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How Hippo Lost His Hair

Assalamualaikum and good morning to the honourable judges, timekeeper and friends. I
am Maria Marsya binti Rasyidi from SK Tanjong Adang. I will tell a story entitled “How Hippo
Lost His Hair”.

Long ago, the hippopotamus lived in the jungle with the other animals. He had a coat of
long hair that covered his body. The trouble with Hippo was that he was much too vain. He was
very proud of his coat of hair. He thought himself very handsome.

It was cold in the jungle at night. Hippo was glad of his coat of hair. It kept him warm
and cosy. On cold nights, some of the smaller animals would ask Hippo if they could snuggle up
to him. His hair was long enough to keep all of them warm. But selfish Hippo always said, “No!”.
Needless to say, no one liked Hippo very much. They did not ask him to join in their games. No
one talked to him. But this did not bother Hippo one bit.

One rainy season, the nights were unsually cold. Even Hippo’s coat of hair could not
keep him warm. All the animals felt miserable.

“Oh, we will surely die of cold,” moaned Rabbit.

“We must find a way to keep warm at night” said Lion.

“Tell all the animals to meet at the giant oak tree. We will think of a way together.”

So, all the animals were told to meet at the giant oak tree. Everyone came except Hippo.
He was too busy grooming himself by the river. Hippo shook his head. It’s none of my business,”
he said and walked off with his nose in the air.

That night, it was colder than ever. The shivering animals quickly lit their bonfire. Soon,
it was burning merrily.
The animals lay all around the fire to rest. It was so warm and cosy. Meanwhile, Hippo
was shivering and shaking with cold. Even his coat of thick hair could not keep him warm. He
could not sleep.

Hippo spied the bonfire. He hurried over to it. Rudelt, he pushed the little animals aside
and lay in the warmest place close to the fire.

Soon, Hippo felt asleep. Suddenl, aburning branch fell onto Hippo’s hair and set it on
fire. Rabbit smelt something burning and woke up. He saw that Hippo’s hair was on fire.
“Hippo!” Rabbit shouted. “Wake up! You are on fire!”

Hippo leapt to his feet with a howl. The animals tried to put out the fire. But it was not
wasy because Hippo was jumping about madly.

“Hippo! Jump into the river, quick!” shouted Fox. Hippo heard him and ran towards the
river. Splashhh! Hippo jumped into the water. Sssss! The fire went out. But it was too late for
Hippo. His hair was gone. His beautiful coat of hair was all burnt.

Hippo knew he looked awful now. He felt too ashamed to get out of the water. He didn’t
want the others to see his pink and bald body. To this day, Hippo spends most of his time in the