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Invitation for Application as PART-TIME LECTURERS

The Mauritius Institute of Education is a parastatal body operating under the aegis of the Ministry of
Education & Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research and is responsible for
Teacher Education, Curriculum Development and Research. It offers both face-to-face and mixed
mode courses at all levels (pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary) and targets mainly educators.

The Mauritius Institute of Education invites application from suitably qualified candidates possessing
the required qualifications and experience to form part of a pool of part–time lecturers, which is
being updated as per our institutional needs as and when they arise.

It should be noted that MIE does not have any obligation to appoint any person until h er/his
services are required, depending on the courses being offered. However, the application will be
kept in our records. The applicant will be contacted whenever his/her services will be required.

Subject Area:

1. Business Education (Management)

2. Business Studies (Didactics)
3. Citizenship Education
4. Curriculum Studies/Assessment and Evaluation
5. Drama/Performing Arts
6. Early Childhood Education with specialization in Administration and Inspection in Early years
7. Sociology of Education
8. Education Studies with Pedagogy
9. Educational Psychology
10. English - Linguistics and Literature
11. French – Linguistics and Literature
12. Home Economics - Health Education
13. Home Economics - Textile Craft
14. Mathematics
15. Movement and Physical Education - Dance & Badminton
16. Science for Early Childhood & Primary
17. Science with Chemistry
18. Science with Physics
19. Social Sciences with specialization in Geography
20. Social Sciences with specialization in History
21. Social Sciences with specialization in Sociology
22. Social Studies
23. Special Education (Inclusive Education)
24. Special Education Needs - Psychologist, Occupational Therapist & Clinical Psychologist
25. Values and/or Civic Education
26. Visual Arts

Qualifications & Experience for Lecturer:

(a) Two ‘A’ levels or an acceptable alternative qualification.

(b) A relevant degree from a recognized institution or an acceptable alternative qualification.

In addition a minimum of two years relevant post qualification experience or a post-graduate

qualification normally obtained after one year of full-time study.

Priority of consideration will be given to candidates with higher, and appropriate, pedagogical

Courses are normally scheduled to be conducted as follows:

Weekdays Saturdays
9.00 - Noon 9.00 - Noon
13.00 - 16.00 13.00 - 16.00
15.30 - 19.00

Applicants should indicate the time at which they will be available on the
application form.

Applications must be made online through the MIE Website as follows:


The deadline for submitting online application is Friday 29 December 2017

Candidates are advised to read carefully the advertisement before submitting their application.
Incomplete, inadequate or inaccurate filling of the form may cause the applicant’s elimination from
consideration. It is an offence to give false information or conceal any relevant information. This may
lead to an application being rejected or, if a candidate has already been appointed, to the termination
of his appointment.

Once the application is completed and submitted online, you will receive an e-mail. Print and sign the
application form, attach photocopies of Birth/Marriage Certificate, NIC, Educational/Technical
certificates, testimonials of working experience and any other document and send by registered post
to the Office of the Registrar, MIE, Réduit.

All hard copies should reach the MIE within one week from the closing date as stipulated above.

Your application will be considered only on receipt of your application form and attachments. Failure
to send same will be considered as an incomplete submission. ORIGINALS TO BE PRODUCED ONLY

The post applied for should be clearly marked on the top left hand corner of the envelope.

The Mauritius Institute of Education reserves the right:

(i) to call for interview only the best qualified candidates; and
(ii) not to make any appointment as a result of this advertisement nor will it assign any reason
For further information please consult our website occasionally.

Registrar 08 December 2017

Mauritius Institute of Education
Tel: 401 6555
Fax: 454 1037
E-mail: registrar@mieonline.org
website www.mie.ac.mu