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1. It is common phenomenon that homes in urban or rural places are clean. However, our streets and
parks are dirty; citizens do not bother about garbage collection and rugged roads as long as these
do not affect their family and home. Such situation show that as a people, Filipino still lack of:
a. Social consciousness c. Personal discipline
b. Community leadership d. Political will
2. What do the school campus expressions “promdi” and “barriotic” indicate?
a. The power of the rich c. The prevalence ethnocentrism
b. The powerless of the poor d. Low literacy rate of the country
3. Lecturer narrates: “I observe that when there is an English speaking foreigner in class, more often
than not, his classmates perceive him to be superior.” To which Filipino Filipino trait does this point?
a. Lack of confidence c. Colonial mentality
b. Friendliness d. Hospitality
4. The primary purposes of the student council in any school is about to:
Provide training for potential leaders and good followers
To provide pupils with some experience in managing the school
To provide students and pupils with opportunities for social growth
To provide students with experience in democratic self government

A good teacher may provide a good class atmosphere by:

Providing pupils with challenging educational experience
Setting up strict rules and enforcing them partially
Allowing the pupils to make all the decisions
Maintaining strict discipline
Social exposure to various cultures expands a child’s pool of knowledge. Which statements go/goes
with this sentence?
More experiences a child has, the richer his/her world becomes
The less experiences a child has, the more discipline he/she becomes
I. The selective parents in the exposure of their child, the more challenged the child
a.I only c. II only
b.I and II d. III only
3. Which is the ideal stage of moral development
a.Good boy, good girl c. Universal ethnic principle
b.Social contract d. Law and order
4. The DepEd encourages the teachers to use the process of _________ in order to help speed up the
development of the right kind of values among our pupils and students.
a.Value teaching c. Ethics
b.Catholic religion d. Assimilation
5. Most common physical deficiencies that would be linked to pupil’s spelling problems are usually in
the areas of the:
a.Hearing c. Vision
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b.Talking d. a and c
6. Personalized education aims to prepare a child for a lifelong of:
a. Value directed learning c. Self directed meaning
b. Motivation d. none of the above
7. This is a type of research which aims to involve research specialists and classroom teachers in the
study and application to research of the educational problems in the school or in the classroom
a. Evaluative research c. Application research
b. Action research d. None of the above
8. Which program of the Department of Education is an offshoot of the Filipino bayanihan spirit?
a. Every Child A Reader Program (ENCARP)
b. The Basic Education Curriculum (BEC)
c. Child Friendly School System
d. Brigada Eskwela
9. How can a teacher help students with learning and thinking styles continue to learn more
a. Provide a general overview of the lesson
b. Use a variety of reflective strategies
c. Allow sufficient time for processing different types of information
d. Use questions of all types of stimulate various level of thinking and valuing
10. The benefit of Reading Aloud is that children learn to:
a. To use their imaginations to explore new ideas as they listen to books
b. To make predictions by examining pictures and listening for clues
c. To value the presence of their friends as they read together
d. New vocabulary in meaningful contexts
11. A student is made to replace words omitted in a message or a paragraph. This technique used for
developing reading comprehension is known as:
a. Developmental lesson c. Integrative mode
b. Close procedure d. Structural method
12. Which of the following is poor reading performance associated?
I. Relatively low self esteem
II. Deprived home environment
III. Use of the rote memorization as reading strategy
a.I, II and III c. I and II
b.II and III d. II only
13. How are schools influenced when parents’ measure of excellent school is children’s ability to read
as early as pre-kindergartens?
a.Exclusive use of reading books published by the school
b.Application of socio-emotional learning
c.Integration of values in the curriculum
d.Focus on academics
14. For what main reasons are schools change agents advised to offer courses that industries need?
a.Environmental c. Historical
b.Political d. Economic
15. Which of these statements is the effective way of communicating the vision-mission statement of
the school?
a.Memorize the vision-mission statement
b.Share vision-mission among stakeholders
c.Align activities, program and projects to the school vision-mission
d.Form committees to develop and/or revise the vision/mission statement
16. Which of the following interventions reduces stigma between social status and social selection in
the educational system?
a.National College Admission Examination
b.Educational Service Contracting Scheme
c.National Achievement Test
d.Education for All
17. Which of these school practices helps create a positive learning climate?
a.Giving clear expectation to the academic community
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b.Giving recognition or appreciation for teachers/staff accomplishment
c.Encouraging only the high performing teachers to apply for promotion
d.Encouraging everyone to participate in accomplishing school goals and objectives
18. Which of these activities indicates that teachers value their status as role models?
a.Upholding the Code of Ethics
b.Accomplishing learners report card
c.Being popular in order to get a promotion
d.Holding on to their job despite the difficulties

