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Khamiri Pizza ala Pakistan

With CSR Principle

Business Plan Paper

Name of group:
Assay Lovelianty Farmin - 1801441114
Dina Asean Wulandari - 1801445182

Thea Rendyta Putri - 1801425981

Roberto Tawang -

Jl. Kh, Syahdan – Cendana

Contact : 082189430689
Khamiri Pizza is a food product with a combination of traditional modern food is a
mixture of various countries such as Indonesia, Pakistan and Italy. Khamiri Pizza substitute for
rice is a healthy food made from traditional marinades and certainly without preservatives
because we made this product in a natural way and hygienic. Khamiri Pizza is a type of food
pizza toppings combined with a variety of Indonesian dishes like rendang, and the toppings are
typical pakistan dalca which is curried green beans with a wide variety of typical traditional
seasonings. Moreover-toping toping more inclined much preferred by many people such as
chocolate topping, ice cream, cheese, sausage and a variety of other favorite toping accordance
with veges, meat lovers, and sweet lovers.

Khamiri Pizza’s product can be consumed by children aged 5 years and over (which
already can chew), adults and the elderly. In addition to the sale Khamiri Pizza buyer not only
spoiled by the delicious taste of Khamiri Pizza but also help victims and refugees in Syria, as we
implement corporatesocial responsibility (CSR) which in part the result of the sale Khamiri Pizza
will be donated to the victims of Syria that we felt needed a helping hand from us and we will
give you a kind of miniature relating to Syria as a sign that the buyers have been willing to buy at
the same time helping the victims of Syria. Our sales target is the general public, students and
office workers, with extensive reach our sales target is in addition to preserving traditional food
from various countries are expected to build a social life within every buyer and instill a sense of
family among fellow human beings.

In an effort of selling Khamiri Pizza of course we have a wide range of competitors in the
same field, but we remain confident can be better than our competitors and we also have
products that are healthy and without preservatives so it is safe to eat besides that we also
integrate various toppings traditional from different countries, and we also added a CSR in our
sales points to help victims of Syria and is expected to make this all we have plus value than our
competitors in terms of food taste and sense of solidarity among peoples. We hope we may open
branches all over the world in order to expand the reach of our consumer and instill social
awareness among peoples all over the world so that, get a lot of social funds to help victims of
Syria who really need a helping hand from the entire community in the world. In an effort
khamiri this pizza we started with a capital of about Rp 10.000.000 and expected capital we will
be back again within 6 months. Even we benefit sales of Rp 55.000.000 per 6 months. This
advantage we derive from sales in Indonesia, therefore we expect to open our branches in other
countries around the world.
The team
 Management profile
The strength of our management staff positions us for success. We have
assembled a team that embraces different disciplines, accomplished professionals
with expertise in all areas of the business, including marketing and restaurant
o Assay Lovelianty Farmin
Assay Lovelianty Farmin has 5 years of experience in the food and
hospitality industry, receiving her culinary training at several leading
restaurants in her native Indonesia.
After five years, she left to pursue her own business. In between jobs she
worked in at Rive Gauche; a French fine dining restaurant as the
restaurant/catering manager.
She is now become marketing and CSR researcher for Khamiri Pizza
o Thea Rendyta Putri
Thea Rendyta Putri brings to Khamiri Pizza an accomplished background,
exceptional businesswoman, and a lifetime passion for food experience. Thea
has over 3 years of business management in food industry. Successful
ventures in the restaurant industry must balance capitalizing on new trends
with continual quality assessment. Thea's understanding of day-to-day cash
flow planning and staff management will be critical to Khamiri's financial
o Dina Asean Wulandari
Dina has more than five years in the food and restaurant industry and
serves as the head chef of a five-star restaurant. Dina will bring his food
preparation expertise to the enterprise to ensure high quality products and
efficient cooking standards.
Dina holds a Master’s in Culinary Arts from London University.
o Roberto Tawang
Roberto Tawang is an accomplished relationship department, Roberto is
responsible for the concept and relationship with partner, stakeholder and
Roberto Contracting responsibilities for Khamiri Pizza included logistics, Site
and Lease Negotiations, Concept Definition, Start-Up and Financial forecast,
Menu and Operations Management, as well as Implementation and Launch
 Organization structure
a) Production team - Dina Asean Wulandari
As leader of production team, Dina responsible to manage production
flow, menu definition and recipe initiatives of Khamiri’s Pizza
b) Marketing - Assay Lovelianty Farmin, Thea Rendyta Putri
As marketing team, Assay and thea work together to ensure Khamiri Pizza
are reaching customer in many ways, they also responsible for strategic
planning and continued growth of Khamiri Services and business
c) Public Relation - Roberto Tawang
As Public Relations, Roberto will be the management lead for all public
relations, financial and investor services. Roberto will also responsible for
communication with partner, stakeholder and customer.
d) CSR care - Assay and Thea
As CSR Care, Assay and Thea are responsible to research and partnership
of CSR and Charity. They are also responsible for communication with
Multinational Corporation and non-governmental organization to engage with
international issues and people.

Business Background
Initial ideas for Khamiri pizza is create a product that capable to increase awareness of
what’s happening outside, increasing people’s empathy, and opening an easy & trustworthy way
to connect people around the world. This way, our product will be able to promote the diversity
of culture into anyone and hopefully increase awareness of International Problem.
The best product to deliver that message is fusion food in the form of pizza. Instead using
crust bread used in Italian Pizza, Khamiri Pizza using healtier bread from pakistan called
Khamiri, thus become company branding name, Khamiri Pizza. To boost emphaty and
awareness, Khamiri Pizza will use CSR principle, where half of profit will be donated to various
Product Description
Khamiri pizza is a food company serving fushion pizza from many countries culture with
Pakistani Bread as basic ingredient. Using various and diversity dishes from the world, Khamiri
pizza will have diversity and harmony of deliciousness. The diversity of taste will also represent
culture promotion to the world, especially Southeast Asia region.
Being the first food company that have CSR principle, where the company set aside some
of their profit to be delivered for the people itself. In this case, our company has purpose to gain
lot of money and raise people awareness of global issues at once. We believe by implementing
this strategy, we also can exceed our revenue more. This makes it different from the others food
& beverages enterprises.
This business will engage and corporate with some relevant institutions, Multinational
Corporation (MNC), non-governmental organization (NGO), and more. This is vital to do
because our business will engage with international issues and people. Considering our food is
open for all ages (above 5 years old), hence we can reach many kind of customer target. It opens
more opportunity for getting profit.



