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1. From the Warnings window of the Allison DOC® For PC–Service Tool, click the
Allison DOC® For PC–Service Tool
NOTE: If you have a previous version of Allison DOC® For PC–Service Tool (7.0 or button. The Connect/Disconnect window appears.
newer) on your PC, you will not be required to uninstall it. The new installation automati-
2. Select the Transmission Type from the options displayed.
cally upgrades the application. Your application can be automatically activated if your PC
3. Check the SmartConnect box if using the Noregon Wireless/USB Translator - All
is connected to the Internet. If your PC cannot connect to the Internet, alternate activation
Allison Products, Nexiq USB-Link™, or Dearborn DPA4 / DPA4 Plus.
instructions will appear.
WARNINGS AND NOTES NOTE: Full Administrator privileges are required to install, use, and update Allison 4. Click the button.
DOC® For PC-Service Tool. 5. Upon a successful connection, the DTC and General Information screen displays.
WARNING: To avoid personal injury, the operator of the vehicle must not use or read the
service tool while the vehicle is moving. Doing so can result in loss of vehicle control, 1. Locate the installation media:
which can cause vehicle damage and personal injury. • DVD: insert the Allison DOC® For PC—Service Tool DVD into your DVD-ROM drive. If the
installation process does not begin momentarily, select Start -> Run from the task bar. Click
WARNING: Only personnel other than the vehicle operator must use the service tool. Browse, locate the Setup.exe file on the installation DVD, and click OK. • Make sure the ignition is on.
• USB: insert the Allison DOC® For PC—Service Tool USB flash drive into an available USB • Make sure all of the cables and connectors are in good condition.
WARNING: The vehicle operator must maintain control of the vehicle while an assistant
port. If the installation process does not begin momentarily, select Start -> Run from the task bar. • Make sure that you have selected the correct transmission type.
performs the diagnostic evaluations.
Click Browse, locate the Setup.exe file on the USB flash drive, and click OK.
• Make sure that your PC meets all of the platform requirements to run the Allison DOC®
NOTE: Allison DOC® For PC–Service Tool users must have a basic working knowledge • Downloaded File: locate the Allison DOC® For PC—Service Tool installation file that was For PC–Service Tool.
of Microsoft® Windows XP® Professional, Vista® Home Basic, and Windows 7® downloaded and saved to your computer. Double-click this file to begin the installation process.
• Disconnect then reconnect the translator device from both the PC and the diagnostic
Operating System(s). 2. Follow On-Screen instructions, restarting your PC when instructed. connector.
3. Finally, the Installation Complete window displays to indicate that the installation has completed • Make sure you have the correct translator device driver version installed on your PC. Refer
NOTE: During TCM/ECU reprogramming, make sure the transmission controller is successfully. Click the FINISH button to exit the setup process.
supplied with continuous power and the ignition is on at all times. to www.allisontransmission.com -> Service -> Electronic Tools -> Translator Devices, for
more information
• Close the application, disconnect the translator device from the PC, reboot the PC and try to

