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University of Education Lahore

Vehari Campus
Program:M.A English
Course Name: Novel 1
Credit Hour: 3
Semester: 3rd
Course Instructor:Aneeqa zainab
Objectives of the Course:
In general the course objectives are:

i)To introduce students the genre of novel.

ii)To enable students to learn about the traditions of realism and social nature of novel.

iii)To enable students to know how novel has become popular genre and has great impact on

Learning Outcomes:

1.Students will b able to improve their literary taste.

2.Students will be able to know about different novelists their work and style.

3.They will be able to relate things with practical life.

Teaching Method:

The Course will run for 16 weeks and comprises of 3 lecture of one hour each.

Assessment Mechanism:

Assessment and Evaluation of Students will be according to the

"Assessment and Evaluation Regulations" of University of Education Lahore.

Course grade are based on following components and weightings (Out 100)

Mid Term Exam (20%)

Homework/Assignment/Quiz/Class participation/Attendance (20%)

Final Term Exam (45+15%)

Wee Lecture Headings
1 October(15 Introduction of Novel, History, Characteristics and
-19) development of Novel.
2 (22-26) Introduction of Jane Austen, Style, Pride and prejudice
as a Romantic Novel.
3 (29oct- Text of the novel,critical analysis of text.
4 (5-9) Theme of love and marriage and general themes of the
5 (12-16) Limited range of Jane Austen, plot of the novel and sub
plots in the novel.
6 (19-23) Characterization in pride and prejudice.
7 (26-30) Introduction of Charles dickens as a novelist and his A
tale of two cities.
8 (3Dec- Major and minor themes in the novel.
9 (10-14) Midterm Exams.
10 (17-21) Style of Charles Dickens, plot of the novel, text and
critical analysis of the novel.
11 (24-28) Characterization in Atale of two cities.
12 (31Dec- Application of Literary theories on the novel.
13 (7-11) Introduction of Thomas Hardy,style and introduction of
the Tess of the d Urbervilles.
14 (14-18) Text of the novel and critical analysis of the
novel,philosophy of the novel.
15 (21-25) Major and minor themes in the novel.
16 (28Jan- Application of literary theories on the novel.
17 (4-9) Final term exams