To become the first healthy fusion cuisine company in Southeast Asia in Pizza form, using the
principal of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


1. To become the most unique and healthy pizza with fusion taste in Southeast Asia.
2. To create various recipes of fusion cuisine from many countries culture, with Pakistani
bread as basic ingredient.
3. To come up as the first food company with the principal of “Corporate Social
Responsibility”, gaining people awareness of global issue.
4. To merge the selling of food and unique goods to achieve the objective of CSR
5. To gain profit and set aside 50% of selling result from unique goods and sent it to
domestic even abroad as donation.

How our business model works

Khamiri Pizza with CSR principle is chosen because first, the team would like to present
a new taste of cuisine in different level. What we mean by different level is, the various or
diversity of culture mixed into 1 kind of food. We have worked so hard to ensure the diversity
can lead the tongue to harmony of deliciousness. Second, the several of taste also represent the
culture promotion to the world, especially Southeast Asia region. The region has thing that other
regions are rare to have, which is the value of culture itself. Many companies stand with service
base when it talks about promotion of culture, but vise versa the team design a different way to
introduce the richness of Southeast Asia.

The third reason is the same important as the statement above. It’s about the application
of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ principle. CSR is one of theory in international relation
studies where a company set aside some of their profit to be delivered for the people itself. In
this case, our company has purpose to gain lot of money and raise people awareness of global
issues at once. We believe by implementing this strategy, we also can exceed our revenue more.
This makes it different from the others food & beverages enterprises.

Now the question is how our team can make it works the way we want? Briefly, later this
business will engage and corporate with some relevant institutions, Multinational corporation
(MNC), non-governmental organization (NGO), and more. This is vital to do because our
business will engage with international issues and people. Considering our food is open for all
ages (above 5 years old), hence we can reach many kind of customer target. It opens more
opportunity for getting profit.

Beside explanation above, we emphasize that the very basic assignment is do market &
internet research. First, market research has function to look for potential partnership, circle of
people, how our future customer would like to buy our product, what kind of design that they
like, what is the most suitable range of price for particular customer target, are our recipes good
enough, what are the obstacles out there, and etc in domestic area. Second, internet research is
the other vital key to be done. Because of our limitation to go abroad, we will look for credible
data to provide us some important information, such as things that we have mentioned above.
The internet research also has purpose to connect our team to global issues, again considering
our CSR principle’s objective. Those things above should be prepared first, hence we can
minimize the errors when we start the business.

Value Proportion

The main idea of this business is not simply selling food with pizza form. The cuisine
consists of different cultures around the world, especially Southeast Asia region. Basically it
helps the promotion of diversity cultures to international field. People used to think that
promotion only can be done by service base such as, travelling agencies. However, what we
provide is one plate of deliciousness into the international diversity. The basic ingredient of pizza
bread is not also the same with what Italian have. As its name, Khamiri Pizza using Pakistani
bread which is healthier than other kind of breads.

Our selling is not only focus on the cuisine but there are also other goods. The form of
good is determined by what kind of global issues that we face now. For example, when you buy
one of plate of special Khamiri with 5 different topping, you will be able to buy a 20% discount
of miniature. If the global issue that we face that time is Syrian war, then the miniature will be
like little version of children there. Shortly, the form of goods will depend on the trends of the
world. That is why our business will always evolve and eliminate the boring element.
Additionally, there is still other interesting part of good selling. The goods that we sell contain a
memory tag. Even though it is not an original writing from the Syrian children, however the tag
contain how the children feel, or particular message that they want to deliver. To make memories
tag comes true, our company will corporate with international media/NGO or at least do internet
research at first establishment of the company.

Then finally, the profit from goods selling will be set aside 50% to be donated. This value
and strategy are things that we want to implement. Beside its profit, we also are able to raise
people awareness of what’s happening outside, increasing people’s empathy, and opening easy &
trustworthy way to connect people around the world. Unfortunately at our first establishment, we
would like to start with Southeast Asia region. As the time goes by, we will be able to enlarge
the scope.
Target Market

Like we have mentioned before, our business can reach almost all customer segment.
What we need to do is only adjust the price and quality for each segment. This because our main
company enterprises in healthy, delicious, and save food. The Pakistani bread itself can replace
the existence of rice as primer food. It also can be secondary food like cake, and anything sweet.
Our limitation for customer age is above 5 years old, or for those who are already able to chew.

However, we will be focus more for middle-up class of people, or at least future customer
who can buy Khamiri Pizza with the goods at once. Hence, our purpose to do donation, raise
awareness, and exceed profit will be succeed. The future customer also doesn’t need to worry
about anything, considering we offer them a reachable price for all products. Later, we will
provide many products (goods and food) with various price, but the same deliciousness.
Therefore, actually we don’t have problem to attract people for getting involve in our business

At the end we can conclude that, it’s not customer who adjust to buy our products, but
our company itself who adjust and reach all segment by providing various products and prices.
Students, workers, single-parents, and even elites circle, etc, are welcomed. Again, we would
like to emphasize that our segment is global customers, which is Southeast Asia circle.

