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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education


Division of Lipa City

Inosloban-Marawoy Integrated National High School

Marawoy, Lipa City

A Detailed Lesson Plan in English 9

Date: September 12, 2019

I. Learning Competency:

● EN9RC- IIb-19:
Get information from various print media like brochures, pamphlets, periodicals
and audio-video recordings.

● EN9VC-IIb-21:
Summarize the information contained in the material viewed.

● EN9V-IIb-27:
Give the appropriate communicative styles for various situations
(intimate, casual, conversational, consultative, frozen)

● EN9WC-IIb-10:
Distinguish the features present in poetry and in prose.


At the end of the discussion, the students are able to:

1. distinguish the elements of a prose;

2. identify the elements of a prose in a particular selection; and
3. appreciate the importance of the elements of a prose.

II. Subject Matter:

a. Topic: Elements of a Prose

b. References: A Journey through Anglo-American Literature
Learner`s Material, p. 158-159
https://litventure-with tiekena.fandom.com/wiki/Elements_of_Prose
Date accessed: September 6, 2019
c. Materials: visual aids, blackboard, chalk
d. Values Integration: Just like in life, whatever dreams you have; keep the
elements that will help you achieve (it like your studies)
and work it out for it to become a reality.

Teacher`s Activities Students` Activity

Daily Routine
1. Greetings
Good morning, class! Good morning, Ma`am!

2. Prayer
Let us pray. The students will pray.

3. Classroom Management
Before taking your seats, kindly check the
alignment of your chairs and pick up the piece (The students will follow)
of papers under it.

4. Checking of Attendance (The class secretary will give

Is there any absentee for today? the list of absentees to the

5. Review
Let`s have a recap of what you have
(Students will recapitulate the
learned from our lesson yesterday.
lesson they have learned from
the short story The Lottery)

A. Motivation

Today, we are going to play EMOTICODES.

You are going to decipher our topic for today
using emoticons. Each emoticon has a
corresponding letter which will lead you to
decipher today`s lesson.
I need 16 students to help me decipher
these emoticodes.
(16 students will be called to
help decode the topic of the



___ ___ ___ ___ ____ ___ ___ ___


___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ __


With EMOTICODES, what did you decipher?

Elements of a Prose, Ma`am!
Very good!

B. Activity

I have another set of task for you. Each

group is given an envelope where set of words
were placed.
You need to sort out the elements of a prose
from it and paste it on the board. You are given
three minutes to complete this task. Is it clear? Yes, Ma`am!

(Students will paste the

following words on the board)
●Point of View

(Each group will receive points for completing the

C. Analysis

What element of a prose does the following
sentences convey? (Students will answer the
1. Mickey and Minnie fought over a cup of milk
2. Wilbur is saved from death by Fern, but then 1. conflict
he is sent to live at her uncle's farm, where the
2. plot
plan is that he will one day be butchered.
Charlotte, a spider, helps to save Wilbur's life by 3. characters
Writing words about him in her web. He wins 4. setting
the county fair and is saved, but Charlotte
5. point of view
passes away.
3. The three little pigs, all fat and small, decided to 6. theme
make their way home.
4. One cold night, Mary walked on the streets of
5. “I always look forward to my summer vacation
at the beach,” I told my friend Ben.
6. Courage and heroism

D. Abstraction

From the given sentences and answers you

made from the last activity, can you give me the
meaning of “PROSE?” ● Prose has characters
and a plot.
● It is made up of series of
events which are organized
in a logical way.

(Student`s answers may vary)

A prose refers to any written piece of work that

is built on sentences and paragraphs. It does
not make use of structural poetic elements such
as meter or rhyme scheme which are present in

So, now what do you think is the meaning of

the following:
Setting is the place and the time
● Setting
that the story happens.

Plot is the series of events that

● Plot
happened in the story.

● Conflict Conflict is the problem that

needs to be resolve in a story.
● Characters Characters are the people or
animals in the story.

● Point of View Point of view is about who was

talking or narrating the story.

● Theme Theme is the central idea of

what the story is all about.

The Elements of a Prose

● Setting
This is when and where the story happens.
● Plot
The sequence of events in a story. It depicts
the flow of action in a story.
● Conflict
A clash of actions, ideas, desires or will
between the characters in the story.
● Characters
The people or animals in the story. A story
often describes the interaction of characters
including their relationship and the changes
they undergo.
● Point of View
Indicates the perspective from which the
story is told. It can be in a first person,
second person or third person point of view.
● Theme
The central and unifying concept of a story.

Can a prose be complete without its elements? No, Ma`am.

That`s correct. Elements coming together will

make up a prose; keeping those elements together
and working it out will lead to a beautiful story.
Just like in life, whatever dreams you have; keep
the elements that will help you achieve it like your
studies and work it out for it to become a reality.

E. Application

Identify the elements of the prose

The Lottery by filling in the graphic organizer
provided for each group. You need to finish this
in 5 minutes with your groupmates. Is it clear? Yes, Ma`am.
Elements of Prose Elements of Prose
Setting: Setting:
The people of the village
began to gather in the
Plot: square, between the post
office and the bank, around
ten o`clock.

Characters: The people gathered in
the square where Mr.
Summers conducted the
Point of View: annual lottery. Mrs.
Hutchinson got the piece of
Theme: paper with a black dot on it
which means that she will
be the one to be stoned to
death. She screamed how
unfair the draw was while
the people were busy
throwing her stones until
she died.

Mrs. Hutchinson
protested on the result of
the lottery. She kept on
saying that it was unfair.

Mr. Summers, Mrs.
Hutchinson, Bill
Hutchinson, Mrs.

Point of View:
Third person point of view

Cruelty and injustice
F. Assessment
Directions: Get a ¼ sheet of paper and answer
the following questions. ANSWERS:
1. plot
1. What element of a prose refers to the
sequence of events in a story?
2. What element of a prose refers to the 2. theme
unifying concept or idea of a story?
3. What element of a prose refers to the people
or animals in a story? 3. characters
4. What element of a prose refers to the time 4. setting
and place where the story happens?
5. What element of a prose refers to the clash
of actions, ideas or will between the 5. conflict

G. Assignment
Read the story By The Railway Side by
Alice Meynell on page 202 of your English book
then write the elements of a prose in that story.

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Practice Teacher

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Cooperating Teacher