19. When enrollees cannot be accommodated in the public schools due to lack of teachers and
classroom, they are referred to the private schools under the:
a.Tutorial program
b.Adopt-a-School Program
c.Study now pay later
d.Educational Service Contracting Scheme
20. Which of the learner centered psychological principles were not considered by the mathematics
teacher when he gave the class “30 problems in 50 minutes?”
I. Standards and Assessment
II. Developmental and Social
III. Motivational and Affective
IV. Individual Difference Factors
V. Cognitive and Metacognitive
a.I, II, III and IV c. II, III, IV and V
b.I, II and III d. I, II and IV
21. Refers to the condition of the class and of individual activity in which order is the objective sought
to make learning effective.
a.Light and Ventilation c. Physical Environment
b.Routine Activity d. Discipline
22. This is a term used to designate what modern educators call the “new learning” which aims to
develop a well rounded personality
a.Process approach c. Problem solving techniques
b.Team teaching d. Multi Intelligence Approach

23. The role that a teacher play when he sets desirable learning activities for the individual learner and
take the responsibility of matching available resources with the needs of each learner.
a.Scholar and master of learning
b.Abstractor and supervisor of learning
c.Manager of the teaching learning process
d.Initiator of the teaching learning process
24. The term which refer to the techniques and tools of learning, and may relate to materials available
in the classroom such as reference, textbooks, industrial materials, equipment and apparatus.
a.Visual aids c. School environment
b.Technology d. Resource material
25. In a well known experiment, psychologists frustrate young children by placing a wire fence
between n the children and pile of toys. When finally allowed to play with the toys, the children
smashed and destroyed them. Which reaction was demonstrated?
a.Sustain aggression c. Displaced aggression
b.Dormant aggression d. Rational aggression
26. The corrective measure which is in accord with sound psychological practice is:
a.Suspension from classes c. Withdrawal of privileges
b.Expulsion from school d. Physical punishment

27. It teaches moral life through devotion to the family, loyalty to elders, love of learning, brotherhood,
civil service, universal love and justice.
a.Confucianism c. Catholicism
b.Taoism d. Buddhism
28. A series of related and progressive acts performed by a teacher and pupils to attain the general
and specific objective of the lesson.
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a.Method of teachingc. Techniques of teaching
b.Teaching strategy d. Teaching tactic
29. A teacher can help her underachiever students correct their difficulties by:
a.Giving them drill lessons c. Preparing a development lesson
b.Providing review exercise d. Conducting a remedial lesson
30. Which of the following educational thrust(s) applies/apply to higher education as provided for in
Education Act of 1982?
a.Equity c. High quality
b.Efficiency d. all of the above
31. A teacher should provide these to save the child from establishing habits that retard progress.
a.Supervised study c. Review
b.Diagnosis d. Seat work
32. A child aged one year old realizes that things continue to exist even when it is no longer present to
the senses. According to Piaget, the child has achieved:
a.Concrete permanence c. Object permanence
b.Object movement d. Concrete movement
33. A little girl who experienced fear when a dog bit her, initially responds with fear to all dogs.
This is a form of what behavior?
a.Acceptable c. Discriminate
b.Fear d. Generalized