Marketing Plan

Talking about marketing strategy, means what we want to do for introducing our new
company to the world, especially we know that our business chain will engage with international
people. Therefore, it can’t work if we use the usual marketing plan. We need something bigger
and comprehensive strategies to reach our customer. Hence, we divide the strategy into 4 parts,
they are:

1. Short, medium, and long-term marketing plan

 Short-term marketing plan
As its name, we are going to set short marketing plan in first 3 month.
Why 3 month? Because it will impact in the result, unclear and not the best effort
that we could ever give. The source of fund will come from our money first. The
first steps that we would like to concern first are:
a) Open stand
Because of money limitation, at first 3 month we would like to
open 1 store. We basically will open the first store in the most strategic
place. For example, the area would be around the campus life. We are
young entrepreneur; hence we want to start with our own campus. We
have made a testimony before, and friends like our products very much.
We use the positive response by making sure we are able to reach all
students in Kemanggisan BINUS University. More people we know,
bigger opportunity for widespread Khamiri news. It’s cheaper and more
effective. Bellow is detail of money that we need:

No Material needed Nominal for each Money for each Total

1 Place to rent/months 1 Rp 1.500. 000 Rp 1.500. 000
2 Set of Table and 4 Rp 700. 000 Rp 2. 800. 000
3 Stove 2 Rp 285. 000 Rp 570. 000
4 Set of packing 1000 - Rp 1. 000. 000
5 Set of jar 1 Rp 90. 000 Rp 90. 000
All Total Rp 4. 460.000

b) Delivery for surrounding

The limitation in open more branches leads to limitation in
delivery area. In the first 3 month, we will focus on introducing and
pleased the people about our new product. The delivery is our second
priority, but that doesn’t mean that we ignore this part. We believe we
have to move fast as possible to find corporation that easier our delivery
activity. And that part will be covered in medium term marketing plan.
Determines our delivery area also important, which means we can focus
on some customer first. We are going to use motorcycle, but because we
use our own bicycle, hence there is no need to buy new motor. A month
we only provide Rp 300. 000 to buy fuel.
c) Customer Target
Limitation in delivery means fewer customers. But this won’t
restrict any customer from other places. We still welcome customers
around Jakarta, but our main focus now will be people around
Kemanggisan. We can’t fully serve all customer targets. Even though we
have mentioned before that Khamiri can be eat for all section and level,
but it needs step to step for reaching them all.
d) Special offer
Special offer that we mean here are Free Register Khamiri Pals,
Buy goods & get 15% discount, Khamiri Ambassador, and Deliver your
heart. The special offer has function to attract future customer. Not only
that, we made them become our permanent customers. the explanation for
those things can be found bellow, in promotion part.
 Medium-term marketing plan
The medium marketing plan will be targeted in 6 months. This is very
ambitious, but business has to taste the risk or it will fail at all. Hence, within 6
months, bellow is some points that we want to achieve.
a) Corporate with Go-food
Corporation with Go-food creates mutual benefit between both of
business. Go-food can increase the dependency of people using their
application, while our company will prevent some unnecessary
expenditure. It’s easier us to reach more customers around Jakarta,
considering in short term marketing place we only can reach people
around Kemanggisan.
b) Delivery for Jakarta
This has connection with the point above, where Go-food helps us
to cover Jakarta region. more people will be able to taste the deliciousness
of Khamiri and taking part in rising awareness of global issue with CSR
c) Customer Target
As we have mentioned before that in this part, we would like to
focus on Jakarta people with the help of Go-food corporation.
d) More special offer
More special offer will be applied in medium term marketing
because within 6 months, we have an ambition to create new menu! And
to promote new menus, we will apply buy 1 and free 1 for new menu.
People love free stuffs! And we are really confident with this marketing
e) Corporation with media
In order to make CSR principle comes true, we will corporate with
national even international media. This has function to giving us update
news about global issue. They also help to promote our business, and we
can put the media name in our website and every store. This will be a
mutual benefit among both companies. The media also make us easier to
know what feeling of people that involved in global issue. Means, we
actually can be bridge between people to people around the world to
express their heart. We will put this special expression in tag, together
with the goods that we want to sell for donation purpose.
f) Open new branch
To easier delivery, we have to open new branches in particular
places, of course it should be strategic. Hence, people will easy to find us.
the expenditure to open new store the same as the detail that we have
provided in short term marketing plan
 Long-term marketing plan
The long term plan will be targeted in 1-5 years. Why? Because we would like
to make our company bigger, even if we are able to, we want to reach
international people.
a) Khamiri Pizza for Smartphone
Despite website that we have made and promotion through social
media, we want to give the best service for our beloved customer.
Therefore, we will design an application for customers. Through this
application, people can access menus and goods, global issue news, easier
and faster order and delivery, filtering special offers in every months, new
notification for new products, and etc.
b) Have our own delivery
We still have corporation with Go-food, but we believe that it is
better to have our own delivery guy. Because we have training and
development program for our employers. It guarantees the best services
such as friendliness, speed in delivery, and keep the food or goods in best
c) Wider Customer Target
With our own delivery and more sophisticated application,
website, and etc, we believe that we open more opportunity to reach more
customers even outside Jakarta
d) Deeper corporation with media
Instead of having more media, we emphasizes that deeper
corporation will be more important. But if the old corporation isn’t
beneficial anymore, that moment we will open new corporation with other
media. Again, strategic media is important to achieve our CSR principle.
One of our media target is CNN and Al-Jazeera
e) Open franchise in and out
Means that we will creates franchise and more stores around
Indonesia. We will not only focus in Jakarta, but even other island. And if
it possible we even have planned to reach Southeast Asia market. Khamiri
Pizza with CSR principle go to international!
To open more branches in national and international scale, we need
investor. We would like to invite corporation with Cyber Agent Ventures,
GREE ventures, and 500 Startups.
2. Component to support marketing plan
 Promotion
Our promotion will include various tactics to attract the future customers.
Things below will be implemented in particular times, for example the beginning
of our business, and when the costumer interest goes down. Hence, we directly
can maintain the business flow. Those tactics in promotion are;
a) Buy goods, get 15% discount!
As our explanation before about the principle of CSR that we are
going to sell goods and the result will be given 50% for donation. Those
goods are actually has purpose to attract people from their heart and brain
at once. People heart would lead them buying some products and donate to
who need it more. And people brain will surely interest in discount of
delicious and fancy food. Means, we would like to announce that by their
contribution in goods, they also able to get 15% amount of discount for
special menus. (The discount menus will depend on the situation &
b) Free register as Khamiri pals for more benefit in 100 days!
This promotion means that within 100 days right after we first
announce the establishment of our business, people will get free register
for becoming Khamiri pals! Khamiri pals have the same function as
Starbuck card. It gives the customers particular discounts on some menus.
It also collects points. So, each time you buy our food and goods with
Khamiri pals, you will get certain amount of point. This point can be
exchanged to special offers. It can be form of free food, merchandise, and
even vacation ticket! It all depends on how much point that they have
c) New menu, buy 1 free 1
As we mention before that our business will be flexible. Basically
our basic and main course is the Pakistani bread, and it can transform in
many kind of food. Of course, the development of food needs innovation.
When we create the innovation, we will bring 1 new menu. People will not
easy to be bored. Therefore, to get people attention at our new course, we
will set a policy “buy 1 and free 1”.
d) Khamiri Ambassador
Everyone who buys for the first time our product will able to be
Khamiri Ambassador. Khamiri Ambassador is people who can bring more
friends to be Khamiri pals. The benefit for being ambassador is they
actually can free food and even good! (Again, it depends on how many
they actually can bring new people). We believe the power of friends, and
usually it is more effective to bring customer if those are your own friends.
e) Deliver your heart
This part of marketing plan actually will be done when we have
reached minimum 6 month from we start the business. This is because we
need corporation with international NGO, organization, and media, also
the creation of sophisticated website, to put people message. The idea of
“deliver your heart” is the customers are able to express their feeling for
special issue towards people, person, even state.
This marketing strategy will work from website that can be
accessed from everyone who has become Khamiri members (means
Khamiri customer). The message will be delivered at once with the
donation money. Hence, we are not only rising people awareness, we
connect people to care each other, build emphaty, and indirectly contribute
in making peace. Of course before we sent all the message with donation,
we will scan or filter it all first. This has purpose to prevent such as
negative messages from irresponsible people.
 Advertisement
a. The power of social media
We do believe that people nowadays can’t be separated from
phone and internet. The power of social media can easily widespread our
new business across nation and it’s a lot of cheaper than making brochure
and advertisement in TV. Even though TV is a good idea, but we know
how many expenses that we have to afford. Considering that we are still
new business, idea, culture with limitation in money, we want to start with
cheaper and affordable strategy in advertisement.
Following later are list of our target medial social that will help our
advertisement, they are; Facebook ads, Google ads, Instagram, Line
official account, Twitter, Telegram, Black Berry Messenger (BBM), and
last but not least website of Khamiri Pizza. Beside its function for
advertising, website also function as easier way for potential customer too
see and review what we actually are. Easier comprehending will lead them
to attraction. Through website, we also can show them all our menus and
goods, what kind of global issue that we want to expose, and even contact
for complaining, giving suggestion, and etc.
3. Short, medium, and long-term sales plan
 Short-term sales plan
Just like the marketing plan, sales plan in short term period will be held in 3
months. Bellow is things that we consider:

