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duolingo events


Conversation Prompts


• What's your favorite color?

Has your favorite color changed as you've grown older?
• Do you have a color that you dislike?
If so, which is it?
Why do you dislike it?
• What is your favorite color combination?
• We can see many colors in the natural environment. Which is the most
• What is the best color for a fast sports car?


• Do you think colors can affect your mood?

How does red, green, and blue make you feel?
• Choose a color to represent you, and tell us why.
• What are the colors of your favorite sports team? Do you think it works for
them? If given the chance to change it, what would you change it to and
• Have you ever dyed your hair a different color? What color did you go? Why
did you change it?
• If you are required to paint your nails, what would you choose - black, clear,
white or clear with French tip? Why?
• What is your preferred ink color for writing? Do you think it is rude to use blue
or red in a letter or signature? Why?
• What do you think about adult coloring books?
• Explain why you think these uniforms have its current colors:
Doctors: white
Police: black
Soldiers: camouflage print
Prisoners: orange 


duolingo events


Conversation Prompts

• Why do you think the emergency cone is orange?

• If all the colors will be gone in the world and you will be given a chance to
choose one that stays, what will you choose? Why?
• If you are to describe an emotion/mood/word as color, what would it be?
Explain why. (or the other way around - color then corresponding emotion)


• Do you think that babies should be assigned colors exclusively as pink and
blue? Explain why or why not.
• Do you think colors affect the palatability of any dish? How so? Do you care
about the colors of your food? Why?
• How important is color coordination to you? Do you have matching clothes
• Do you believe in the importance of color in kid’s learning? Why do you think
• What comes to your mind when you see a rainbow?
• Do you think colors affect your daily decisions in life?
• Do you think color can reflect personality? Do happy people wear bright
colors only or do they wear it to hide what they feel?
• Some people consider black cats and dogs are bad luck, do you believe in it?
Why or why not?


duolingo events


Conversation Prompts

• Do you have pets?

If yes, what color are they? Did their color affect your decision to adopt/buy
them? Why?
• Do you know some people can actually see music and paint it in colors? If
you are to use colors to describe your favorite song, how would it look like?
• If you are to be a photographer, are you a black and white street photogra-
pher or a vibrant color travel photographer? Why?
• How have colors affected movies? Are there any movies where color & black
and white film scenes are juxtaposed?
• Is color coding an effective organizational method or is it distracting?
• What do you think about adult coloring books?
• Do colors perpetuate gender roles? Discuss.

Photo Prompts



duolingo events


I Spy

Classic game where one participant "spies" something that is visible to every-
They say something like, "I spy with my little eye, something...(insert color)". In
the language being learned of course!
Other participants try to guess what they spy.

Color Touch

Host or participants take turns to call out a color.

The rest race to find & touch an object of the same color somewhere.

Last Man Standing

Group takes turn to pick a color (or from a stack of cards).

Everyone has to name something in NATURE in that color. E.g. "yellow
banana", "green lime" etc.
No repeats allowed (so after yellow car, we can’t have "red car") and an
answer has to be given within 3 seconds.
Variation: Take turns to name an object that starts with the same letter as the
color. E.g. Brown Bear, Red Rose, Black Boots.

Word Chain

Name a color.
Each subsequent person should also say all of the colors that have already
been said, in order, before adding theirs. The object is to remember and repeat
what you heard before, as well as state colors without repeating them.
How far can your group get?

Tell a colorful story

In groups, come up with COLORFUL story with the group. (The story with the
use of most colors wins.)


duolingo events



Name the colors of the (insert country) flag.

Can be done individually or as a group competition if there are many of you.
If it is too difficult, allow looking up the flags.

I Need Advice

Explain to everyone that this activity is about posing casual questions about
which is the best colors and finding recommendations. Bear in mind this is a
fun activity, so logic can be shelved. Recommend a color instead of "it’s your
E.g. "I want to buy a car, what is the color?" "I want to buy my son a bag, what
is the best color?"
In pairs, discuss questions.
Next, hand out worksheets and tell each person to write down the other
person’s question. Explain the key expressions of asking for and giving advice.
Now there’s a mingling session where the students seek to find advice for their
new friend, and give advice to others. Students jot down all the advice they get
in the mingling session.
After the mingling session, they can either go back to their pairs to share the
recommendations and have a group sharing.

"Colors of the Wind"

Analyze the lyrics of "Colors of the Wind" (here) in Pocahontas and talk about
what color you think the wind would/should be, justifying your answer. (ex) The
wind, or nature, is blue to symbolize the running water, green for the leaves of
the trees, etc. Also talk about cultural/historical significance.


duolingo events


Pub Quiz


1. There are three high-contrast colors sharks are most attracted to, name
these three.
2. What color are a zebra's black stripes during the first six months of life?
3. In 1900 the color of what "fever" was discovered?
4. Litmus turns what color when dipped into an acid solution?
5. In its pure state, what color is topaz?
6. Name the seven colors of the rainbow.
7. What color is an octopus's blood?
8. What came first? The orange fruit or the orange color?
9. A baby can see this color as early as 2 weeks since birth, what color is it?
10. What color is known to soothe anger management issues, hence used as
paint to walls in prisons and mental institutions?
11. What do you call the fear of colors?
12. This color was so highly prized that laws existed as to what artists were
allowed to paint using this during earlier times. What color is this?
13. What light color helps chicken to calm down, sleep better, and avoid
cannibalism and pecking problems?
14. What color mosquitoes are most attracted to?
15. Based on multiple international studies, what is the world’s most favorite
16. What is the color of an emu egg?
17. What brand camcorder was the first to have a color LCD screen instead of
a viewfinder?
18. What black and white movie was the first to be converted to color electro-
19. According to studies, men and women see this color differently because of
the xx and xy chromosomes, what color is this?
20. It wasn’t until the 17th century that most carrots became orange, what color
it was before?


duolingo events


Pub Quiz


1. Red, orange, yellow

2. Brown
3. Yellow
4. Pink
5. Colorless
6. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet
7. Bluish green or blue green
8. Orange fruit
9. Blue
10. Pink
11. Chromophobia
12. Blue
13. Red
14. Blue
15. Blue
16. Green
17. Sharp
18. Yankee Doodle and Dandy
19. Red
20. Purple


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