34. The Department of Education collaborates with other partner government institution, the academe
and the private sectors in delivering its various services. With what agency or sector does DepEd
collaborate for preschool education concerns?
I. Religious organizations
II. Private school
a.I and II b. IV only c. II and IV d. I, II and III
35. The following are characteristics of a child friendly school EXCEPT_________.
a.Child centered c. Not discriminating
b.Exclusive d. Gender sensitive
36. Which program of DepEd’s vehicle in mobilizing support from the private and non-government
sectors to support program based on DepEd’s assistance packages?
a.Brigade School Program c. Every Child A Reader Program
b.Adopt A School Program d. Child Friendly School System
37. The following are the moves of the government to democratize access to education EXCEPT one.
Which is the exception?
a.Employment of Para teachers
b.In service training for teachers
c.Opening of Baranggay high school
d.Implementation of Philippine Equivalency Placement Test
38. Which one is an alternative learning delivery system where an itinerant teacher, with the use of
modules, teaches a small group of pupils for a week then moves to another community the next
a.Multi-grade c. Mobile teacher
b.Tent school d. Para teacher
39. As provided for in the Education Act of 1982; how are the institutions of learning encouraged
setting highest standards of quality over the minimum required for state recognition?
a.Voluntary Accreditation c. Continuing Professional Education
b.Academic Freedomd. Granting a Special Permit
40. Which domain in the National Competency-Based Standard upholds gender sensitivity?
a.Community Linkages c. Social Regard for Learning
b.Diversity of learners d. Learning Environment
41. Upon prior consent of parents and school authorities, religion may be taught in Philippine schools:
a.After recess c. Within regular class hours
b.After class d. During vacant period