Total selling goods

Total selling Khamiri
Trageted Customers

If we convert it into table, it will be:

Trageted Total Total

Customers selling selling
Khamiri goods

March 500 600 450

April 600 700 550
June 650 750 650

In this short term sales marketing, we haven’t able to get a lot of profit.
Because we still prioritize what we have earned yesterday, or what we call as get
our modal back. Of course, we still get profit, but it’s not enough to give profit for
third party, example investor or bank loan.

 Medium-term sales plan

The medium term sales plan is targeted in 6 months.

Total selling goods

Total Selling Khamiri
Targeted Customers

If it converts into table, we it will be:

Targeted Total Total

Customers Selling selling
Khamiri goods
July/August 900 1100 800
September/October 1000 1200 900
November/December 1050 1250 950

In medium term sales plan, we believe and are confident that we have the
ability to give profit for our investor (if we have one this time, although in fact we
don’t really need much investor contribution in this part).

 Long-term sales plan

The long term sales plan is going to be targeted in 1-5 years in the future.
Customer Targeted
Total Selling Khamiri
Total selling goods

If it converts into table, it would be:

Customer Total Total

Targeted Selling selling
Khamiri goods
1st Year 6000 6100 5900
2nd Year 6200 6250 6200
3rd Year 6300 6350 6250
4th Year 6450 6500 6300
5th Year 6600 6700 6650

In long term sales plan, we even can doubled the profit. This is because we
have enlarged or expand our market. Not only domestically, but internationally
either. Above all, the targeted, customer, Khamiri selling and good selling, will
not be bounded by the data. Those details only become our criterion and point of
start. It is even better if we actually can exceed the expectation of data above. And
how to do it? We will definitely formulate strategy to keep alive this business and
make it more popular than any other food and beverages business. Again, we are
confident because our basic idea of business is flexible and the only one. We
make the very first initiative with this value propotion.

4. Tools for marketing and sales

 Phone for each team
It has function in advertising, especially using Instagram, Line, Twitter,
Facebook, and Telegram. It is also easier to communicate each team members and
updating news and event.
 Laptop
It has function to run the website. We will have someone specialized in
watching and also updating the website. Making sure that everything runs
 Corporation/partnership
Instead of tools that we are wondering of, we want to emphasize about
partnership. Why? It will reduce our expenses in unnecessary tools. For example,
we don’t need any transportation for shopping ingredients in market, and
widespread our news. Basically we corporate with supplier, hence they will bring
the ingredients by their self. We also have Khamiri ambassador that doesn’t have
much effort from our team. It basically based on social force in attraction.
 Card and paper
Card has function to create our Khamiri pals card, and paper for
ambassador. The ambassador will use the provided paper to get stamped every
time they are able to bring people.
 Materials for making good
Honestly, our business doesn’t have to worry about this part because once
again, we establish a corporation with crafter of key chain, dolls, and etc (depends
on what we are going to make, relate with the global issue). Hence, the crafter
actually will handle the tools that they need.

Key Resources

In order to support the selling of Khamiri Pizza with CSR principle, we would like to
mention and explain certain elements which contribute more and determine the survival of this
business. First, as we all know that this business runs in food and beverage section. Hence we
conclude that ingredients are really important resources. Our ingredients are diversity, but what
we want to prioritize is its freshness. If we are reckless in choosing trustable supplier, it will
influence the richness of its taste. Our food is absolutely without chemical addition. We don’t
use preservative, because it would endanger our customer’s healthy. Therefore, if the basic
ingredients are broken, our food will definitely easily to be expired. Here we can see that the
ingredients not only influence our product’s taste, but also our customer’s trust. Without
customer’s trust, instantly we get less profit.

