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CBSE Chess Championship-2019(Central Zone,Delhi Region)



Each C.B.S.E Affiliated School is entitled to participate in one mixed team & One Girls’
team in each category (Mixed & Girl’s Teams shall consist of four players ). The seeding
of the teams will be done on the basis of the average rating of the 4 players.
While sending entries, the names of all the players and their respective FIDE ratings, if
any, should be given to enable the arbiters to arrive at the teams’ average rating for
ranking purposes. These names and ratings should be reconfirmed in person at the
technical Meeting.

IMPORTANT:-The participating schools must carry TWO CHEES sheet/board and

TWO CHESS CLOCK along with them, failing this will result in non-
participation.The participating schools are alos required to give the names of
players in board order in the attached Performa on 14th Sep,2019 during
technical Meeting


Team Event: - Seven (Can be decreased, depending on no of entries)


90 minutes plus 30 second increment from move number one.


Grace Time (Walkover time) will be 30 minutes.


Mobile phones, wrist watches any type and other electronic devices are not allowed in
the tournament hall, If found, the player will be immediately disqualified.


Pairing software will be Swiss Manager for both teams.


1. Team event pairing will be based on Match Points.

2. Match point will be 2, for draw 1 and for loss it will be 0.
(For eg. a team winning with a margin of 4-0, 3.5-1.5, 3-1, 2.5-1.5 will get 2 match points
and pairing will be done as per match points)
3.Final standings are based on Match Points and in case of tie; the tie will be resolved by
the following methods.
A. Match Point
B. Game Points
C. Team SB
D. Direct Encounter

Board Order for team event

(a) Team fixed board orders are to be submitted after Completed Managers Meeting.
(b) Penalty for board order will be 1 point deduction for each change.
(c) Pairings will be displayed 10 minutes before the commencement of each round.

Role of Captain
(b) To submit results of the each round
(c) Can advise his player only to offer or accept a draw or to resign in front of Arbiter.

Protest if any against team has to be made within 10 minutes after the incident with a
written protest along with fee of Rs. 1,000/-. The protest fee will be refunded if the
appeal is upheld.

Appeal Committee

1. Mr - Dr.CB Mishra(Principal)
2. Mr - Radhey Shyam Tewari Observer CBSE
3. Mr - Sushil Rana (Head of Dept. Physical education)

General Guidelines

1. Touch & Move Rules will be Followed (Touch Means Hold or Grip, not Fingered, Wrist

2. Two illegal moves will result in losing the match.

3. None played game wouldn’t be counted for the board prize

4. In case of Tie ( board prize) the first priority will be given to team that will be on the

5. Once pairing fixed/displayed it would not be changed

6. The team will get 2 Game points and 1 match point, in case of BYE

7. We shall abide by all the rules & regulations of the tournament

8. Arbiter/Observer decision would be the final decision

9. Notation Is Mandatory for all Category players