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42. When we convince our students that pleasure is not the only good in life, we object to the teaching
a.Humanism c. Epicureanism
b.Stoicism d. Skeptism
43. If student encouraged to develop himself to the fullest and must satisfy his hierarchy of needs, the
Need to satisfy according to Maslow is_____________.
a.Safety needs c. Self actualization
b.Belongingness d. Psychological need
44. On whose teaching is the performance of rituals or ceremonies in school rooted?
a.Buddha’s c. Confucius’s
b.Lao Tzu’s d. Mohammed’s
45. Which was the FIRST body to perform regulatory functions over the teaching profession?
a.National Board for teachers c. Professional Regulation Commission
b.Civil Service Commission d. National Board for Teachers
46. The teacher’s responsibility includes observing and following the principles of personal behavior in
all relationships with others. Premium shall be placed on:
a.Interpersonal relationship c. Self respect and self discipline
b.Honesty and integrity d. Intrapersonal relationship
47. Which is NOT an element of high morale environment?
a.Promote sense of belonging c. Foster sense of accomplishment
b.Promote personal growth d. Develop justice for a group
48. The report card is given every grading period to the pupil/student and the parents are informed of
the learner’ performance. This is a/an __________ of the teacher stipulated in the Education Act
a.Obligation c. Responsibility
b.Role d. Accountability
49. Rubrics are used for rating performance and scoring guides to describe the ____________ qualities
of student outcomes.
a. Desired c. Accomplished
b.Tested d. Responsibility
50. How can we encourage students to become readers?
a.Giving reading materials to supplement their knowledge in different subjects
b.Giving them reading materials within their level of interest
c.Giving them expensive and varied reading materials
d.Giving them plenty of reading materials
51. Which psychological theory states that the mind insists on finding patterns in things that contribute
to the development of insight?
a.Bruner’s theory c. Kohlberg’s psychology
b.Gestalt psychologyd. Piaget’s psychology
52. Which is/are the basic assumption of behaviorists?
I. The mind of a newborn child is a blank slate.
II. All behaviors are determined by environmental events
III. The child has a certain degree of freedom not to allow himself to be shaped by his
a. III only c. I and III
b. I and II d. II only
53. What does Gagnes’ hierarchical theory propose for effective instruction?
a.Be concerned with the socio-emotional climate in the classroom
b.Teach beginning with the concrete
c.Reward good behavior
d.Sequence instruction
54. All of the following describe the development of children aged 11 to 13 EXCEPT:
a.They show abstract thinking and judgment
b. They exhibit increased objectivity in thinking
c.Sex differences in IQ becomes more evident
d.They shift from impulsivity to adaptive ability
55. Which educational issue can be clarified by understanding Maslow’s Needs Theory?
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a.The effect of poverty on academic achievement
b. The effect of different classroom structures
c.Delinquency in the public schools
d.Sex education issues in school
56. A person who had painful experiences at the dentist’s office may fearful at the mere sight of the
dentist’s office. Which theory can explain this?
a.Attribution theory c. Classical conditioning
b.Generalization d. Operant conditioning
57. A student often bullies his classmates and misbehaves but he passes his periodic tests and
participates in class activities. What is the responsibility of the teacher this case?
a.Refer to the misbehavior to the Values Education, CERC teacher
b.Deduct points for behavior from the scholastic ratings
c.Write an anecdotal record to the guidance counselor
d.Report the student’s behavior to the principal
58. The Code of Ethics stipulates that the accountability of teachers includes his/her participation in:
a.Teaching of religion c. Continuing professional education
b.Political Activities d. Community linkages
59. Which of the following is demonstrated when the teachers conduct themselves with respect,
maintaining proper ethics and decorum inside and outside the classroom?
a.Personal achievement and self-worth
b.Quality teaching efficiency
c.Service and commitment
60. Professionalism is NOT an end state for an occupation rather it is continual process of reaching the
forms of:
a.Obligation c. Responsibility
b.Prestige d. Accountability
61. A teacher shall behave with honor and dignity at all times. What activities should he/she refrain
from indulging?
I. Gambling III. Illicit relations
II. Smoking IV. Lotto betting
a.I only c. II, III, IV
b.I, II, III d. III only
62. According to the Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers, upon which are
appointments/promotion/transfer made?
a.Civil status c. Merit and need
b.Health d. Exigency of the service
63. Which activity is characterized by a relationship of mutual trust and respect, with individuals
agreeing to observe each other’s teaching and solving problems together?
a.Mentoring c. Group dynamics
b.Brainstorming d. Peer evaluation
64. What are the qualities of empowered teachers?
I. Learn and grow on the job
II. Work individually to solve problems
III. Believe that the learner is at the center of the school culture
IV. Believed that improved instruction is everyone’s responsibility
a.I, II, III c. III and IV
b.I and II d. I, III, IV
65. Who is most likely to advise you to modify your classroom environment in such a way that your
pupils will be motivated to learn?
a.The humanist c. The social cognitivist
b.The behaviorist d. The cognitivist
66. The teacher should provide an environment conducive to learning in line with his/her function as a:
a.Change agent c. Facilitator of learning
b.Responsible citizen d. Leader in the community
67. The establishment of kindergarten classes, elementary and high school, and higher institutions of
learning point to which characteristics of the Philippine educational system?
a.Accessible c. Complete
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b.Relevant d. Integrative
68. Which of the following may generate interpersonal relationships in the work environment?
a.Dance festival c. Challenging the best
b.Off site respites d. Learning new skills
69. The professional teacher is not “the stage on stage” but “the guide from the side”. This implies that
a. Project an “Almighty Omniscient” image
b. Cling to their power to impose rules
c. Serve dispensers of knowledge
d. Act as facilitator of learning
70. In a knowledge based society, teachers must be capable of effective communication. What does
effective communication involve?
I. Teaming, collaboration and interactive communication
II. Interpersonal skills and personal responsibility
III. Social and civic responsibility
VI. Adaptability and self direction
a. I, II and III c. I, II, III and IV
b. II only d. I only
71. As a community leader, which one may a teacher NOT do?
a. Plays an active part in the activities of the community
b. Solicits donation from philanthropists in the community
c. Supports effort of the community to improve their status in life
d. Makes herself aloof to ensure that their decisions will not be influenced by community politics
72. A teacher is said to be a “trustee of the cultural and educational heritage of the nation and is under
obligation to transmit to learners such heritage.” Which practice makes him/her fulfill such
a. Study the life of Filipino heroes
b. Use interactive teaching strategies
c. Use the latest educational technology
d. Observe continuing professional education
73. A pupil whose mother is an OFW has been absent for the past three days. Considering the teacher’s
role and responsibilities what action will you take?
a. Conduct home visitation c. Report to the guidance counselor
b. Record the absences d. Conduct action research
74. With an increasing variety of family situations, a teacher needs to:
a. Assume that all students want to know a variety of family situation
b. Broaden students’ realization of different learning styles
c. Encourage students to improve their family situation
d. Be care not to inadvertently offend some students

75. Which is most essential characteristic of a Total Quality School model?

a. Empowerment c. Continuous improvement
b. Clientele Focus d. Involvement of stakeholders
76. Which is the best reason for providing early intervention program to children with disabilities, ages
0 to 3 years old?
a. Address developmental lag and prevent acquiring additional disabilities
b. Identify strengths and weaknesses for instruction purposes
c. Ensure inclusion or enrolment in regular classes
d. Prevent labeling at an early age

