items
in the class and inviting the
students to make sentences.
T asks the pupils to read the
sentences in the grammar box,
drawing attention to the fact that There’s a ghost under the
the plural of mouse is mice. T reads bed.
the instructions and the examples There are two ghosts in the
and explains the task. T tells the wardrobe.
pupils that they have to say where There are three ghosts under
the ghosts are in the room. T asks the table.
individual pupils to tell her where
the ghosts are by pointing at the

ghosts in question.

Guided Practice 10 min 1.2.  In pairs, the students  Ss work in pairs and
1.3. describe their bedrooms, describe their rooms.
using there is/there are. T There’s a bed in my
goes around the class bedroom. There’s a
monitoring the activity and wardrobe, too. There are two
offering help where chairs.
 Then, T asks Ss to look,
read and say yes or no. T Ss solve the task.
reads statements 1-5 with
pupils and asks them to
point to the different
objects mentioned (spiders,
clock, sofa).
 T allows them time and
checks their answers.

Consolidation 5 GW 2.4 Teacher divides the class in two Students pay attention to
/Reinforcement min 2.5 teams and have them take turns their T’s questions.
4.1 answering T’s questions. Each

4.2 correct answer wins a point. The
4.3 team with the most points wins.
Teacher: Kitchen!
Pupil 1 (Team A): There’s a
cupboard in the kitchen.
Teacher: Bedroom!
Pupil 1 (Team B): There’s a bed in
the bedroom.

Feedback and 5 T-Ss 2.1 Teacher asks Ss to tell her what The pupils tell to the T their The other
Peer min there is in various rooms of their house’s objects using there students may
Assessment house. is/there are. come up with
questions and
Homework 2 min T-Ss 4.2 Teacher asks students to solve the
exercises from their Activity Book
Unit 6A.