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The measure of intelligence is the ability to change

It is an inexcusable fact that human intelligence is merely close to nature’s intelligence. This
is evident from the happenings around us but these generally gets swayed away in our
definition of intelligence, the winds changing , the river’s changing its course , the physical
forms adapting and changing of seasons .Everyone likes a waterfall which comes downward
due to gravity but what if the water would resist this natural change and try to go upwards
,would it look appealing now?
Our knowledge and approach towards intelligence is partial and incomplete hence it can be
coined as incorrect. If we have incorrect knowledge, it would be inappropriate to measure
intelligence by keeping in view our past beliefs as it is rightly quoted that ,”Man cannot
discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore”. What we need is
an open mind to see what truly is real intellect. Does the ability of accepting change not a
parameter of intelligence? The person who is addicted to his way of thinking cannot be
called as intelligent , he may not understand the reality and see things according to his
perspective only. But the irony is that the first step towards a change is denial. The fear of
loss of relationships ,monetary losses and risks are inescapable when it comes to embracing
change. But what will happen to a river that is stagnant and has not changed its course over
the time, in a while it will develop algae over it and start to decay. It even losses its previous
warmth and smoothness. Clearly the one which is flexible and soft is an indication of life but
the one which is stiff and hard is a companion of death. Though we may be living as usual
but if we are not accepting change then more or less we have died .
By being observant in our daily lives we can notice a pattern of how we act .We generally
act to maintain security in our lives thus we prefer straight paths rather it be the case of
career or relationships. The largest barrier that comes in our ways is whenever we try to
accept change is we compare our yesterday . Just look at the childhood days , how easy it
was for us to embrace the changing conditions , do we really had to think enough? But as
we grow fear makes the way and we fear from taking risks and trying out new stuff. It is
rightly said;” Our heads are round so that our thoughts can change direction”. There were
many MNCS who had not adapted to changing technology and are in ruins today. But some
are having growth at exponential levels. Can we not say that these companies are acting
Resistance to change make us dull and ugly . It decomposes our inner self and consumes us.
Change is inevitable and should be accepted as change does not means the end or death of
the old era but the beginning. If we look back a few decades , it is the adapting to change
that has made the human race intelligent . The memory of the past will remain but we can
now act upon in a new way rather than being its slave. “Change is the very constant in life”.

Vaishanavi sinha