As information, our ingredients divided into 2, first for the khamiri or Pakistani bread,
and the second one is for the topping. The topping itself are various, hence it will need more
materials. It can be from fruits, vegetable, cheese, butter, herbs and spices, sausage, and etc.
while the bread itself made from wheat, butter, eggs, and etc. some of the materials are fragile to
be expired and contaminated like cheese, wheat, vegetables, and herbs and spices. Moreover, if
the weather is going to be rainy, it indirectly influences ingredients quality.
Other key resources are materials to make goods that will be sold for CSR purpose. The
good thing is, these goods will be take care by our partner. That’s why this part will be their
responsibility. But we won’t ignore it as our key resources, considering it still involve in our
business. The material can be anything like, woods, fabric, plastic, and etc. It depends on what
we are going to do, and what kind of global issue that we would like to expose.

Key Activities

Just like key resources, key activities also vital to our business. What kind of activity that
determines the survival of our business, and who else get involve. We would emphasize that in
key activities, we prioritize trust between partner in corporation and team work. It can be from
our subordinates or even our friend itself. For example, cooking is not kind of activity that can be
finished by one individual. We have division in cooking, who is going to make Pakistani bread,
and who is going to take charge in topping. Cooking also needs communication between others,
hence it won’t create any misunderstanding.

In other side, we admit that doing corporation is also important. Establishing corporation
with potential partner, for example like Go-Jek for easier, trustworthy, and cheaper delivery.
Moreover, find a match with the right supplier. Can supplier A guarantees the freshness of their
products? Is it cheaper if we compare it with supplier B? And after all, those activities only are
achieved if our team does marketing research. We directly go to market and meet real people, see
how they actually treat their business and find agreement.

Beside all things above, we can’t forget about customer satisfaction. We will not be able
to deny that the key of success of our business when we can maintain the rating of satisfaction,
and keep improving the products even the services. To do that, our team needs to create a
division special in receiving customer’s opinion in form of critics, complain, request, and
suggestion. Through this, we will know what section should be fixed, improve, or even change,
and maybe some of them can be maintained the same. The customer section has purpose to keep
our business being flexible. World are change, and so does the demand and people interests. And
therefore, the section is the same vital as others key resources, to keep the business survival.

From what we have explained above, we surely can relate the satisfaction of people to the
services. Even though our business runs in food and beverages section, we won’t ignore this part.
No matter how delicious our food, how much our business ability to attract people, they
eventually will run away if the services is disappointed. That is why we prioritize training and
development program for our workers. We want to make the food be cheap and affordable for all
kind of people, but it is still prestige. How to do it? By train the workers for being professional
and high quality.
Breakeven Analysis

First we must inform what is Break-even point and why does it matter. In economics, the
break-even point is the point at which revenues equal expenses. In investing, the break-even
point is the point at which gains equal losses. And it is matter because the break-even point helps
business owners determine when they'll begin to turn a profit and assists them with the pricing of
their products.

From the targeted customer, khamiri and good selling that we have mentioned in sales
plan above, we conclude that the minimal selling/day 20 Khamiri and 15 goods per day.
Considering the expenses in ingredients and first capital for open one store with its complete
utilities, we set the price for a Khamiri for all variants is Rp. 10.000, while the good will be sold
for Rp. 6000. If we total the selling for each product in a month (30 days), means we will have
Rp. 8.700.000 as gross profit. Therefore, to find out the net profit, we have to filter some
expenses, they are:

General Labor Rp1.000.000/team.
Rent Rp.1.500.000/
Utilities Rp. 4.460. 000
Ingredients Rp. 650. 000/month
TOTAL Rp. 11.340.000

Actually, the general labors are the business team itself. We haven’t hired any outside
people, considering we have to press the expenses, and in order to get at least the capital back.
The expenses above also only apply in the first month. The next month, we will cut utilities
money, hence what we need per month is only Rp. 6.880. 000. This means we already have the
net profit in the second month. The amount of net profit is Rp. 1. 820.000. After all, we want to
emphasize that the targeted selling of Khamiri and goods is only a minimal amount. The team
will definitely make sure that we are going to make it higher. Means, net income that we have
mentioned above is the minimum amount.

Sales Scenario

The sales strategy of Khamiri Pizza would mainly focused on Online Delivery, but
alternatively we could sell our product on the direct or face to face market such as on Campus,
Mall, or even Hotel. We realize that as a beginner in the culinary business, the process could be
difficult so to achieve our goals or sales goals we would keep promoting our product mainly on
social media but in another chance we could spread our existence throughout mouth to mouth. In
order to achieve our sales goals we estimated Khamiri Pizza should sold for about 2 times
amount of production to gain more benefit. The details of sales scenario also can be seen in
short, medium, and long term sales plan with its detail of targeted sale.

Operation Cost

Cost of Production, such as the ingredient and the utilities that we needed to keep our
production rates. Packaging is important to our Khamiri, but we pick cheaper packaging, hence it
won’t affect much in our total expenses. Below is the detail of our cost of production:

Cost of Production

No Things that we need Cost/each Cost total

1 Ingredients
1 egg rack Rp. 25 000 -
5 kg wheat Rp. 7 500 Rp. 37 500
1 kg garlic Rp. 35 000 -
1 kg butter Rp. 45 000 -
4 strawverry jars

Rp. 14 000 Rp. 56 000

4 pineapple jars Mariza
4 chocholate jars
5 packs cheese Rp. 10 000 Rp. 50 000
2 kg tomatoes Rp. 12 000 Rp. 24 000
1 kg red onion Rp. 45 000 -
1 kg salt Rp. 3000 -
2 kg green bean Rp 14 000 Rp. 28 000
2 12 kg Elpiji Rp. 140 000 -

3 Packaging/month -
Rp. 150 000

Total Rp. 638. 500

Funding Requirement


Start in January 2017

Penjualan 8.700.000/month
Harga pokok penjualan
Persediaan pembukaan (mulai dari January) 5.460.000
Menambahkan pembelian bahan makanan 650.000
Persediaan penutupan kurang 200.000
Kurang biaya pokok pejualan 6.680.000
Menambahkan pendapatan operasi lain
Sewa tempat 1.500.000

Total pendapatan 2.020.000

Pengeluaran penjualan dan distribusi
Pemasaran situs web 150.000
Pengeluaran umum dan administratif
Listrik 150.000
Upah dan gaji 1.000.000/team
Pengeluaran keuangan
Kredit macet 100.000
Total pengeluaran 1.400.000

Keuntungan bersih 620.000

The net profit that we mentioned above is only available for first month, considering that
we are not going to buy another utility. We also have made a strategic marketing and sales way
to increase our sale and both with revenue.