77. The role of play in the preschool and early childhood years is that it:
a. Increases imagination due to expanding knowledge and emotional range
b. Develops the upper and lower limbs
c. Separates reality from fantasy
d. Develops competitive spirit
78. When small children call all animals “dogs” , what process is illustrated based on Piaget’s cognitive
development theory?
a. Reversion c. Conservation
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b. Assimilation d. Accommodation
79. Societal change requires continually deep seated questions about “good” living. Which of these did
Socrates recognize as the greatest of the human virtues?
a. Piety c. Moral wisdom
b. Courage d. Fair justice

80. That the quality of Philippine education is declining was the result of a study by EDCOM which
recommended to ____________ teachers and teaching.
a. Improve c. Professionalize
81. Who should teach religion?
a. Part time teachers paid by the PTA
b. Designated regular teacher in the school
c. Designated instructors by the religious authorities
d. Contractual teachers hired by the local government
82. On which philosophical foundation id reflected teaching grounded?
I. Plato’s contemplation of eternal truth
II. Aristotle’s basic method of inquiry
III. Rationalist’s superiority of reason
a. I, II and III c. I and III
b. II and III d. I and II
83. “The highest happiness is the contemplative use of the mind” said Plato. Therefore, let us give
more opportunities to our students to do:
a. Role playing c. Cooperative learning
b. Introspection d. Social interaction
84. Jerome Brunner taught the curriculum should revisit basic ideas, and build on them, until the
student grasped the full formal concept. Which curriculum is referred to?
a. Basic curriculum c. Re-structured curriculum
b. Hidden curriculum d. Special curriculum
85. Teacher Lei’s objective is to focus students’ attention on quickly create interest in a problem or
concept. She should make use of:
a. Philips 66 c. Panel discussion
b. Tasks group d. Tutorial group
86. Which order follows the basic rule in framing interaction?
a. Ask the question, pause, and call on a student
b. Ask the question, call on a student, and pause
c. Call on a student, ask the question, and pause
d. Call on a student, pause, ask the question
87. You want to teach concepts, patterns and abstractions.
a. Direct instruction c. Deductive method
b. Problem solving d. indirect instruction
88. When you teach, you often engage yourself in brainstorming. Which do you avoid?
a. Increase creativity c. Breakdown barriers
b. Generate many ideas d. Selective involve pupils
89. To nurture creativity of learners, the teacher should be:
a. Single minded
b. An all powerful authority
c. A repository of knowledge with the right answer
d. Flexible in terms of time, pace materials, techniques
90. Direct instruction is for facts, rules and actions as indirect instruction is for:
a. Hypotheses, verified data and conclusion
b. Concept, patterns and abstraction
c. Guesses, data and conclusion
d. Rules, concepts, processes
91. You want to teach facts and rules. Which one will you make use of?
a. Direct instruction
b. Self-directed learning
c. Indirect instruction
d. Collaborative model
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92. What is the best way to develop math concepts?
a. Solving problems by using memorized formula
b. Solving problems by applying learned formula
c. Solving problems by looking for correct answers
d. Learning math as applied to situations, such as its being a tool of science
93. You combined several subject areas in order to focus on a single concept for interdisciplinary
teaching. Which strategy did you use?
a. Unit method c. Reading writing activity
b. Thematic instruction d. Problem centered learning
94. Having a mock presidential election, complete with debates, discussion of issues and voting,
teaches students:
a. The skill to persuade c. The decision making process
b. The skill to win in debates d. The art of winning on election
95. Teacher Sir gave his first grade class a page with a story in which pictures take the place of some
words. Which method did he use?
a. The language experience approach
b. The whole language approach
c. The Spaulding approach
d. The rebus method

96. In your attempt to develop creative thinking skills, you want to test fluency of ideas. Which activity
will be the most appropriate?
a. Compare pictures 1 and 2. Where there are the differences?
b. List animals covered with hair in 1 minute
c. Solve this math problem
d. Solve this puzzle
97. Geography is largely important in the second curriculum because:
a. It deals with people
b. It affects our culture
c. It affects our social awareness
d. It deals with physical environments
98. Values get into a person’s system through:
a. Actions c. Experiences
b. Studies d. None of the above
99. This evaluation should be given to know the areas for revision or aspects where learners need help
or correctives.
a. Diagnostic c. Formative
b. Evaluative d. Both A and C
100. An examination requires that the personal opinion of the marker does not affect the mark.
a. objectivity c. Affectivity
b. Certainty d. Only B and C
101. The following approach includes the major behavior of listening, clarifying, presenting, problem
solving and:
a. Assessing c. Feed backing
b. Evaluating d. Negotiating
102. Which practice helps the teacher maximize time for instruction?
a. Maximize discipline time
b. Minimize discipline time
c. Employ a reactive approach to discipline
d. Avoid classroom routine: they make your students robots
103. Which is sound classroom management practice?
a. Give students very easy task to lighten their load
b. Occupy the students with extremely difficult task
c. Be preventive in approach
d. Be reactive in approach.
104. If you want your pupils to master the multiplication table, which activity is most fit?
a. Drill c. Reflection
b. Game d. Simulation
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105. You want your better students to over learn what they have learned and at the same time help
others to master the lesson. Which activities are best?
a. Practice c. Simulation
b. Game d. Peer tutoring