1 3
• Microsoft® Windows XP® Professional, Windows Vista® Home Basic (or better), or The Connection Diagram on the back illustrates all the components you need to establish • Use the Databus Viewer feature to verify correct adapter installation and cabling.
Windows 7® communication with the Transmission Control Module (TCM). Optional connection
diagrams are also on the back for J1850, GMLAN and CEC1 datalink communications.
• 20GB hard drive (40GB or greater recommended)
Please see the following basic required components: ACCESS TO DIAGNOSTIC SCREENS
• 600MB free hard drive space required to install the program (after software installation, the
operating system requires sufficient free hard disk space to run the program) 1. The Allison DOC® For PC–Service Tool Installation program After connection, you can navigate through the different diagnostic screens using vertical tool bar at the
left of the screen. You can select:
• Pentium® IV class processor 1GHz (2HGz recommended) 2. The Kit for Noregon Wireless/USB Translator - All Allison Products (P/N: 97000) or • DTC and General Info.—Default or “Home” screen after connection. Contains DTC
• 512MB of RAM system memory (1GB recommended) compatable RP1210A translator device information with links to troubleshooting manuals, basic TCM and transmission data
• Monitor capable of supporting a resolution of 1280x768 or higher 3. OBDII cables are required for GMLAN and J1850 communications and an OBDI parameters, shift inhibits, and various command buttons related to TCM DTCs.
cable is required for CEC transmissions. These cables are not included in the Kit for • Data Monitor—Displays dynamic transmission data items (diagnostic data), shift inhibits,
• One available USB port—USB 1.1 (USB 2.0 recommended)
Noregon Wireless/USB Translator - All Allison Products, but are available for and I/O status information.
• DVD-ROM or USB port depending on installation media purchase from Noregon Systems, Inc. • Custom Data Monitor—Allows the user to select specific diagnostic data.
• Full administrative privileges are required to install, use, and update the Allison DOC® • Graphical View—Allows the user to view transmission parameters in a graphical manner.
For PC–Service Tool • Custom Graphics Monitor—Allows the user to select specific transmission parameters to
Refer to the back for more information.
• Internet broadband connection capability (Internet Explorer® 6 or greater) for view in a graphical manner.
activation/reactivation, receiving updates and file downloads • Strip Chart—Displays user selectable transmission parameters (up to 15 parameters) on a
• Network card graphical strip chart.
NOTE: Drivers for commonly used translator devices are located in folders in the
install image. • Prognostics—Displays information stored on the TCM related to oil life, filter life, and data
NOTE: Refer to the Readme.txt file for more information.
for use in predicting transmission health for some Allison 4th Generation Controls.
NOTE: Error messages, sudden disconnections, and poor performance are some of the • Calibration Information—Provides information related to current CMC settings, I/O status
results users experience if the Allison DOC® For PC–Service Tool is installed on a PC that NOTE: For more information go to www.allisontransmission.com -> Service -> Electronic information, SEM/LRTP information, Autodetect information, and other TCM/ECU
does not meet the above specifications. Tools -> Translator Devices. calibration information.

NOTE: For more information, refer to the Allison DOC® For PC–Service Tool User Guide
JA6018EN (GN3433EN).
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Allison DOC® For PC–Service Tool Connection Diagrams Allison DOC® For PC–Service Tool
97000 Kit for Noregon Wireless/USB Translator - All Allison Products Connection Settings

NOTE: Diagrams depicting cables do not

The following chart is an overview of protocols used by transmission type for those users who do
represent actual lengths. not select the ‘SmartConnect’ option. When using a preferred adapter, ‘SmartConnect’ will detect
the correct protocol for the transmission.
P/N: 97020
15’ USB Cable (Included with 97000)

Noregon Wireless/USB Transmission Type Supported Systems Protocols

Translator - All Allison Products pictured
P/N: 97000
802.11 Wireless Connection 1000/2000 Product Families 1000/2000 Series 4th Generation Controls J1939/GMLAN
1000/2000 Series Pre-Allison 4th J1939/J1850
Generation Controls
Use with Noregon Translator Device

3000/4000 Product Families 3000/4000 Series 4th Generation Controls J1939/GMLAN

3000/4000 Series Pre-Allison 4th J1708
Connector Allison 4th Generation Controls
9-Pin Pre-Allison 4th Generation Controls Generation Controls (WTEC II, WTEC III)
Connector WTEC III
P/N: 97010
(Included with 97000) WTEC II CEC3 Off-Highway, Allison 4th J1939/GMLAN
CEC2 Generation Controls
H 40/50 EP
Connector CEC2 Off-Highway, Pre-4th Generation Controls J1708

Optional Vehicle Interface Adapter Cables for use with the Noregon Translator Device CEC1 On-Highway, Off-Highway Proprietary

P/N: 97030 – GMLAN and J1850 Cable Allison 4th Generation Controls

Connector 1000 and 2000 Product Families
J1850 (Pre-Allison 4th Generation Controls) Ordering and Support

To order on the web, visit: allison.noregon.com

P/N: 97040 – CEC1 Cable WTEC III

OBDI/12-Pin J1708 WTEC II
For support: E-mail: support@noregon.com
CEC2 Phone: 877-659-6913 (U.S. and Canada)
Allison 336-970-5534 (International)
DB15 CEC1 Fax: 310-300-1821
Connector Proprietary
Protocol Web Store: allison.noregon.com V1012.19.01

For replacement cables for alternative translators contact SPX Service Solutions in the US and Canada at 866-621-2128 or Note: A connection diagram is included with the Allison DOC® For PC–Service Tool
internationally at 507-455-7223 or 800-345-2233. Please refer to JA3434EN for part numbers and connection information. documentation. To order laminated Job Aid cards, visit www.allisontransmissionpublications.com.
Dearborn or Nexiq translator P/N: JA3434EN — Noregon Wireless/USB translator P/N: JA6018EN

JA6018EN 201101 www.allisontransmission.com Printed in the USA 201101