Economic Situation

The economic situation is major role for all kinds of business and these external factors
must be considered for sustainability its dynamics a business especially for the khamiri pizza. It
remains to say that khamiri pizza is a fresh food business which the competitor of this business is
a lot. In the region level, Jakarta, there is no selling food that combines menu turkey (khamiri)
and italy (pizza) so khamiri pizza is relatively new menu for Jakarta market. Moving to inter-
regional level, ASEAN, Masyarakat Ekonomi ASEAN (MEA) is new rising challenge for all
kinds of business including FnB because it makes investing business within ASEAN members
easier. One of ASEAN members is Indonesia which in other mean Indonesian citizen will
compete not only among its people but with others ASEAN citizen as well. That notion raises a
question; will Khamiri Pizza survive in this new level of fierce economic competition?

Khamiri pizza is food business, raw materials main to cultivate the product is easily
brought from the local markets of Indonesia, which are oil, eggs, chicken, flour. Below are table
the price of basic ministry of trade the last three years (2014-2016) narrowed in November the
period to 13.

(Kemendag, 2016)
(Kemendag, 2016)
Analysis below is the analysis of raw materials and the prospect of survival khamiri pizza
in the future

*Price is stated in kg

1) Wheat Flour
Wheat flour is the basic substance main of making bread khamiri. From year 2014 to
2015 increased as much more or less rp 200,00 ( Rp8.817,00- Rp 9000,00). In 2016
the price of wheat flour down to the level of Rp 8930,00. Although the price of wheat
flour has been changing ,the number of the change is notdractic/insignificant. In the
end, related to wheat flour as raw material and the future prospect khamiri pizza,
wheat flour as raw material stock approximately still affordable for this company
2) Telur Ayam Ras
The reason of choosing captivated chicken egg as a starter point business khamiri
pizza are the price is much affordable of kampong egg so we can adjust budgets more
on spices and and beef expenditure which both are the main selling point .In 2014 the
price of eggs reached Rp 19.766,00 .Moving to 2015, the price increased to rp
21.790,00 and the following year the price to be stable .Compared to the value of
kampong egg started in 2014 has reached rp 41.000 which was a very drastic
comparing to captivated chicken egg .Besides those reasongs, that the increase in
chicken eggs was about rp 2000,00- rp 3000.00. In such consideration, budget of
khamiri pizza that has been taken into account for 3 coming years it is still able to
keep up with the price changes.

Market Analysis dan Key Trends

Trend is one of supporting factors for the success of a business .To realize trend around,
people can make trend it as a tool to maximasize the advantages for business. Therefore, in this
sub-section this, khamiri pizza assess the potential trend anything that is favorable to our
business. First trends are a) world important days about humanity (books day, children's day, etc)
and b) disaster or crisis event (Syria). As explained from business background that khamiri pizza
are food and beverage business that occasionally run Corporate social Responsibility (CSR)
business based. Khamiri pizza CSR project representing our dedication to contribute for love
againts conflict and crisis from all over the world. Khamiri pizza team which international
relationship students feels that our knowledge are useless if we dont bring it on practice. For that
reason, through Khamiri CSR project, our team is capable to actively implementing IR; we also
ask society to aware and actively keeping peace in the world by purchasing Khamiri Pizza CSR
product, which all profit will be donated into victim of world event. CSR Project product is not
limited to food, but also daily life handmade. For khamiri pizza, this first trend are able to ensure
business flow because by doing CSR mainly on Jakarta, Indonesia, society will see Khamiri
Pizza in a good light, because we not only pursue profit, but also contribute to society in crisis..
Second trend is the emergence of amateur food review. Amateur food a review (AFR) is
trend emerging in common people as a medium of self-actualize (self actualization meia) by
reviewing food and posting the review on to the internet .It was done so easy because almost
everyone has smart phone which has been equipped camera and internet so that anyone can make
a food review .Formerly food review work is carried out only by one who has talents and special
certification. Mostly AFR doer’s citizen of productive age namely teenagers up to the adult. For
the interest of khamiri pizza , teenagers as targeted marketing AFR would be beneficial because
they are lack of experience, the urgency of self actualization is high, and easily influenced by
role model figure (RMF) if the RMF promotes something(for example: awkarin) . Hence,
khamiri pizza narrow promotion market in AFR youth to the impact of income a great where
teenagers the number of very much in Indonesia. The expansions of marketing way to AFR
teenagers is by using promotion and paid promote to artists whose big influence to teenagers.
The most important point Khamiri Pizza offers is “taking a part in making peace in a
sophisticated way” which represented in memories tag in CSR project. Although it is not an
original writing from the Syrian children, however the tag contain how the children feel, or
particular message that they want to deliver. To make memories tag comes true, our company
will corporate with international media/NGO or at least do internet research at first establishment
of the company for example getting in partnership with some local media in Syria. By targeting
teenagers AFR, social media, and particular has tag, social activities not more tedious because 3
address of those elements are lots fun for teens. If has tag CSR project Khamiri pizza
successfully occupying top trending topic pizza hence khamiri the better known by the target of
market and teenagers have tendency to take a part trending topic as self actualization and it
might affect good for sustainability of our business

Competitors Analysis

Khamiri pizza is a food business that also takes the concept on CSR that emphasizes
ethical behavior on issues of global and regional crisis that is going on. Talking about business
with CSR, CSR itself is one way to be accepted by society by contributing a portion of its
business for the advancement of civil welfare. Related to Khamiri Pizza, competitors or the
candidate selected by the same criteria to our business is the food business also apply the concept
of CSR project. Here is a business competitor Khamiri Pizza. That is Pizza Hut and Domino
Pizza, Pizza Hut is a food business that is equal to Khamiri pizza and is a competitor first
Khamiri pizza, but the food produced by pizza hut different from khamiri pizza. Pizza Hut is fast
food that is more to the tastes of Western culture while khamiri pizza is such foods, but taste and
toppings provided by Khamiri pizza is unique and rich in traditional spice combination of a few
countries such as Indonesia, Pakistan, and Italy as well as food made with no added preservatives
so that the food is delicious yet healthy.

