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The objective of human services is to meet human needs through an interdisciplinary knowledge base,
helping people overcome their difficulties and lead a healthy and prosperous life. It focuses on
prevention as well as remediation of their problems maintaining a commitment to improve the overall
quality of life for the people they meant to serve. Traditionally human services have been associated
with philanthropic and religious charitable activities for most of the history of human civilization. It only
became a subject of scientific interest in later part of the 20th century. What truly makes human services
challenging is that to reach to the people of need the workers of human services must break the barriers
of race, culture, gender, nationality, and many more unwritten believes and traditions.

I always admire those who make the conscious choice to live their life in the service of others. Our
history is teaming with example of such great personalities from Gandhi and Ambedkar to Nelson
Mandela and Martin Luther king. Though their struggles have mostly been termed as political, it’s
oblivious to see the undercurrent of a strong desire to serve and heal the suffering of their fellow human
being. Today I believe there is even a more urgent need to focus on the human services than ever
before. It’s been emphasized by many public intellectual from all over the world how environmental
disaster, war, poverty and preventable diseases has taken a huge toll on human life. I find it incredibly
upsetting that even in this 21st century there are many part of the world where millions of children
suffer from malnutrition and often die of hunger or simple preventable diseases, women suffer from
high maternal mortality, youth suffer from drug addiction due to unemployment and lack education. It
appears to me that in our busy day to day life the sufferings of our fellow human being have become
invisible. We often boast of our achievements in science and technology, but it has accomplished little
to help in this direction. The reason being its merely a tool in the hand of man, it takes human
intervention to help another human being.

Coming from a poor family from an underdeveloped state of this country I always had a ring side seat to
human suffering. I have seen severely malnourished children, neglected elderly and women struggling
with lack of healthcare. I have seen people dying for the sole reason of lack of resources (both financial
and convenience) to visit a doctor in the nearby town. These experiences have been the driving force for
my motivation to pursue human services as a career goal.

Human service organizations

Human service is a vast sector that includes wide range of discipline, skills and knowledge focused
towards enhancing human well-being individually and collectively. As there are many area that the
human services addresses there are also wide variety of organizations that strive towards achieving this
objective. They can be categorized as; i) non profit or NGOs, ii) private sector and iii) governmental or
public sector. All these organizations may employ different methods and organizational technique to
achieve their objectives.
Non-profit or NGOs

As the name suggest this kind of organization work to aid the people without a profit motive. These
kinds of organizations manage to focus on the people in a narrowed down approach of particular
problem. Often being a small organization it manages to operate in a hassle free manner penetrating to
the grass root level to reach out to the people. Non-profit organizations however often suffer from lack
of fund to achieve their goal. They are usually run through donor funds and grants received from various
sources. Some of the famous non-profit organizations are; - Cure violence, Care, Partner in health,
Acumen, BRAC, Mercy crops, Medicine sans frontiers, Cares etc.

Private sector
While there are many advantages in non-profit organizations, the private sector has some distinct
advantages as well. The private sector often does not has the constrains of funds which allows it to
accomplice which is often not possible by non-profit or governmental organizations. The availability of
resources means it can address a wide range of issues related to the people it strive to serve. It also
manages to employ the most qualified professional for the job which ensures quality work being done.
The Ford foundation and the gates foundations are some of the most popular organizations which
operate in part of the world.

Government sector
Government sector or public sectors are among the largest in the human services organizations. They
usually have the advantage of being backed by the government funds and other resources. Unlike other
organization it does not suffer from the lack of human resource and has an upper hand in term of ease
of operation, which allows it to be the most efficient of all three categories of organizations.

Part of the reason I chose to work as a human services worker is the challenges it throws at the workers.
Regardless of the moral standard assigned to the profession of human services, it requires a set of skill
and knowledge to be able to perform optimally in a highly unpredictable and informal work place
setting. I find it highly interesting and satisfying area of work to indulge in. I understand that for a
professional that helps people for living there are several characteristic they have to posses to be an
effective helper. I have participated in many community works in my school and college days and have
found myself completely in ease with those kinds of works. Although volunteer work as student and a
professional human services work are very different in nature. I believe that I have in me what it takes to
be a human services worker. Dealing with people with empathy with a genuine desire to help is, i
believe, my forte and i take pride in it.

Human services are an area of work which positively influences million of people all over the world and
make their life more fulfilling and meaningful. Without the brave souls who work day and night as
human service workers this would never be possible.