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Ulbata, Cherry Rose T.

Sir Jonathan Tarinque, Budlong



The Goal of Special Education

The special education is to provide a facilitative learning environment for the students or the
learner with special educational needs and so as to facilitate their education. I have learn also that
special education will help the learner with special needs to develop their potential, like for
instance on how to brush their teeth, or how to eat on their own. I know one of the goal of special
education is to help the learners with special needs to enhance their independence and enable them
to deal with the other people in a normal or healthy way.

Inclusive education is a great opportunity for every learner with special needs, because one factor
of this is that the school will provide everything for their education. This program allows the
student to remain in the regular classroom setting, in which the special education teacher must
provide all the needs to help them grow and be motivated. Because regardless of their disabilities
they also need to education to make them a better individual. Even though the services are
delivered to them in a regular basis the special learner still manage to collaborate with the regular
class. The special education teacher must bring all the materials needed into her classroom and
works whole heartedly to teach them. And of course the special education teacher must provide a
different strategies for her students with various abilities.

Special learner with special needs should be treated equally and rightfully. Because they are one
of the greatest gift from God. They need our love and our support. Because if they provided with
the proper tools, the special learner students will have the opportunity to succeed along with their
non- disabled peers.