Although Pizza Hut is a food business that was already present rather than business
Khamiri Pizza, and many people get to know and become a regular customer of Pizza Hut, but
Khamiri Pizza will continue its efforts to promote and expand the reach of its customers to be
more recognized and can compete with other competitors. Pizza Hut also apply the concept of
CSR in the business as Khamiri Pizza also apply the concept of CSR, but Pizza Hut apply the
concept of CSR by running the project Educationational Investment namely Pizza Hut provides
an opportunity for Employees to be able to continue their education at Excelsior College. There
is also domino pizza that has the same concept with Pizza hut.

Based on these two competitors of Khamiri Pizza can be concluded, Khamiri Pizza is not
a western food. It basically taste so Asia and healthier. Western food is famous with its bad fat,
while what we want to present is a delicious pizza with various topping, moreover its healthy!
Even though both competitor has a program that involve them in social contribution, Khamiri
with our CSR concept more emphasize in raising awareness, donation toward global issue. As
addition, the CSR not only help the people out there but also improving the selling of our

For example, Khamiri Pizza emphasize social programsed Issue Internasioanal is to

donate 50% of sales Khamiri Pizza to victims of refugees in Syria, the CSR program which is
owned Khamiri Pizza besides can help victims in Syria also can promote Khamiri Pizza in the
wider region again that in the area of International. Last but not least, our food is diversity and
flexible. We do research and development in making innovation in taste, hence people won’t be
bored for our products.

Competitive Advantage

The main idea of this business is not simply selling food with pizza form. The cuisine
consists of different cultures around the world, especially Southeast Asia region. Basically it
helps the promotion of diversity cultures to international field. People used to think that
promotion only can be done by service base such as, travelling agencies. However, what we
provide is one plate of deliciousness into the international diversity. The basic ingredient of pizza
bread is not also the same with what Italian have. As its name, Khamiri Pizza using Pakistani
bread which is healthier than other kind of breads.

Our selling is not only focus on the cuisine but there are also other goods. The form of
good is determined by what kind of global issues that we face now. For example, when you buy
one of plate of special Khamiri with 5 different topping, you will be able to buy a 20% discount
of miniature. If the global issue that we face that time is Syrian war, then the miniature will be
like little version of children there. Shortly, the form of goods will depend on the trends of the
world. That is why our business will always evolve and eliminate the boring element.
Additionally, there is still other interesting part of good selling. The goods that we sell contain a
memory tag. Even though it is not an original writing from the Syrian children, however the tag
contain how the children feel, or particular message that they want to deliver. To make memories
tag comes true, our company will corporate with international media/NGO or at least do internet
research at first establishment of the company.

Some projects that we think really important to do are corporation. The purpose of having
corporations is to reduce some expenses that our partner business can cover, and also helping us
in achieving mission.

 Corporation with media

Our target Medias are CNN and Al-Jazeera. Both media has interest in
doing CSR. While the purpose of media also covering news. The network that we
have in media will easier to get the latest issue in global/international world. It
means that we don’t have to do internet research and spend more money to go
abroad. The benefit that media get from us is they will obtain free advertisement
in our business.
 Catching Investor
As we have mentioned briefly about who are the targeted foreign investor
that we want to get, especially to embody our long term marketing and sales plan
are Cyber Agent Ventures, GREE ventures, and 500 Startups. Although some
targeted investors like Cyber Agent Ventures and GREE ventures has no interest
in food and beverage business, they definitely excited in our side business like
CSR with good and tag. Moreover, this business also provides ordering and
including the process of donation and delivering message via online. While as
information, both investor that we mentioned above love business via online and
 Research and development in product innovation
In order to embody various and flexible business in Khamiri and goods based on
global issue, our team need research and development project per 3 month. The
project include marketing research, has purpose to know the people demand, and
trends. There is also cooking trial activity where we try to combine some
ingredients and taste, hence we create something new!

Project Months in 2017/2018

N and
o Activiti May/J July/Au September/ November/De January/Fe March/
es une gust October cember bruary April

1 Asea
and first
r of
2 for
for Thea
3 corporat Rend
ion with yta
Corpora Assa
tion y
with Al- Farm
Jazeera in
5 Asea
Looking Assa
for y
investor Farm
s in

The Gantt chart above explains briefly our plan in embodying selling activities and some
special projects. As the explanation before that we need Go-food for delivering food and
reaching all customer segments in any place. It also reduces the expenditure of fuel and
transportation reparation. Moreover corporation with media to achieve CSR, then last but not
least the necessary in foreign investor, hence we can reach domestic and regional market,
expanding our business.

