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Confidence Steel Building Technologies Ua.

Memo: CSBT/SSG/201901 10 Dated:. 17 /0912019

Managing Director
Super Star Croup Ltd.
Shed Building Retrofrtting and New Crane
25, Shegunbagicha

Subject: offer for supply, fabrication & Erection New crane with retrofitting work for Super star Group
at Vaterchar. Cazaria. Munshigonj.

Sl no Description vuaIrrn Unit Rate (Tk) Amount CIk)

A Super Structure
Structural Frame with pre-engineered I-Section with M.S.
Plate (ASTM-572-50) For Column, Beam, Rafter, Base
Plate,Temp plate, joint Plate, Cleat, Gusset Plate, Stiffner,
15000 kg 103.00 " r,s+s,ooo.oo
Side Wall breacing etc.

2 Galvanized Nut Bofts and washer for Joint (ASTMA-325) 250 kg I50.00 37,s00.00
3 Existing Roof , wall sheet & Purlin removing 25822 sft 8.00 206,s76.00
4 Re-Installation ofof wall sheet 25822 sft 10.00 2s8220.00
5 Painting with eanmel paint 15 ton 4,000.00 60.000.00
6 Tmnsportation Charge LS 40,000.00
7 Erection Charge with retrofiftiq l5 ton 20,000.00 300,000.00
Total Amount 2,447,296.00
In Words; Tk. Twenty four laa forty seven thousand two hundred ninety six onty.
Note: This rate is considered excluding VAT & IT.
Payment Terms:
1. 50% Advance Payment shall be made with work order.
2. 40% Payment shall be paid after reached all materials to the site.
3. l0% Payment shallbe paid after completion ofwork.

Thanking You

Engr. Md. Abdus Salam

Director (Operations)

Confidence far Sustainable Shucture

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