106. For an effective presentation of Article XIV of the Philippine Constitution, which is most appropriate
a. Direct instruction c. Learning circle
b. Team game d. Independent study
107. To determine your pupils entry knowledge and skills which should you employ?
a. Pre-test c. Focus group discussion
b. Pro-test d. Interview
108. Which learning style groups are manipulates most effective?
a. Interpersonal style group c. Self-expensive style group
b. Master style group d. Understanding style group
109. Which activity is good for organizing and summarizing?
a. Cartoons c. Power point presentation
b. Interview d. Case study
110. You want to present the characteristic features of a constructivist approach. Which should you use?
a. Narrative frame c. Fishbone diagram
b. Venn diagram d. Attribute wheel
111. If you want to generate as many ideas as you want which one should you organize?
a. Forum c. Small group discussion
b. Debate d. Panel discussion
112. With a computer, you can organize information about trees and planets. Which tools should you
a. Database c. Desktop publishing
b. Spreadsheet d. Word processing
113. Which is most appropriate for the sharing of efforts and ideas?
a. Cooperative c. Thematic learning
b. Constructivists d. Peer tutoring
114. Which is the first step in the goal oriented or outcome based model of teaching?
a. Designing learning activities
b. Establishing learning activities
c. Implementing learning activities
d. Assessing learners entry capabilities
115. To give everyone in a big class a chance to participate, which one should you employ?
a. Class game c. Small group discussion
b. Stimulation d. Panel discussion
116. To give opportunity for bonding and sharing, which approach can be of help?
a. discovery approach c. Cooperative learning approach
b. Exploratory approach d. Constructive approach
117. What factors must be considered in the choice of best method to be employed in class?
I. Nature of the learners
II. Aims and objectives of the lesson
III. Available materials in the community
a. I, II and III c. I and III
b. I and II d. II and III
118. These are learning aids and resources used in the teaching-learning process.
a. Visual aids c. Instructional materials
b. Learning guides d. Graphic organizer
119. What do global learners enjoy most?
a. Generalize ideas from specific to general
b. Formulate generalization from details
c. Likes to plan ahead
d. Working on puzzles
120. Which of these activities is best for visual spatial learners?
a. Planting in the garden c. doing graphic organizer
b. Answering puzzles d. Creating dance movements
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121. To make the students get focused in the discussion, what must you do especially if your students
are unruly and noisy?
a. Refer the unruly and noisy pupils to the Guidance Office
b. Explore various means of giving sanction
c. Ignore the students who are misbehaving
d. Employ innovative strategies
122. When the class seems unruly during the discussion, what is the best technique to employ?
a. Stop the discussion
b. Let them stand for a while
c. Prepare unfreezers/energizers
d. Ignore the students who are making noise
123. How will you help the shy and the timid students in your class?
a. Treat them naturally
b. Let them be as they are
c. Refer them to the Guidance Office
d. Encourage them to join as many activities in class
124. What will be the most effective way of dealing with non-participative students?
a. Give them the grades they deserve based on their performance
b. Refer the matter to the Guidance Counselor
c. Employ engaging and enjoyable activities
d. Let them do what please them
125. Corporal punishment is punishable by law. How can you instill discipline through non-violent
a. Ignore discipline problems
b. Refrain from admitting erring students
c. Refer all disciplinary measures to the Student Affairs Office
d. Establish your policies and give your expectations at the beginning of the class
126. As a teacher, one has to properly dressed at all times in all occasions. This is part of the personal
classroom management of teachers. Why is this important?
I. Teachers must be role models
II. Teachers must always be presentable
III. Teachers must look dignified at all times
IV. Teachers are also models in observing proper dress code
a. I and II c. I, II and III
b. II and III d. I, II, III and IV
127. Which is NOT part of the classroom routines?
a. Line formation during recess, lunch and dismissal
b. Studying lessons before, during and after class
c. Greeting teachers and classmates
d. Passing of papers
128. Giving reward is one way to motivate students to behave properly at all times. What is the best
positive reinforcement which can be employed?
a. Distributing tokens, materials for every best work
b. Acknowledging the potential of each students