 The condition now

Because we are new business, hence we have a lot of limitations. Our
limitation in capital to start and builds the store. We actually plan to buy a place
instead of rent. But again, we need to see the reality of what we have now. To
have our own place will be achieved when we are able to give back the capital
with net profit. Therefore we will only have 1 store and boundary in delivery
 The purpose that we want to achieve
We definitely want the best for our business. Our final purpose is reaching
the global market and dominates the domestic field. This ambitious projection
will be done in 5 years with the support of foreign investors, and some other
corporation (MNC, Media, NGO, and others. It all depends on the needs)
 Steps to do
With big purpose that we have set above, first we have to build one store.
Second, held training for all the team, hence we will become professional
workers. Third, having corporation with supplier, so we can get cheaper price&
fresh quality for monthly ingredients. Forth, continues corporation with Go-food
to embody efficient expenditure. Fifth, targeting collaboration with media
especially CNN and Al-Jazeera. And last but not least, get trust and more capital
from inventors.
 Achievement Indicators
Our steps will be considered as achievement if all that we have planned is making
us closer to reach the global market. If we can achieved this, means that the
popularity of Khamiri pizza with CSR principle is high. Moreover, the popularity
element supports the indicator of success raising people awareness in global

Limiting Factors & Obstacles

In an effort Khamiri pizza is certainly a lot going on various obstacles and constraints,
such as at the beginning of the sales Khamiri Pizza their lack of confidence consumers will
delights the taste of Khamiri Pizza and people are reluctant to give donations to the victims Syria
because they fear it is simply the act of fraud only for personal gain us with a donation on behalf
of the Syrian victims but did not deliver it. Yet even with all these obstacles we keep trying to
convince potential consumers better about the taste of Khamiri pizza itself or regarding our CSR
program, in which we asked for help from the foreign ministry to issue a statement permission to
solicit donations to help victims in Syria. That way we can grow the trust of consumers.
Critical Success Factors

Khamiri Pizza is a kind of food business on the quality of its products, which we continue
to strive to make our products into products that have the taste quality in accordance with the
tastes of the people in Asia, especially Southeast Asia by combining a variety of traditional herbs
from several countries. Our products also give priority to quality, where we try serving food that
tastes good and varied but it is also healthy and do not contain preservatives that can harm the
body. With a blend of diverse flavors and seasonings typical expected to provide a different
sensation of customers who enjoy that cannot be found elsewhere only provide similar food but
with topping that mainstream.

In product of Khamiri Pizza the toppings rendang is a favorite of almost all the customers
because as we know rendang is a typical Indonesian food into delicious food in the world with a
marinade that distinctive and diverse with so many customers are choosing toppings belle of this
that of course different from the competitors by similar products. To continue to advance this
business Pizza Khamiri we strive to provide new innovations such as innovation in any toppings
we provide suit the tastes of the customer or in accordance with the current trend, but we are still
maintaining the quality of our products. Additionally we will develop a questionnaire as a
medium to determine the level of customer satisfaction and through customer questionnaires also
can explain any terms that are likely not appropriate and should be repaired. That way we can
better mngetahui what the customer wants, in addition we add innovation to the Khamiri Pizza
toppings we also create new innovations that we want to implement CSR concept by adding
elements of the donation for Syrian refugees that we all need a helping hand.

In product Khamiri pizza we also try to apply the concept of CSR is a way for each
purchase of one pan Khamiri Pizza with five different toppings subscribers can make donations
to the Syrian refugees and we will give you a kind of miniature as evidence of these customers
have participated for funds donations to refugees in Syria and we will set aside as much as 50%
of sales to the Syrian refugees. With the concept is expected to provide the main attraction for
potential buyers to purchase our products as well as providing a helping hand to refugees in Syria
who really need the help of all of us. We will also try to expand the range of products to enhance
the promotion Khamiri Pizzza as attractive as possible to the Southeast Asia region, so we'll get a
lot of customers and products Khamiri Pizza may be known to many people.

By expanding the sales target is also expected to raise funds for our distributed to victims
of Syrian refugees, so in addition we can increase product sales Khamiri pizza we can also
implement activities of the Social and raise awareness of the social community through aid
disbursements victims of Syrian refugees. Products expected Khamiri Pizza is known for not
only the taste is unique and distinctive, but also known as a business that has a social element in
the product.
Specific Risks and Countermeasures

Our risk is a product of our pizza Khamiri will not last long if they are not stored in the
refrigerator and reheated in the toaster. All of this happen because our products are made from
natural ingredients without preservatives, so healthy and good to eat.

Another risk that we concern, there are still buyers who don’t believe the process of CSR,
where we sell goods for donation purpose. To overcome this, we ask permission from foreign
ministry to give us proof. We also provide some letter of corporation with media, NGO, and
MNC as the proof. Below is our business process:

Menus A Customer buys


Menus B Delivery

Selling Khamiri Menus C

Menus D 50% profit as donation &

message deliver via online

Menus E

Good A+tag

Selling good Good B+tag

Customer buys & gives message

Get Tag from

People involve
in Global Good C+tag
We would like to emphasize that why our business is so important and worth the
achievement. First, we create a new fusion food that combines the elements from Italy,
Indonesia, and Pakistan. At first, people will think that maybe the taste will be too much, or even
worst it will be bump each other. But we made it to make the taste get along each other. This is a
new product in food industry, and we want to guarantee that people will love this! We have make
testimony, and 90% of them like it. The other 10% only demand various topping. And we really
did it to make diversity topping.

The next reason is, our food business isn’t ordinary. We are business with CSR principle,
and using this principle for attracting more future customer’s interest. We are international
relation students, and we realize the importance to raise awareness of global issue. The rising
awareness also helps to connect each other, and indirectly contribute in world peace of order.
With the tag of goods, we make people around the world understand each other, and expose their
humanity. As we have mentioned over again that the pasrt of 50% goods selling will be allocate
to donation for those who need it. The donation actually helps the people in international world
who stuck in their domestic problem.

This business isn’t always about profit, we can be bridge to connect people, and at once
become a fairy godmother to children who want to live normal like children here. Get better
education, having dolls and toys, and even giving aid for theirs who get disaster. The donation
purpose will be determined of what global issue that we face.

Despite all aspect that we have explained above, we want to emphasize also the
flexibility of our product. First, Indonesia, Italy and Pakistan have different culture, and so do
their food. We are not going to only focus on 1 kind of food. Hence it will always involve with
the flow of market demands. While the goods that we sell also as flexible as the food. The
various and the changing of global issue trends will lead us to more and various kind of goods.
People will not bore of what we are going to offer.

The flexibility also means we are adapting the price with the market situation and
customers segment. Our business can be taste by all customers section. Therefore, one thing that
we have to consider is the price that suit for each segment. People lives in standard won’t buy
food if it is too expensive, and high level standard people tend to underestimate cheap food. They
will thought that the more expensive, the more the quality. Hence the price will be flexible for
each segment. Hence at the end, we will reach all people to get involve in our business chain.