c. Giving medals for every good work done
d. Praising them for good work
129. What is one advantage of using the project method in science teaching?
a. It requires students to present in concrete form how a principle works
b. It requires assistance of experts on the subject
c. It develops high level thinking and learning
d. It tests the student’s manipulative skills
130. In the light of the modern concept of teaching, which is a characteristic of effective teaching?
a. Removing the physical presence of the teacher
b. Developing abilities to address the future
c. Allowing learners to learn on their own
d. Pouring information to the learners
131. Which of the following techniques of curriculum implementation is fir to the objective of developing
cooperative learning and social interaction?
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a. Lecture c. Individual reporting
b. Buzz session d. Graded recitation
132. Suppose two of your students fought in class while the lesson was going on. What would be your
immediate response?
a. Settle the issue immediately even if you have to stop the lesson
b. Take the two students immediately to the principal’s office
c. Stop the fight and place the two boys in a corner
d. Refer to the class who is the winner in the fight
133. Sound educational aims which are the basis of any curriculum are derived from a careful
consideration of several factors, foremost of which are?
a. Needs a learner to serve c. Availability of Instructional materials
b. Contents a subject matter d. Competency of the teachers.
134. When a school decides to work on a thematic curriculum, which should be out of the picture?
a. Competition c. Peer collaboration
b. Integration d. Team teaching
135. Which of the following statements about computer viruses is TRUE?
a. Files can be damaged by computer viruses
b. Files are always permanently damaged by viruses
c. Compressed files can never be damaged by viruses
d. Text files are the only files to be corrupted by viruses
136. To reduce electronic waste, implement a recycling system. Which belong to an e-waste recycling
I. Repair
II. Reuse
III. Upgrading of existing equipment
a. I, II and III c. I and II
b. I only d. II only
137. Which one appropriate describes your lesson if you use the cognitive approach?
a. Lecture dominated
b. Highly directed teaching
c. Rote learning dominated
d. Promotes “find out yourself” approach
138. If you apply the integrated curriculum approach, which one is out?
a. Lifelong learning c. Relating topic to life experiences
b. Rote learning d. Problem solving
139. Lesson objectives must go beyond recall. Which is concerned with recall?
a. To interpret the table on the population density of the continents
b. To identify the provincial capitals of the following provinces
c. To draw conclusions based on observations
d. To distinguish fact from opinion
140. When the curriculum aims to develop the whole child, the curriculum is considered:
a. Child centered c. Subject centered
b. Nature centered d. Project centered
141. What kind of curriculum is achieved when the learning outcomes are achieved by the students?
a. Taught curriculum c. Learned curriculum
b. Hidden curriculum d. Assessed curriculum
142. What can the teacher in one school do to maximize their community resources to ensure that
effective instruction in employed at all times?
a. Request the school to purchase materials
b. Require students to bring materials to cater to different levels
c. Let a company/agency sponsor the building of s resource center
d. Have a learning resource center of materials prepared by teacher
143. You have assigned to handle a multigrade class. What instructional materials must be utilized to
provide for the needs of each level.
a. Differentiated materials to cater to different levels
b. Colorful, useful and durable materials
c. Materials of high level thinking skills
d. Multisensory materials
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144. As a teacher employing the project based multimedia learning strategy, what are some limitations
you expect from the encounter?
I. There is a need for extending the time to use several media
II. The presentation of the product is not an easy task
III. The technology skills to produce a product may be lacking
a. I only c. I, II and II
b. III only d. I and II
145. What should be the first consideration of the teacher in the choice of instructional media?
a. Technique to be used c. Availability of the media
b. Choice of the pupils d. Objectives of the lesson
146. In determining the strategy or method of teaching to carry out the objective of the lesson, the
preparedness of the teacher should be considered. It implies that the teacher should:
a. Enjoy the lesson c. Master the subject matter
b. Give many homework d. Call the attention of the learners


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